Debunked: Exemption from military service doc proves Jews had foreknowledge of WW2 (fake leaflet)


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There are a few anti-semitic websites claiming that a document "uncovered by the intrepid researcher Deanna Spingola" proves Jews in 1937 had foreknowledge of WW1 and a few other misc "evil jew" type claims. I'm only going to use an excerpt from Deanna Spingola's book as a source though because the other sites have some pretty unpleasant hate language, ergo i don't want to give them traffic.

from The Ruling Elite page 356
(it's actually "The Central Conference of the American Rabbis" and the 47th Annual Conference was in 1936. )

But i digress. There are two physical copies of this document on the internet, both are unclassifed FBI documents. Click thumbnails to see larger.
source: --- 100-HQ-530 --- Section 2.PDF#page/n117/mode/2up

orig831.JPG orig831cover.JPG

Everything about this document says it was produced by anti-semite trolls ie a smear campaign.

1. Document says 1937. But the 47th conference was in 1936.
2. Document says New York. But 4th conference was in Cape May, New Jersey.
3. Document says "Exemption of Jews from military service in accordance with the highest interpretation of Judaism", but the real wording is "to grant Jewish religious conscientious objectors to war the same exemption from military service as has long been granted to members of the Society of Friends and similar religious organizations" and page 74 "The Central Conference of American Rabbis reaffirms its conviction that conscientious objection to military service is in accordance with the highest interpretaion of Judaism"
4. "Goyim" it seems means nations in the biblical sense. And these are supposed rabbis writing this document. So saying "Goyim nations" as the document does would be redundant.
5. The boss who wanted copies made to spread around was named herbert Weldenarm. Doesn't sound like a jewish name.
6. The last paragraph says "You are warned to renounce, abjure, repudiate and deny any of this information", which is just a ridiculous thing to write on a printed flyer.

The 47th Central Conference of the American Rabbis was held in Cape May, New Jersey June 23-June 28 1936.

New York Times article dated June 25, 1936

Jewish Post,Indianapolis, Marion County, 3 July 1936

The 1936 Conference of American Rabbis Yearbook page 74
also from that yearbook page 15

and lastly an article dated May 26, 1937 affirming in '37 it would be the 48th Conference. Bold added for highlight

(here are some useful links in the FBI files that reference the circular letter)

October 13, 1943 Leland Boardman (Special Agent in Charge Cleveland FBI office) sends cover letter and copies of the "Special Notice to All Jews" letter, received from Charles M. Scott, to the FBI Director.

December 4, 1943 J Edgar Hoover (Director, FBI) tells him to investigate

January 18, 1944 Leland Boardman lost his copy of the circular letter, asks FBI Driector to send him a copy back.

general memos and chat back and forth in the FBI (mostly J. Edgar Hoover to Assistant Attorney General Tom Clark)

Miss Scott idntified who asked her to make copies of the circular letter at work. Her boss, Herbert Weldenarm said he found the letter in the washroom. Miss Scott request he not be interviewed or she may lose her job.

March 3, 1944 Mr. Scott 'quite disturbed' his daughter was questioned and doesnt want her boss questioned.

Statement by the League for Human Rights On Un-American Leaflets in Chicago

March 21, 1944 Agnes Truitt find another copy of the leaflet brings to the FBI

there could be more related documents, i didnt read through any further. This link allows you to somewhat search for key words --- 100-HQ-530 --- Section 5.PDF_djvu.txt
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