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    I will need to read that in context - but - as it stands he may have just committed professional suicide. There is no doubt he has firmly planted himself "truther side".

    and sure -- I'm accustomed to reading "spin" and "lies by innuendo" - there is a bit of wriggle room in that his "that's going to do that" is responding to a possible strawman in the poorly defined "just break at the same time". It could be a weasel way out but both "just break" and "same time" are open to him wriggling out by redefining either or both those terms.

    I'd better read the full thing. :)
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    In September, Hulsey said that he would have a report by the end of the year 2018. We are slightly past that date.
    Not clear if this would be before or after the AE911T review panel "peer" reviews it.

    I just now wrote him an email asking when the report will be done, whether, when and where a draft for public comment will be published, and a bit about the review committee.
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