1. S

    Video: UAPs in 1958 Nuclear Test Footage; Two Views of the same event

    Hi All, I found the linked footage interesting for the following reasons: 1) It’s from a non-UAP channel, and there’s no mention of the UAP in the posting 2) The footage is from 1958 3) The two videos which show the same test and they appear in both. I couldn’t find this discussed anywhere...
  2. Trailblazer

    Explained: video of pilot showing off "chemtrail plane" (prank video)

    A video is doing the rounds on social media of a pilot revealing the "chemtrail spraying equipment" on his plane and discussing how he gets paid to spray chemicals. It's pretty clearly a joke but people seem to be sharing it seriously. There are several posts using the same video; here is one...
  3. N

    New UAP footage: Miami Air and Sea show

    Hello, Not sure if someone has been tracking this already, but early today a new video has been posted on Twitter of an unidentified object appearing in the frame and seemingly shooting across the frame quite fast. The video is a slow-mo footage of a low altitude slow passage of a military...
  4. Rory

    Claim: Pfizer sponsors many mainstream TV shows (with the implication being that can lead to bad things)

    Here's a compilation video of US TV shows purportedly being sponsored by Pfizer: Source: The shows featured are: Good Morning America, CBS Health Watch, Anderson Cooper 360, ABC News Nightline, Making A Difference, CNN Tonight, Early Start...
  5. Rocky

    Gettysburg 'ghosts’ run across road [Windscreen smudge]

    So this came up on the NY Post website today on the main page with the headline... Gettysburg 'ghosts’ run across road in this bone-chilling video Source...
  6. Mick West

    Simulating the Nimitz UFO video as a blurry plane

    Source: When I originally saw the Nimitz footage, I assumed the black blob was actually in infrared But it's actually in TV mode. I wondered if I could recreate it, so I made a clip of a silhouetted plane rotating, and looked at it from various...
  7. MisterB

    Debunked: Isle of Man from Blackpool at water level proves flat earth [refraction]

    Source: Source: The video shows a portion of the Isle of Man from the waterline of a beach in Blackpool, at a distance of roughly 65 miles, and claims that this should be impossible on a globe, therefore the earth is flat...
  8. penk

    CNN Greenscreened a guy on a ship? [No]

    This one seems pretty callous, but if this is true, I can't find anyone else calling out CNN on something this awful, other than the #fakenews idiocy going on ("All news is fake!"). Can anyone nail this as "this was not how CNN broadcasted this..." ?
  9. Mick West

    Close Up Videos of Contrails Forming And Evolving

    Source: This thread is for posting close-up videos of contrails forming and evolving. It's just a general collection to help people who are interested look at exactly what is going on. It's also useful to have some high definition close-ups of...
  10. JFDee

    New fuel dump "chemtrail" video [Munich, Thai Airways Flight 925]

    A new fuel dump video appeared on Youtube, titled "This is a spray plane": The supposed recording date is today, July 15th 2015. A short search brought up an incident from today at Munich: A Thai Airways Boeing 747-400, registration HS-TGB performing flight TG-925 from Munich (Germany) to...
  11. TEEJ

    Debunked: Lack of Smoke shows Michael Slager shooting of Walter Scott was Staged

    Stumbled upon this one. Rather silly as they are claiming that lack of smoke means that it was staged! Obviously they have never heard of the different rounds and variations of powder. [Update by @Mick West ] This is debunked on examination of the original video. While the smoke is not...
  12. Whitebeard

    Claim: 'Bigfoot' filmed in West Virginia

    From - W.Va. — A West Virginia man on Saturday captured on video an unknown creature he says he is certain to be Bigfoot. David Watts, a multiple online store owner dedicated to selling artistic...
  13. Whitebeard

    Claim - 'Orbs Killing Chemtrails'

    I stumbled on this. This was filmed right above my house. Look at how low the chemtrail is and how fast it disappears. You can see little orbs flying around the trail and it disappears in no time. What i filmed was not a "contrail" but definitly a "chemtrail". Trust me. Now the so called...
  14. Gridlock

    Russian DashCam 'Explosion'

    Apologies, as ever, if the wrong place, but I couldn't help but feel you guys would like this; My Russkiy is russtiy, but could be anything from a fog-bound firework to a meteorite to a missile test? The timing of the brake lights in front suggests to me (on the face of it) this is an actual...
  15. Leifer

    Video: "Israeli snipers shoot children playing on rooftop in Gaza"

    I'm wondering the legitimacy of this semi-viral video's is the video: The first obvious mistake/contradiction is that ...."Al-Khalil" is actually Hebron, not Gaza. The video graphics and the title, differ. Also, no facts are included, and the people on the opposite rooftop...