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Following on the Indian Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) UFO thread, it was mentioned in the reporting that the footage was taken 10 days after the Indian DGP (Director General of Police) UFO, the latter now covered in this thread. The reporting also associates both UFOs with NPPs.

On 26 July 2023 around 17:30, the former DGP in Tamil Nadu, Prateep V. Philip, and his wife, witnessed a bright light off Muttukadu, Chennai, for 20 to 25 seconds. He took a picture with his iPhone 14, checked it and noticed the light was not registered. But later, he decided to magnify the photo and noticed 4 objects instead of the light. He then contacted local ufologist Sabir Hussein (Indian Society for UFO Studies), the same who got involved with the NPP UFO covered in the previous thread. After publishing the photo, he was contacted by photographer Raj Rajshekaran from Raj Travelography, who evaluated and post-processed the photo (including using AI super-resolution, which is very apparent in the photos).

This is a later picture by the former DGP, claimed to be the same light seen on 26 July (also attached).

"This was the light that got our attention on 26/7/23 that turned up on my iphone camera as four UFOs"
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The photograph of the four objects (also attached):

"First ever photo captured of multiple UFOs : over northern Chennai. Rarest of Rarest multiple UFO sighting photographed. Only photo ever taken of multiple UFO s at one time and spot. If you zoom in on the tiny specks you will see some UFOs we happened to see while at the beach day before in the sky towards north Chennai. We saw only one bright light but photo captures multiple objects seen here which are not drones."
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From his report above, he was on the beach on the southern part of Chennai (Muttukadu), and took the photo towards the northern part "more than 40km away":

"UAP investigator who has taken the below photo- the first ever and only clear day time photo of multiple UFOs flying in formation over north Chennai. Photo taken from Muthukadu beach forty plus kms away . Each UFO has no head , got a light , flying at an angle unlike birds, got no rotors or propulsion device unlike drones or other human flying vehicles"
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The news report that was published at the time (31 July 2023) is reproduced:

The image processed by the photographer:

"Good afternoon sir,
Happen to watch your interview on a Youtube channel regarding your sightings of UFO, I was intrigued so got the image downloaded from your facebook profile and out of curiosity cropped out only the targeted area and stacked it with a layer of images via AI tool. The final result somewhat gave a much clearer output and visible flying objects like never seen before. Definitely they are no birds, drones or reflections of anything. This can be a strong evidence to form a association to investigate this further with the Government backing and share these with the public.

Jai hind
@Raj Rajshekaran Raj Travelography©"
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Later, the photographer also gave his assessment and provided a new processed photo (also attached):

"Credit to expert photographer/ videographer Raj Travelography© Raj Rajshekaran for critically analysing photo, cropping it , using an AI tool, and writing this incisive report confirming ufo as against sceptical misleading views of some popular YouTubers that it is birds or drones or some conspiracy theory:

I'm thrilled that YouTuber MG has chosen to delve into this captivating realm of UFO sighting, sharing his personal insights on this intriguing piece of news. The report of this sighting, brought to light by none other than Ex-DGP Tamil Nadu Police Prateep Philip, a distinguished individual in Chennai, has ignited a spark of excitement within me. As an ardent UFO enthusiast, my curiosity was piqued, urging me to examine the details up close. After successfully downloading the original image from his social media platform, I employed the latest AI-based image stacking tools available online. To my astonishment, the close-up view shattered the commonplace assumptions of a mere bird or drone. Instead, it revealed a lustrous, metallic upper surface devoid of any visible propellers (eliminating the possibility of a drone) and lacking a discernible head (ruling out any bird-related notions). After the initial burst of dazzling light in the foreground, neither birds nor drones resurface along the ninety-degree arc of the BoB. This arc is marked by a consistent flashing light in the foreground, accompanied by metallic crafts in the background. The occurrence along the arc of BoB at two distinct locations within a span of ten minutes, each point being forty to fifty kilometers apart from the other, further solidifies the presence of unexplained phenomena. Upon juxtaposing this image with the described flight trajectory, I am left with but one plausible deduction—an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Equally intriguing is the revelation from his interview: the enigmatic object lingered in the vicinity for a considerable period before disappearing. This peculiar behavior aligns with the observations of experts from around the globe, spanning numerous years. It's been posited that UFOs and unexplained aerial phenomena tend to gravitate towards nuclear reactors and power plant locations. This intriguing notion sheds light on the sighting's proximity of approximately 30 kilometers to the Kalpakkam Nuclear Power Plant. Eagerly anticipating the accounts shared by MG fans in the comments, which underscores the need to establish a community of UFO enthusiasts. This community will actively engage in insightful discussions concerning these sightings and the perplexing world of unexplained aerial phenomena.

MadanGowri do you still think these are birds ?
conspiracytheorists do you think it is an US , Chinese or any other crafts ?"
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One more picture was produced by the photographer using AI super-resolution (also attached):
"This is one of the four UFOs/UAPs captured in my photo on the historic date of 26/7/23"
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"(...) Photo taken from 40 plus kms away - flying objects estimated to be 80 to 100 meters in width"
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Right after taking the photo, Prateep became Chief UFO Investigator:



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Yesterday, two bodies of aliens displayed in a public hearing went bacterial in Mexico.
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Presumably "went viral?"

Anyway, following the principal that when the UFO believer states that "it definitely was not BLANK," then BLANK is the first thing we should look at, I'll note that the picture of the four daylight UFOs does look an awful lot like four large storks or cranes or similar, flying along about their lawful occasions, with dark wings and a light chest/belly. Something like this fellow:

stork india.jpg

The painted stork, whose range includes Chennai, or one of his cousins.

(Edited because the formatting was doing weird things with the picture placement...)
Presumably "went viral?"
Hopefully, otherwise, "alien bodies" going bacterial is bad news for Mexico.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is not too far from Muttukadu beach (~50km, or a about 1 hour flight each way):


A couple of birds from the sanctuary that could be candidates, besides the painted stork you already published:

Open-bill stork
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I have no idea what the "bright lights" he first photographed with his phone are, but I do not think it's possible that the later photo of four objects is the same thing. (As for the AI manipulation, I think it's safe to discount that entirely as an AI invention.) I find it disturbing that he first took them to a UFO guy to investigate; the old comment comes to mind, "To a man with a hammer, every problem looks like a nail".
Here's a photo of unidentified birds flying in India which is not dissimilar. His photo looks as if they have longer tails, so are perhaps magpies.
I thought they may have been tropicbirds, which have long tails, but Indian examples don't have black tips to their wings.
Bird sanctuary only means something if it's a wild reserve if not the birds will have their wings clipped. But large birds flying around is not uncommon anywhere really will have herons, geese, swans, egrets, cranes, storks etc.
Some people just don't seem to have any familiarity with the natural world, or have watched nature documentaries as children. I'm reminded of a recent post on r/ufos by a tourist who went to Yucatan and photographed mystifying glowing orbs swirling in the air above the resort where he stayed.

Folks were insistent they couldn't be birds and had to be some sort of alien life or plasma -- but the area is the home to light-bodied, dark-winged bats whose torsos are the only thing visible when they fly through clouds of insects drawn to the resort's lights. And of course people argued that the bats where *they* live don't look like that, so these can't be bats. Others claimed they looked like the plasma balls they'd seen in their neighborhoods, which of course couldn't be bats, so these couldn't be bats.
Bird sanctuary only means something if it's a wild reserve if not the birds will have their wings clipped
It is a wild reserve:

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is a 30-hectare (74-acre) protected area located in the Madurantakam taluk of the Chengalpattu District in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The sanctuary is about 75 kilometres (47 mi) from Chennai on National Highway 45 ([NH45]). It is easily reachable from Madurantakam and Chengalpattu. More than 40,000 birds (including 26 rare species), from various parts of the world visit the sanctuary during the migratory season every year.[2] Vedanthangal is home to migratory birds such as pintail, garganey, grey wagtail, blue-winged teal, common sandpiper and the like.[3] It has been designated as a protected Ramsar site since 2022.[1]

List of birds​

The breeding waterbirds found at the Vedanthangal bird sanctuary are:[10]
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