The NERC funded MST Radar facility in Wales is not a HAARP installation

Ross Marsden

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"TPW" is total precipitable water.
The scale will be in mm (or maybe inches). Answers the question, "If all the water in the column above a point were to precipitate (rain), what would the rainfall depth be?".


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'DAMNING EVIDENCE' Harry, unless you mean someone is building huge walls and mounds to hold the water in?


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Just to add a bit of background to these storms, they are a regular feature of UK weather. It has a long-established name, "Spanish plume":

Essentially, warm, humid air from Spain gets drawn up towards the UK by low pressure over the Bay of Biscay. This air is unstable and generates heavy thunderstorms, especially when breaks in the cloud allow solar heating.

Chart for yesterday showing the wet-bulb potential temperature (essentially a measure of how hot and humid the air is) - darker reds show moister, warmer air:


And the storms did not "appear out of nowhere". They were well forecast on the models several days in advance. For instance, this was the 61-hour forecast, issued on Tuesday:

Obviously the detail with convective storms will not be precisely as forecast, but clearly the weather models showed that heavy thunderstorms would break out over the southeast UK, as in fact was the case.
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Good grief now Harry has found BMEWS at RAF Fylingdales, UK! Apparently thanks to Jim Lee! The mind boggles!

View attachment 16899

"1MW will power 700,000 homes, yes 700,000"?

Wow, I need some of Harry's energy-saving lightbulbs.

1MW / 700,000 homes = 1.43W.

1.43W x 365 days x 24 hours/day = 12,500Wh = 12.5kWh.

1kWh (1 unit) costs about 15p on average, so according to Harry the average electricity bill should be less than £2 per year. o_O

Ray Von Geezer

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700,000 homes powered by 1 MegaWatt? I think he's confusing Megawatt and Gigawatt!

I can almost overlook that he completely misrepresents what it is, or what it does, but as a Yorkshire man, describing Fylingdales as "just South of Durham" is unforgivable. I don't care if he's not from the UK, he could pull up a map in two seconds, I don't even get how he came up with Durham when York or even Leeds are much closer, and much better known.

It is ugly though, and I do miss seeing the "golf balls" - they were part of our trips to the East Coast when I was a kid.

Ray Von


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Just dip into any part and the "great facts" will appear!

The belief sets they excitedly rush to tell us is mind-boggling. I only managed to listen to it all due to the comedy factor. (like the "fact" that clouds shouldn't appear over the seas because salt water can't make em).

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"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

Apart from small/medium enterprises, what does SME mean?


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Another fact Terry Lawton repeated on the show I forgot to mention is (another is mentioned here ) we're told can supply whatever weather you desire but if you actually read (why bother if your own followers won't?) the site's info, you'll find they'll sell you weather-based insurance for your business.

"This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds."

A facebook version, maybe free of the SME of constraints?

While revising this video to check it is the same recording (visuals are different and it's been edited), there's another snippet of self-debunking I missed - that the skies have dramatically changed recently yet aircraft engines are basically the same as they always were. So which is it Harry and Terry? HBTF can't make contrails or engines are basically the same?
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Sadly nobody can help, Harry. He will still be seeing "flashes of energy waves" in decades to come. Notice how he used it to get another bump for his gofundme? Just wait till he gets his hands on the equipment!

Hah, not Harry I want to help ;)
I do rather like Peter Parks response - The pilots and Ground crew must be in on it... they need to be found...

yes, where would we find pilots and ground crew I wonder....

Jay Reynolds

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He is getting close to understanding the truth. That will be very threatening to someone like Dane Wigington who has a vast army available who could track the commercial flights worldwide and discover that the planes they see are ordinary commercial flights.
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