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That IMO would be rally educational for "chemmies" to attend to see how aviation works in the real world rather than their imaginations - however at US$600 for the day and travel costs my hopes are not high! :)

there are 2 - in Dubai or Singapore in February - perhaps someone whio is concerned about the possibility of additives to aviation fuel causing "chemtrails" might like to consider attending one of these or something similar??

These seminars are going to address the forthcoming fuel quality standard EI/JIG 1530 -
Check also this short slide presentation EI/JIG 1530 - a refiners perspective - I was interested in "Control of “Incidental” and “Adventitious” materials (Section 6.4)" on page 5......

This standard is something I haven't heard of before and not the sort of thing I deal with any more, but it was still interesting to read about it.

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Looking at your attachment I saw no reference to Sulfur mitigation . . . seems like it would be part of the conference?
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