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    This image is being shared by flat earthers, often with the claim that it is an official NASA image, presented as a real view of the Earth from space. Clearly, it's not a real image, as it has repeated and mirrored cloud formations, and the lighting and shadow directions are all wrong.


    But I thought I'd try to find out where it actually comes from.

    A search on Tineye finds hundreds of hits on wallpaper and stock photo sites, and none whatsoever on NASA sites.


    I then tried searching for just half of the image, to see if I could find the unflipped original, but with no success.

    So then I tried an image search for "hurricane from space", and found this, which is clearly the source of the manipulated image:


    This eventually led to this Getty Images photo:



    Which is a Stocktrek Images photo: http://www.stocktrekimages.com/results.asp?image=STK200656S&itemw=4&itemf=0007&itemstep=61&itemx=61

    However I haven't been able to find the ultimate source of the image, or even whether it is a real photograph.
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    I just skimmed through a post-flight video presentation of that mission but didn't see the photo in question.

    Did see some nice shots of the (curved) earth, though - and a very groovy experiment with bubbles of lemon and strawberry drinks: