Slender column long span beam structures are inherently unsafe


I was asking if you had any examples. WTC7 certainly could not topple, the floors are too long span.

Do you it SHOULD have toppled?

I think that would have been a more likely scenario in a random collapse.

But there is no historical reference for such a thing or indeed no historical reference for a pancake collapse until we had 3 in one day. So it is a bit of a grey area.

Do you have any evidence that they could not topple. Certainly the top of 2 started to go and looked like it would fall off. What do you think?


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I can't tell in the pictures the condition of the windows in nearby buildings. Where they ALL blow out, or at least the ones facing the WTC buildings? Quickly rigged explosives would have taken out windows in nearby buildings. I understand that even though they try to prevent that in controlled demolitions, that it sometimes windows are lost.