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As you say it is an old video and explanation - however in this "information age" such things keep getting rediscovered anew by people who haven' seen them before and shouted from the rooftops.

Perhaps in 10-15 years this sort of behavior might be no longer acceptable - but until then all that can be done is point out to people that it isn't new, and why didn't they do a bit of research before posting it.

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One thing I'm trying to do is make it as easy as possible for people to find an explanation for the regurgitated things like this. But I'm sure I discussed this here, but now I can't find it....

Consensus was that it was like intra-cloud lighting (or some kind of electrical discharge) changing the orientation ice crystals, so sunlight reflected off them differently. [Edit: just like it says in the linked article]

Mick West

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Reddit has a culture of posting TIL (Today I Learned) things, which are simply interesting old articles. It's old info, but new to them. Sometimes they go viral.


That's why a good pre-emptive debunking can work very well. Things like the "engine ended up behind the car" start out small, but they can explode suddenly.
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