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    I don't know what you think you can do for me. You are the ones that are calling this a conspiracy. I don't have the time or desire to teach you everything. The Columbine family request website is not mine. It was created by David Adams and lately is being disassembled by another new webmaster who works for Mark and Donna. I think your pompous arrogant attitude is enough to show me that you wouldn't believe the truth if it hit you up side of the head. I don't think you would be as rude to me face to face. You and cowards like you only do this on the internet. You are either a Gov. operative or just an old fashioned bully. I know one thing for sure, You are a waste of my time. Do your own damn research.
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    The warning is just Facebook telling you that you're leaving facebook and that anything beyond "ain't got nothing to do with them" (to paraphrase).

    (Ron's just copy'n'pasted the link from Facebook, hence the intermediary warning page).

    Direct link is here (and it's to an mp3 file, not a webpage, so chances of virus-infection are low)...

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    So Ron, you come here and make claims and then get upset when you are asked to prove them. I guess you missed that some of us have done some research and your claims were found lacking.

    Huh, we are calling it a conspiracy, when you and others are reporting that it was triggered by sexual abuse by the police. Nope, the conspiracy is on your side.

    I still wonder why someone that is mad at the police shoots up their school instead of a police station. Since they knew how to make bombs, they could have set some bombs off and then shoot the police as they responded to the bomb blasts.
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    That is a safe link. and it has John Decamp stating factually that the shooter Harris was raped multiple times. As for the files, I can't seem to find a way to send a sample off of my computer files. Call me at 303-697-1282 and give me your email address and I will forward you a sample of the depositions of the Harris parents. I will provide the entire 16636 pages if you promise to research them. Here, listen to this podcast.

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    Did John Decamp witness it? He seems to still be on the Satanism witch hunt from the 80s.
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    Your lack of success might have more to do with the low-quality information you put out.
    Your facebook page is a terrible mess and does you no good at all.
    The "Family Request" page is also worthless, it doesn't agree with oher statements you and Donna have made.
    Your stories aren't coherent or presented in a logical fashion.
    If you had attracted the high quality people you might need, you wouldn't be pleading for help on Facebook, would you?
    You won't get high quality people to help you by not answering reasonable questions.
    You need to stop blaming all your troubles on an ever-wider conspiracy, now I am a government operative?
    Ron, you just lost me completely.
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    You shouldn't wonder why someone would shoot up a school. Have you ever heard of a gun free zone? It was a plan to draw in the cops. We know that from Dylan's essay. They placed bombs for first responders. Their cars were parked outside of the commons in the junior parking lot loaded with bombs to take out first responders. Bombs were detonated in the area south of the school to draw L.E. south. This is why they didn't go into the school for 3 hrs. Their plan was to blow up the school and all in it.
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    Ron, if it was a government conspiracy, then it is YOU calling it a conspiracy, not us. Of course that was their plan, but they changed it to killing themselves first? Really?

    I asked you if Decamp was a witness and no reply. Just like you didn't answer most of Jay's questions either.

    It seems that your evidence that they were sexually abused is just a cop that traded meth for sex with adults. Most adults do not want to have sex with someone underage. Also the families of those boys were well enough off to afford to go after a cop that abused them.
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    I'll let the forensic psychologist and others know what you think of them. I do agree that we could use some better help. Our website was full of information but for some unknown reason it has been ransacked. As for you, maybe you are just a cop. They tend to defend their blue line over protecting children. You are no better than the guy who witnessed Sandusky raping children in the shower. Ask me if I really give a damn whether we lost you. You were lost, are lost and will stay lost and I really don't give a damn.
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    Back before the turn of the century, a fellow named Richard Finke started a conspiracy theory which eventually came to be called "chemtrails".
    He put out a story which had some holes in it, and I asked him for documentation and answers about the holes.
    He refused to answer, but told me that seven men had died to get his information.
    I had to wonder what sort of superman would dare to soldier on and survive when seven others had succombed, who was this Richard Finke?
    Years later I learned that he was a frail man, a former March of Dimes poster boy and had been confined to a wheelchair almost his whole life.
    I realized that the reason why he had been able to survive a massive conspiracy where seven men had failed was because he just made up the whole thing.

    Ron claims that a conspiray involving dozens of political figures, hundreds of ordinary policemen, all the courts, dozens of doctors, hundreds of families, even Mark Taylor's own father are part of a HUGE conspiracy to cover up the deaths at Columbine and silence Mark and Donna
    How does Ron survive, how come this perfect conspiracy able to maintain silence over hundres of others is unable to stop Ron Aigner from openly saying what he does?

    Maybe they aren't actually so powerful, are they, Ron?

    Or maybe they just are just a figment of some people's vivid imaginations?

    Think about it......

    Oh, Ron, now you accuse me of being a "Cop".

    See how easy it is to become part of Ron's conspiracy theory?

    If he stays around here long enough, we will all be accused of being Pedophile Satanist Cross-dresser Transsexuals planted here to discredit his story.

    Ron, you haven't becme paranoid when you realize that THE WHOLE WORLD is out to get you, Ron!

    The conspiracy expands this way, ever wider, whenver anyone asks for evidence, finds contradictions, and expresses doubts he or she quickly becomes part of the conspiracy.

    Nice work, Ron, proving my point with your own actions.
    Walked right into the trap, Ron.
    You've been **pwned, bud.
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    Where do you get your nonsense. I have been physically assaulted and falsely arrested twice. I assume they haven't done worse because all of our information is already exposed and it would only create a focus on what we are exposing. John Decamp claims that writing the Franklin Cover up protects him. John Decamp was allowed in the federal vault and researched the sealed documents and tapes. His knowledge was shared though he was under gag order. If you think satinism suddenly dissappeared in the 80s, You have a lot to learn. Read the author's notes of the Franklin Coverup. Better yet, Hear John Decamp read it to you. Listen carefully about the 2nd crime of Columbine.

    a focus on what we were reporting.
  13. Ron Aigner

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    I just can't understand how you prefer to protect pedophile rapists. Maybe you hit the nail on the head. I think you just proved my point. Why don't you explain what prevents you from doing the research that would provide you with the knowledge to make sensible responses to our research. Watch our youtubes and then maybe you can stay on topic instead of attacking the messenger. If you would spend half as much time researching as you do posting, maybe you would learn something instead of shooting your mouth off.
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    Sorry, I didn't believe the Satanism nonsense in the 80s, I don't believe it now. Can you show 3 cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse that held up in court?

    There are a few Satanists out there and a lot Satanist 'want a bes'. But Michelle Remembers was fiction and so were the McMartin preschool case was a travesty. Many innocent folks had their lives ripped apart by ungrounded and unfounded , and to me, quite ridiculous accusations. Now we know about 'implanted memories' and how children can add to them.

    This has been proven with the simple implant of the 'Remember the time you got lost in the mall?', children that get positive feedback will start developing a story that will even hold up under hypnosis.
  15. Cairenn

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    Ron, NO one is 'protecting' pedophile rapists. Sensible REASONING is what we do. I object to you saying that we are covering up for pedophiles of any type.

    I would suggest that you watch what you say, before you find yourself on the other end of a slander suit. Maybe there is a reason you have been arrested.

    BTW, a BULLY is one that uses LIES and attacks to try to get their way. I wasn't afraid of bullies when I was 6 and you don't scare me today either.

    I suggest that you need some treatment for the paranoia that you seem to have.
  16. Ron Aigner

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    I didn't label this thread the Mark Taylor conspiracy or conspiricy duh. You people did. You were insulting my friends Mark and Donna and other Columbine families that I will protect. These families with dead and injured children have information that was initially witheld from us. Now we have to put up with no knowledge smart alecs who accuse us of a conspiracy. What an ugly world. There should be a law about lying to families of dead and injured children I think there is. Every time we report the rape of the Columbine shooters, the child protection laws call for mandatory requirements. They are required to responsibly investigate the allegation of pedophile rape. Their agenda of protecting cops curiously gets in their way. As you will see on our website. WE ARE DEMANDING A FULL INVESTIGATION OF THE JANUARY INCIDENT. Do you have a problem with that?
  17. Ron Aigner

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    Come on with the slander suit big boy. I've been calling Tim Walsh a pedophile rapist for years and he doesn't seem to mind. If we go back through this thread, I'm sure we can discover that the things said about Mark and Donna would be considered slanderous heresay. If you realized the sensitive feelings these families have about this, having lost children and having to live with the aftermath of such a horrendous tragedy not of their making, you would understand the damage that you are doing. I guess I should have been more sensitive about your feelings. I didn't think calling you a cop would be considered slanderous. It would be different if I called you a pedophile cop. Cops can be good people. Pedophile cops can't. The picture that Harris drew during his arrest is like a rorchach test. It is of an adult with a star in the position to rape and a child on all fours. What side of that picture are you on? If you are not concerned enough to protect the child, you are protecting the pedophile rapist.
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    Hundreds of pages of baseless accusations, and paranoid speculation are not evidence, much less proof.

    Ron, you have been asked to show one item that provides evidence of the accusations you claim to have indisputable proof. You've yet to provide one iota of evidence, but you have managed several rants and racked up a bit of name calling. It would appear that are unable to put your money where your mouth is, as it were. If you can't provide evidence of your claims, you should just shut up before you manage to ruin someones life with your accusations.
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    We were discussing them and the 'conspiracy' that they claim.

    We have asked you repeatedly to answer simple questions and instead you attack us. Maybe your position is too weak to be challenged. You have to PROVE that they were raped. sorry, innuendo's won't work. Do you have proof of someone lying to the families? or is it just your and other beliefs, fueled by a some out of state conspiracy theorists, like Decamp and others.

    I asked you for 3 proven cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse that have held up in court and that the Satanic Ritual part was proven. Let's see them.

    That whole hoax fell apart because there was NEVER any proof. No bodies, no blood stained alters, no tables with IVs and such. It was nothing more than a modern day witch hunt, at least no one was killed by it, this time
  20. Cairenn

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    It seems obvious to me that he doesn't care whose life he ruins. What he believes from those pages is more important.

    I would suggest that you do some research on what a Rorschach test is. It involves a SET of pre done images. It is NOT looking at what some drew and deciding from it what had happened to them.

    How many professionals have analyzed those drawings? Where any of them not 'true believer's in the story that you and others are promoting?

    That is another question that needs an answer.

    By the way, I happen to be an old lady, not a guy.

    Tim Walsh is a public figure and the slander requirements are higher for them, than for me or Jay. He should sue you for slander since you have nothing to prove it.

    I for one am quite tired of you inability to produce anything to back up your points. Instead you attack us.
  21. Ron Aigner

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    If you want indisputable proof, you will find it in the sealed files, depositions and basement tapes. That's where John Decamp says you will find proof. If you want a huge volume of circumstantial evidence, We can pile it on all day long. We have enough circumstantial evidence to demand a responsible investigation of the January Incident. Give me a waterboard and a few hours with Tim Walsh and I will give you indisputable proof. What we need is a government that isn't corrupt that will prosecute these peophile rapists and those who protect them. So you are worried about ruining someone's life? Don't you think the tragedy that caused all of this has been doing that for years? You really don't have a clue do you? Go drink your koolaid.
  22. Ron Aigner

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    I came on here to defend Mark and Donna. I witnessed disgusting unfounded accusations. Then you attack me. I'm going to take the advice of a friend who has witnessed this who also supports Mark and Donna and tell you all to wallow in your own stink. Not my words, his.
  23. Cairenn

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    Give me a few hours and a waterboard and YOU will admit to raping the boys.

    Even if all you have is circumstantial evidence that can be used in a court. There was almost no direct evidence in Timothy McVeigh case. You have to show enough evidence to a Grand Jury, that they feel that there was a crime committed. Have any of you done that? Either to a local or have you presented your evidence to the state Attorney General and asked them to convene a Grand Jury.

    What I see is that you and others are trying to 'try the case' in the court of public opinion. That is not the American way

    Either bring a case or stop circulating your rumors and innuendos.
  24. Ron Aigner

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  25. Cairenn

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    I have done a little more research tonight

    This is Eric's own words from his journal. So we should believe him when he said he was sexual abused by a policeman?

    "A second confirmation of the diagnosis was Harris' perpetual deceitfulness. "I lie a lot," Eric wrote to his journal. "Almost constantly, and to everybody, just to keep my own ass out of the water. Let's see, what are some of the big lies I told? Yeah I stopped smoking. For doing it, not for getting caught. No I haven't been making more bombs. No I wouldn't do that. And countless other ones."

    Here is what he wrote about the theft
    'Isn't America supposed to be the land of the free? How come, if I'm free, I can't deprive a stupid f---ing dumbshit from his possessions if he leaves them sitting in the front seat of his f---ing van out in plain sight and in the middle of f---ing nowhere on a Frif---ingday night. NATURAL SELECTION. F---er should be shot.' "



    Why aren't willing to admit that the killers were mentally disturbed? They were not 'victims' in any way, not of the police, or of bullies, in fact, they were bullies. They felt that they were superior to others.

    I have to wonder why you and a few others want to make them victims. Does is serve an agenda of some sort?

    I asked if the evidence had been presented to a Grand Jury or to the state AG so he could call a Grand Jury. Instead of responding, you call me stupid. I guess that means that the evidence is lacking.

    My guess is, is that there are others using you and Mark and Donna for their own agenda. I implore you to INVESTIGATE those that are leading you and them on this path. They are not your friends.
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  26. Ron Aigner

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    Dave Cullen is an FBI publicist. Watch Columbine the final report. He talks about the written motive,"My wrath for January's Incident will be Godlike" Killing Cops. but he passes off to FBI Fuseliar who should have recused himself in the first place. His son was a trenchcoat mafia and was involved in a video showing Columbine blowing up. This is a post from Yuku. not mine.
    From Cullen's biography:

    Dave grew up in Chicago, and has worked in most regions of the U.S., as well as England, Kuwait and Bahrain. He worked as a computer systems developer for EDS and a management consultant for Arthur Andersen. He served as a Private and a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. He moved to Colorado in 1994, and currently lives in Denver.


    So, Dave goes from being in the US Army to working in "most regions of the US" and in foreign countries. He then works as a "computer systems developer" for Electronic Data Systems, a company with close links to the military-intelligence communities of US and England, as well as some very 'elite' companies (Royal Dutch Shell, Bank of America). He is then a "management consultant" for Arthur Andersen LLP, a spooky Enron-linked criminal company with strong ties to the criminal elite. Then, our Cullen moves to Denver, Colorado -- the central command of the "shadow government". He is now also an Ochberg fellow at Columbia University, with the strong intelligence-agency presence there.

    I smell a spook. This is the guy telling us that only two shooters were involved. The guy covering for the government's official Columbine fairytale.
  27. Ron Aigner

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  28. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    Sorry, 'Squirrel' didn't work.

    Are you saying that those comments were not in their journals?

    Why are you trying to switch the focus, from the simple questions you were asked?
  29. Ron Aigner

    Ron Aigner Banned Banned

    I'm pointing out your source of information. Don't trust the FBI. Eric's journals were full of rants. I don't know what you are trying to prove. Are you suggesting that he wasn't in a rage when he wrote that? He was being buttraped and mindraped with drugs. He also wrote how he loved school. One clue is that Dylan wore a t shirt with the word WRATH in bright red. He also had a bumper sticker that said, I hate this TOWN. In the basement tapes, Dylan say's F___k you Walsh. On and on. As I said before, the documents that are sealed are where you will find the truth. The first we heard of the tapes, their excuse for not releasing them was because of the ongoing investigation in case more shooters are involved and to protect themselves from lawsuits. It changed to protecting from copycats later. I have the documentation of that article that was in the Rocky Mountaing News. I showed it to a TIME reporter. This issue, at the time, the largest selling issue ever ws the result of that tip.

  30. Cairenn

    Cairenn Senior Member

    You still have FAILED to prove that he had been sexually abused in ANY way---

    Nothing in the time article about the F---Walsh. That article shows them as a pair of mentally disturbed young men, not victims of the police or of major league bullying, there did seem to be some.

    Again, if they had wanted to kill the police, they would have blown up their cars, then waited, and shot them as they investigated. The cars were set to explode after they were dead. They didn't set any bombs in the areas where the jocks would be. They didn't even go there, They chose the library, where they would find easy, unsuspecting targets and then the cafeteria where they had the most targets. They wanted to KILL the students, not policemen. They were lying and lying a lot, to their parents and to others. That matches the journal entries I posted

    Why are you determined to make them victims?

    Everyone is in on the cover up, Nope, that fails the common sense test.

    You still haven't answered any of the several questions posed to you. Why

    Has anyone presented the evidence to the state AG?

    I will not be on tomorrow, since I have RL, to tend to. I will expect an answer when I log back in
  31. Critical Thinker

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    "Proof is not a document. It’s a body of evidence. As biographers or historians of whatever ilk, we do not ‘prove’ a point by discovering a record that asserts something. That assertion could be wrong. If so, any further work we do on the basis of that misinformation will likely be wrong or irrelevant.
    Achieving proof is a process in which we assemble evidence, test it, refine it, and reinforce it until that body of evidence is solid enough to withstand contradictions and counterclaims. As with any construction project, results are only as good as the materials and the labor we invest."
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  32. Oxymoron

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    If I may suggest, this is a pretty typically polarised thread... hyper defense which ignores or marginalises evidence, (thereby exacerbating 'cover up' theories), and on the other side some rhetoric which is, (for whatever reason), low on 'evidence'.

    I was interested in the mentioning of Walsh by Klebold and this is entirely factual as evidenced here on page five, where he states "Fuck you Walsh"


    On page nine they state they have been planning for 8 months which corroborates the 'January incident', whether that be the alleged rape or something else as posted earlier from Wiki.

    However you slice it they are also victims, they also died, they were disturbed psychologically, the drugs likely worsened their psychosis, (as evidenced by known side effects of these drugs and by Mark Taylor's victory in court against the drug company... which is no mean feat given their resources and political clout).

    You keep saying 'where is the evidence', fair enough... did you actually listen to John de Camp on the 'Franklin Cover up'? There is nothing wrong with the link.


    What did you think of it?

    I tend to agree with you about the 'Satanic Abuse' allegations which had their origins from a social worker in the U.S, and took on the form of a witch hunt with some crazy claims.

    However, there are definitely paedophile rings... that is a fact... and I am not talking about 18 y.o boys going with 15 y.o girls... I am talking about adults going with very young ages...

    How long has The Church been involved in covering this up... always until recently.

    Paedophilia and sexual abuse spans all demographics and all walks of life and the people involved are very clever at covering up. If they are in positions of power, priests, rabbi's, police, carers, politicians etc it is increasingly difficult to uncover because these people are in positions where they can influence the investigations and suppress evidence or even 'make it go away'.

    I agree with Critical Thinker, evidence is about a lot of things and does not have to be about one or two 'facts'.

    BTW Ron, whilst I understand your frustration, emotiveness is actually your worst enemy and will be used against you if you cannot control it.

    Can you give an update on Mark's legal and personal condition?
  33. Mick West

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    This thread is getting somewhat overheated. Given the wide variety of topics and the drift into personal attacks, perhaps it would be better to start individual treads on individual claims? Otherwise any debunking or validation would just get lost.

    The "weight of evidence" argument used here seems very tenuous, circumstantial, and generally a bit of a reach. If you have actual evidence, then scan it in or write it down, don't hide it in an audio file which nobody is going to listen to. Make the case in a brief bullet-point manner.
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  34. Oxymoron

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    It is a bit difficult when the court seals up evidence for the last ten years and then extends it for a further 20. I don't understand why they would do that or under what legal apparatus?

    The audio is a bit long winded but there are some very interesting points, (I'm not transcribing it :)) and you can have it on in the background... it's only radio.

    I would point out... the tenuous evidence argument was used to discourage pusuit of paedophilia by priests and look how long that took to be acknowledged as a problem and the fact that the church new about it and covered it up.
  35. Mick West

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  36. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned


    Perhaps Ron could say who requested the documents sealed and why?

    I don't think anyone was actually a minor so it does seem strange, especially considering the allegations, as to why they were sealed and then extended for such a long time.
  37. Critical Thinker

    Critical Thinker Senior Member

    Actually my intent was to make the distinction that "we do not prove a point by discovering a record that asserts something. That assertion could be wrong. If so, any further work we do on the basis of that misinformation will likely be wrong or irrelevant."

    This was because I had noticed that Ron has referred to instances of claims being made, as being evidence. People make all sorts of assertions that are untrue, so just pointing to someones assertion as being evidence of something doesn't cut it. All too often I have seen instances where people make false claims and even point to an (edited) video as evidence of wrong doing.... but upon further investigation both the claim and the supposed evidence were shown to be patently false. If we just look at the false claims and video that James O'Keefe made up that resulted in the bankruptcy of the group ACORN, we can see the irreparable damage that can result from taking accusations at face value without doing research into the strength of the evidence.


    In 2009, a series of videos were released in which workers at several offices of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) appeared to advise a young couple on how to hide prostitution activities and avoid taxes, resulting in news media and political uproar. The videos, which were recorded secretly by conservative activists Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe (the "young couple"), were released on Fox News and the websiteBigGovernment.com from September into November 2009. They quickly generated widespread, negative publicity for ACORN, a non-profit organization involved in voter registration, community organizing and advocacy for low- and moderate-income people for nearly 40 years. O'Keefe explained in September 2009 that he "targeted ACORN for the same reasons that the political right does: its massive voter registration drives".[1] The U.S. Census Bureau and the IRS ended contracts with the organization, and the U.S. Congress voted to suspend its funding to ACORN. Soon ACORN also lost most of its private funding, despite several independent investigations that by December 2009 began to reveal no criminal activity by ACORN staff had taken place. ACORN filed for Chapter 7liquidation on November 2, 2010, effectively closing the organization.[2]Independent investigations were made by state attorneys general of Massachusetts and California, and the U.S. Attorney of Brooklyn, New York; their reports were released beginning in December 2009 and extending through April 2010. The attorney general's office in Massachusetts and the U.S. Attorney for Brooklyn concluded that the ACORN workers had committed no criminal activity and that the videos were "heavily edited" to present material out of context and create a misleading impression of activities"
  38. Oxymoron

    Oxymoron Banned Banned

    I still agree :)

    False accusations are extremely harmful and often devastating, that's why there is normally severe penalties for malicious accusations.

    But what if the accusations are not false, not malicious... they need to be investigated and that appears not to be happening. Sure I can say... 'none of my business' and walk away... but is that the right thing to do... where does it stop. Are we only to get involved in things that directly affect us?
  39. Ron Aigner

    Ron Aigner Banned Banned

    What makes you think that Satanism, child trafficking and pedophilia went away in the 80's?
  40. Ron Aigner

    Ron Aigner Banned Banned

    Yes, isn't it a shame that the Government spent tens of millions of dollars to cover up what is easily exposed. The pure FACT that they DID NOT do a post Columbine investigation of the January Incident is incredible in itself. They sealed the files and basement tapes and depositions before an attempt by Clinton appointed magistrate Patricia Cohen to destroy them. They claim that they are sealed to protect from copycats? They have created more copycats by blaming the classmates at Columbine High School. This tragedy had everything to do with pedophiia and little to do with Columbine culture. Google Release Mark Taylor.