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    Numerous conspiracy sites are promoting the idea that Hillary Clinton is dangerously ill, and are grasping at every last bit of evidence to try to convince people that it is so. The above photo shows Hillary Clinton after her DNC acceptance speech. The large man to the right is a member of her security detail. He is holding a flashlight in his left hand. The conspiracy sites have suggested for some reason that it's actually an emergency Diazepan injector, used for seizures. They point at some random pixels, and then draw a line to part of an injector.

    However it is actually just a flashlight. This can be seen from earlier footage of the agent using the flashlight to light up Clinton's path as she exits the stage.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4ey6XE775A

    Note at the end of the clip you can see the light on the grey jacket of the man behind the agent.

    Probably something like a Maratac AA Tactical with the glow in the dark tailcap switch.

    Suggestions have been made that this man is not a secret service agent, with the evidence given that he has a security pass, of which they show close-ups. the suggestion being he must be some kind of super-doctor there to instantly inject Clinton at the first sign of a seizure.

    Some sites suggest that secret service agents will not wear badges:
    The lapel pin part of this holds up, and you can see lapel pins of various types on the different guests in this backstage video:

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgNP3g1Lwss

    However this the same badge the other agents wore at the event. For example:

    People who are simply allowed to be close have very different ID:
    And the ID does seem to have the gold star of the Secret Service.

    Another suggestion is that the agent's lapel pin identifies him as a medic:

    However his badge appears to be the red version of the secret service ID pin used by Secret Service members protecting Presidential Candidates.


    These are Secret Service identification pins that vary in color weekly. Here's the same agent with a different color badge on a different day:

    Here's another Secret Service agent that day with the red shield lapel pin.

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    Secret Service lapel pins are interesting. The agents protecting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump seem to have the same shield with gold star and bar top, and "150" in gold letters. Trump's appears to be brown.
    Source: http://www.concordmonitor.com/getat...1e5bd14e/GOP-2016-Trump-Security-JPEG-00658-1

    Sanders' is blue:
    Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/bernie-sanders-wants-new-hampshire-to-be-his-173223318.html

    Ben Carson's was Yellow:

    Source: http://www.vocativ.com/305085/george-takei-helped-us-solve-the-trump-emblematic-pin-mystery/

    I suspect the Clinton agents had red version of this. However it does not seem to be per-candidate, as here's Carson with a red one:

    And Sanders with the red one:

    Clinton with the Yellow:

    Trump with Yellow

    Trump with Blue:

    Sanders brown:

    Outside Clinton's office, red:

    So it seems likely that that change the color either over time or on a per-event basis. For any given even all the agents will have the same color pin for identification, and to make it harder for imposters. Here's three yellow pins with Trump:

    So red was simply the color of secret service lapel pins that day at the DNC.
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    heres the video a few of that twitter collage pics are from. Hes clearly secret service. http://newsninja2012.com/protester-silences-hillary/


    The other secret service guys who surround her moments after those screen grabs are wearing the same pins.

    and a bigger pic of the original (Copyright Barbara Kinney)


    here it is in close up... 2015 was the 150th anniversary for the Secret Service.


    Ronald Kessler in both his books Inside the White House:1995 and First Family Detail 2014 has this to say about the SS pins (yes he writes the exact same paragraph in both books)
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    I'd imagine that a person with a Type A personality and pushing 70 would have some health concerns either way.
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    I noticed this on another forum and proves that it is a flashlight. You can see the flashlight beam lighting up the arm of the man in front.


    Someone has created a GIF.

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    Yes, I already have the video of that in the OP.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4ey6XE775A

    And now I've made a gif
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    Apologies, Mick. :)
  11. I risk expanding off topic here but my initial reaction was to think; "People are putting too much weight on simple photographs." It seems almost like a fetish-object, the theory is more solidly grounded with photos to interpret. It doesn't seem to matter to some readers that the interpretation is rushed. The big reveal of new photographic evidence is supposed to carry the story forward anyway. It doesn't take special training to see how looking through photographs for potential evidence is going to produce what you are looking for. ordinary life experience shows that.
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    Looks like a good match for this SecuriLed flashlight:


    (I'm not quite sure what the "WTF?" label is meant to indicate - there's just a gap between his thumb and fingers through which you can see the light-coloured wall)

    From http://sli.mg/a/GABryr

    The SecuriLed image shows the fluorescent green button on the back, which is an optional extra:


    You can also see the green button on the back in the GIF in the OP.
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  13. Mick West

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    Based on the way he's holding it, I'm going with the Maratac AA Tactical:
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  14. TEEJ

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    Numerous conspiracy sites also think that it is unusual that Secret Service Agents wear casual clothing. The general perception is that the teams should all be wearing suits. This is nothing unusual and teams can wear a mix of clothing. The agent on the right of the image is the same person claimed to be "Hillary's Medical Handler". The agent is clearly part of a close protection team. Picture from early July 2016 as Bill Clinton went walkabout near Madison Square Park, New York.


    A series of images from the New York walkabout at following link

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    I don't know, I'm pulling 60, Type A, and healthy as can be.
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    Here's a video that was sent to me purportedly exposing Hillary Clinton's neurological disorder:

    Source: https://youtu.be/7JHSNK5f6As?t=798

    At 13:17, the video shows a speech being given by Hillary when secret service come up on stage. The video tries to make the point that these are "handlers" that need to coach Hillary mid-speech. But just before the secret service come up on stage it's clear that there is a commotion going on in the crowd in front of and a bit to the left of the podium. You can see surprised expressions on some of the audience behind and to the left of the podium. A quick net search for: commotion clinton speech secret service, shows that some animal rights activists interrupted the speech.
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  17. Joe

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    Which apparently she does and the Media and her staff has been trying to hide
  18. Brother Raymond

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    I wouldn't say that this is debunked just yet...not even the flashlight. I am sure that it is indeed a flashlight that the secret service agent was carrying. But let's be honest, just because it is a flashlight doesn't rule out that it is also an epi pen or medication.
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  19. allyn211

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    I'm not sure if it's that "the media and her staff has been trying to hide" or if it's "they are trying to be discreet". I have enough cynicism to think that Hillary is trying to hide health problems. (This is my opinion, not a fact.)

    However, I am not sure if I would want my personal health struggles to be the topic of every major news story. It's a fine line to walk, how much to reveal and how much to keep private. Grover Cleveland had secret cancer surgery. FDR was more seriously disabled than he appeared to be in public. More recently, JFK had back pain and Addison's disease. Hillary would not be the first presidential candidate or President, if she is elected, to hide a health concern from the public, if indeed she is doing/has done so.
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  20. Joe

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    Being President is a 24 7 job . The first woman president should be a Margret Thatcher type , Strength is needed in todays world . She should have let Bernie Sanders Run and moved aside
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    Off topic but she received the majority of the primary votes of her party. Why should she have moved aside?
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    by that logic, we cant rule out the possibility that the flashlight has a small herd of unicorns inside of it as well.
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