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    Two weeks ago, after seeing that these violent threats had gone beyond individual statements and had evolved into organized groups of people acting out a drama, I went to an FBI office and had a long talk with one of their Special Agents. I referred them to the mounting evidence in this thread and they were very interested in what it contained. The agent had heard of the chemtrails hoax and I assure everyone that this issue is now on their radar.

    Sorry to have to do this to all of you chemtrails believers and promoters, but since you are willing to associate and not disassociate yourselves with a very dangerous hoax threatening the lives of ordinary and very real people by the false idea you are putting into people's heads for fame and fortune, you deserve to be closely scrutinized.

    My conscience is clear, is yours?
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  3. Jay... What you're referencing is in no way a threat of any kind. FYI: A couple of my Facebook friends are FBI and others I work with on occasion, would like me to ask you "Who" you went and spoke to? What office and when? Making such a statement's not a good idea unless you can back your story...

    The member in the group you referenced, made a statement to convey their passion to stop the madness. It was in no way a threat. You keep reaching Jay Reynolds.... LOL It's sad to watch you obsess over a movement which is taking action to stop and expose those hurting the globe. We're represented by a Legal Team now and you're losing ground... Your time in the end of this span... To be a complete waste and embarrassment for you...

    You sit there like an ignored 5 year old acting out your need for validation... Your opinion is worthless to myself and many others. In fact... You only exist to me this very moment as I write this. Soon as I click send... You go back to non existent... A sort of nothingness... Wind with the scent of Bullshit in it...

    Someone came to me and let me know about this thread and your dramatic rant. Personally, I consider YOUR post here a Threat and my friends would like you to verify this information. Understand, I take threats to myself and the group very seriously. Waiting.................
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    Robert, nobody doubts your passion, or that of some others in the chemtrail movement. However the threats Jay refers to are not simply one isolated incident of conveyed passion. It's a years long continued pattern of many people making very similar suggestions, and even taking action of confronting pilots at airports. Please read this (five page) thread from the beginning to understand this in context.

    (side note, unregistered and initial posts after registration are subject to moderation, so might not show up until the morning).
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    We're glad to hear your side of it directly Robert.
    Thanks for taking the time, and please do look over some of the other threads here and give us your input.

    There's one thread concerning your lawsuit with open questions we'd really value your honest answers for.
  6. GregMc

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    Robert, read not only the threats made by your fellow believers but the numerous admissions all over the net by chemtrail believers of shining lasers into the cockpits of aircraft landing at airports.
    You should understand that the chemtrail hoax has mutated so that no longer do people believe that military aircraft are involved , but that it is commercial airliners leaving trails deliberately.
    Listen to the ravings of Australian chemtrail fanatic Peter Kusznir . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynAbkLu13cQ&feature=plcp


    laser aim at pilots. laser blind pilot. laser shoot threat. laserthreat.

    Robert we really hope you get this action to court where evidence and reality will be held up and compared against your beliefs.
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    Robert, I'll be happy to tell you the name of the agent I spoke with in Memphis, TN on July 17th at 4 pm. I'm sure he'd like to speak with you to learn more about your group. Their office number is (901) 747-4300. Please let me know when you will be available, and maybe we can do a conference call.
    It was Agent White. Now tell me who your FBI friends are because I'd like to speak to them as well.
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    I don't think Jay was originally targeting your group with his statements. Just the overall trend that has been observed regarding threats to planes by chemtrail believers. Your group seems to going about this the right way, the legal way. So carry on please and no need to get overly defensive.
  9. PCWilliams

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    I know others have been doing the same thing (see attachments).

    View attachment 651

    View attachment 652
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    Robert, if you're going to jump to the defense of people making threats against aircraft, are you also willing to share responsibility for their actions if any of them decide to follow through on those threats?
  11. Thank you Mick. Also, I must apologize for posting in the manner I did last night. I get really fed up with some things and fed up with the Apathy I see around me. Passion is a good word for my involvement Mick. Thanks for the follow up. Yes, I should have and will now read back from the first of the 5 pages referenced. Lastly, Jay... I am serious about stating you went to FBI, if it pertains to my group or myself. You may either retract your statement or deliver the goods. One or the other. I've been called 2X already this morning being asked if I know anything yet. They see no such complaint with regard to my CGL group.

  12. I have dealt with Jeff... He will not post such things again. The one named Patti Tsagaris: (both probably fictional names)

    Search this group
    [of course her post referenced earlier has been deleted by me, so won't show in my search now... :-/ Her posts are minimal, so she is now OUT of the group]

    Patti Tsagaris
    I'm glad her big mouth can be used for a good cause, finally. imho.


    Patti Tsagaris
    Very informative video. Question? what do we do about this? Scary ~


    Patti Tsagaris
    *(#$ them, I can't believe this is happening.

    July 17

    Patti Tsagaris
    The sky IS falling ~ thanks for sharing, very scary...

    July 3

    Patti Tsagaris
    That's the ticket, sounds good. Gotta keep the liver as clean as possible. 8) Damn these elitist s**k......

    June 18

    Patti Tsagaris
    I think the thing we can do is keep our health as strong as possible. We never dreamed in a million years this would be taking place in our life time. Everything that's happening in the world is really scary.

    June 18

    Patti Tsagaris
    Dave, I believe it's all of them, unfortunately.

    June 18

    Patti Tsagaris
    OMG, that's awful, anyone else have a feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better?

    Quick scan over what some of you said. Thank you for stating things which indicate I may be doing my best and/or not one of the masses of the one's this was about in the first place.
    Jay, I cannot say WHO I work for in the Bureau, due to the nature of what I do for them. However, if you want to piss and see who pisses farther, that's silly, but fine by me. I do covert surveillance and that in itself can be a dangerous job at times. Just know, I do not lie and it goes against all beliefs I practice daily. I do appreciate you coming out with who you spoke to though. I'll let my friends know. Alright... Off to work! (To the person who asked me to review the other things here and give feedback, I'd be glad to once I get back off of this next round of work in San Diego and Vegas. Give me until this weekend... Peace!)

  13. COPY PASTE FROM my forum...

    Robert M Forgette
    ‎Patti Tsagaris & Jeff Whoever
    (I've already chatted Jeff and it's fixed with him... I just have to reference WHO I'm talking about)
    Patti, your comment the other day has caused me much wasted time... I'm NOT happy about this. See link: https://www.metabunk.org/posts/11589

    While I'm trying very hard to keep us separated from other groups, as far as direction, content and image goes.... Among a multitude of other things, I cannot help this group if things like this happen again... My ass is on the line here right? Think about it. I had to bother some guys I'd rather not bother over this kind of stuff. Review the link and DO NOT reply to anything there. I will deal with it. Enough damage already... BUT... It will be fixed as always. :)
    New rule:

    Advocating violence against "Chemtrail" planes - Page 5

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  15. Jay Reynolds

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    Robert, I verified exactly who I spoke to. You claim to have friends and to work for the FBI, yet when asked to reciprocate will not verify those claims. The fact is that someone who makes claims which are unverifiable simply isn't telling the whole truth. I always ask myself, "Who benefits?" when a person like you brags about having 'connections', yet doesn't bring anything forward confirmable or of value. To put it quite simply, this sort of a boast is always only of benefit to the teller, and not to anyone else. You have only demonstrated that you are another braggart. From it's inception, the originator of the chemtrails hoax, Richard Finke, claimed that "seven men died" to come up with a bogus claim that "chemtrails" were made of ethylene dibromide. He told me this in a petty attempt to scare me off. Fifteen years later, I'm still not scared.

    Robert, the fact that you have now banned those members of your group and have been forced to explicitly state that no threats are tolerated there tells me that you indeed recognized that what were said constituted threats.

    Robert, I am a man of action and don't threaten. Ask any number of chemtrail promoters, and you will find that I always give fair warning before I expose them, and I am patient. I usually give them a fair amount of time to adjust their claims by confronting them with their fallacies. In the case of your group, I reached out to Al Dicicco and Zanna more than once, challenged them to debate the issue, exchanged emails and phone calls. Despite your zany views on 911, you must be intelligent enough to read the toxicology and can see that your lawsuit will fail because the blood barium levels you claim are abnormal are in fact perfectly normal. You must have consulted a toxicologist and found this out before asking for many thousands of dollars of 'other people's' money. Interesting you aren't willing to fund this yourself, maybe that tells us something. I know that Hot Head Al Dicicco, when I spoke to him by telephone, had no idea how ordinary contrails formed. He admitted that he wasn't good at science. Al's motivation is a vendetta against government who he blames for losing his children, yet who he depends on for a living, having done no productive work for years. You, on the other hand, certainly must know that in order to have any sort of case, you must show proof of damage, and the ordinary blood barium levels you know your people have will never amount to such proof.

    What the heck is an otherwise mostly sane person like yourself doing promoting a hoax which is telling people who are normal that they are being sprayed with poison? Do you actually think you can make one plus one equal three? Is this some sort of game or power play you are using to gather people whom you can manipulate? Is there money or power in it for you? Is it just a cathartic release of passion? Is there another Robert M. Forgette behind the mask who seeks control over others less capable of comprehending how they are being used? Didn't you even consider the negative effect that telling people that they, their families, friends and the whole earth are being poisoned will have?

    If not, you had better take a long hard look at what you have become involved with. This isn't just a speculation about who blew up the Twin Towers, something in the past which can be endlessly debated, this has become much more. Every day the people whom you seek to influence look up and you tell them that what they see is some plot to kill them with poison, yet the planes you point out are simply ordinary commercial airliners carrying innocent men, women and children.

    Robert M. Forgette, tell us exactly what you will do the day after one of the people you have in your influence decides to act upon what YOU have told them. If you aren't willing to come here and say what you would do, at least begin to formulate a plan, because it seems inevitable. I hope it never happens, and have conducted my actions to prevent it as best I can, but you just might become the focus of attention you seem to desire.
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  16. Unregistered

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    You obviously work for the government or one of the corporations that advocate this Genocide!!! Sir you are an idiot to the highest proportions. Do your homework you FOOL....and it's just as simple as looking up....you Sheeple...numb nut!!!
  17. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Oh Yeah, "It's easier to foll someone than it is to convince them they been fooled",Mark Twain.(Also)
  18. Jay Reynolds

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    So, unregistered, you find nothing at all wrong with any of the threats achived in this thread?
    That is a sad thing, and shows one aspect of the worst people associated with this hoax.
    To see these five pages of men and women driven to making public threats like this is an indication of an insidious sick thing at work.
    That none of it registers in your moral compass s an indication of a lost soul. Sucks to be you.
  19. GregMc

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    Unregistered, which "this genocide" are you talking about? The world's population is continuing to increase and life expectancy is rising. Are you referring to attempts at genocide in the Sudan or elsewhere?
    I had a careful look at http://www.genocidewatch.org and saw no references to anything related to this thread.

    Can you please cite some reliable and verifiable statistics or documentation of your claimed genocide.
    Do you personally comprise one of the statistical victims who apparently have died from one of these causes? Do you actually know someone who died as a result of this supposed "genocide"?

    Elsewhere in your post you suggest "it's just as simple as looking up".

    What do you expect to be able to learn from just looking up?
    Do your observation skills reveal to you the relative size of the Sun and Moon? They both "look" the same size in the sky. Are they the same size?
    Can you tell from looking up how much bigger the earth might be from the sun or the sun might be from the earth?
    Can looking up at the sky tell you why it is often blue but turns orange or pink at dawn and dusk?
    Does looking up explain to you what "lapse rate" is?
    Perhaps you need to look at documented facts rather than look at phenomena you can see but don't necessarily understand.
    Looking is just looking. Comprehending and learning are something else entirely.
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  20. Jay Reynolds

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    The cries of genocide with chemtrails began with the first edition of the hoax brought forward by Richard Finke:
    Fifteen years ago the mantra of chemtrails "genocide" began.
    You'd think bodies would be piling up in the streets by now......
  21. Danny55

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    From the WITWATS facebook page

  22. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    I see that Michael J. Murphy has been busy deleting some comments at his facebook page, but he left the threat intact.

    This is a troubling development which could mean that he advocates the sort of violence his followers do.
  23. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    Two new threats at Michael J. Murphy's Facebook page deserve some comment.

    View attachment 710


    I recognized this photo, it was purloined from Airliners.net where it is identified as an ordinary commercial airliner:

    However, this photo already appears at Scott Stevens' Weatherwars site, where it has been for years identified as an ordinary commercial airliner:
    So, we have an associate of Michael J. Murphy identifying a photo of a commercial airliner as making a "chemtrail", and also Michael J. Murphy posting the same photo which induces Robert Craig Johnston to comment, "Can't wait until those planes start getting shot down one after another all over the place. Bang! Crash!".

    Who is Robert Craig Johnston?


    His facebook page lists this Myspace page as a contact point, and I also see he is a writer and musician from Calgary. He seems like a regular guy, he's writing a children's book and plays music, he cares about the environment, he is a Taoist.

    Chemtrails promoters like Michael J. Murphy need to understand that this hoax is inducing seemingly ordinary people to make very inflammatory statements, and they also must understand that there are others out there much more irrational who might have a far more extreme reaction.

    Another example from today at Michael J. Murphy's Facebook page is this one:


    The commenter, Nick Martinez, has, on July 20th, 2012, made a much more inflammatory comment previously noted:


    Michael J. Murphy and the other chemtrails promoters must realize what is happening, and it is happening with greater frequency as time goes by. They must begin to bring some rationality to this thing as it is quickly getting out of their control.
  24. Jay Reynolds

    Jay Reynolds Senior Member

    I missed these from Robert Graig Johnston, who must have been having a very bad day. Robert needs to know what Michael J. Murphy isn't telling him.
    Murphy knows that his first movie contained many provably false claims. Murphy is hiding this information from his followers. Michael J. Murphy needs to admit to these people that what he has been telling them isn't true. Only by Michael J. Murphy coming clean about his falsehoods can people like Robert Craig Johnston know the truth that chemtrails are just a hoax that has gotten way out of hand.

  25. Leifer

    Leifer Senior Member

    The FBI has been informed of this thread long before Jay spilled his beans.
    Unfortunately, my guess is that they just added it to their long list, which (by no fault of their own) ....is I'm sure quite long these days.
    Specific terrorist threats may result in a longer look.
    Frankly, I'd rather not scare off over-zealous internet posters....to allow a warm trail.
    There are more private ways to converse, if the serious are indeed serious.
    ....alcohol bragging, the unconcerned disturbed, and the hopeful angry... will often post, no matter what.
  26. Danny55

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    Another one, from the "Stop Chemtrails" facebook page.

  27. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Most of the posts I read from these people sound as if they are in their very early teens. I shudder to think what they'll be like when/if they actually grow up.
  28. GregMc

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    A threat to pilots from an Australian facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/OurSkiesOurLives administered by Shane. Shane has negligible understanding of science and is furious that I post contradictory comments to his page.
    I think Qantas, virgin and jetstar pilots might take an interest in Brett Morse's comments.

    death to pilots.
  29. Mick West

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    Not exactly the same thing, but it reminds me of Roseanne's meditative curse from the the CBC conference - "make the pilots so sick they are unable to do their jobs and must find other work"

    Around 52 minutes into this:

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    Oh, sorry Mick!
  32. Jay Reynolds

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  33. Danny55

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    From the "Wanted: Aerial Sample of Chemtrails.Know a Pilot?? facebook page

    Reads like someone has been shining a laser pointer at night flying Aircraft. They stay in Gilbert Arizona.
  34. JRBids

    JRBids Senior Member

    Gnarly Carly's FB page is a wealth of this type of post.
  35. Mick West

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  36. Mick West

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    I'm making this thread sticky (fixed at the top the forum) as it's a collection, like the photo threads.
  37. JRBids

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    Odd to see Stephen Mallen posting on that FB page (Wanted, Pilots. . . ). I saw him on another chemtrail page telling everyone stay away from it because they just wanted money.
  38. Jay Reynolds

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  40. Jay Reynolds

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    I share your thoughts. The video is by Harold Saive, I recognize the voice. He has taken Soltaucruiser's video and added some bunk. Soltaucruiser is not a chemtrail believer, he is a planespotter. Saive has been caught out altering videos many times before.