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    There are plenty of contrails today, January 17, 2018, in the satellite images of the Australian states Victoria and Tasmania, including a contrail cross over the latter in the Aqua and Suomi images taken at about the same time (04:35 - 04:45 UTC):
    Bass Strait 17-Jan-2018.

    The most likely culprits of the cross are NZ178 and QF64 flights (@TWCobra, have you been caught in the act? ;)):
    Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 19.59.07.
    At first glance, their tracks do not align well with the contrails in the satellite images, but the Himawari-8 time lapse explains why: the upper air appeared to spin around Great Australian Bight, so the trails changed with time both position and orientation. I've made a screen recording of the time lapse (attached), using SLIDER, and also converted it into a GIF:

    via GIPHY

    Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/xUNd9ALQLpFrXgyBQ4

    PS This appears to be my 2,000th post at Metabunk :rolleyes:

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