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Gosh darn it! What type of graphics card/system do you have?
mine lasted 50 secs. was a bit laggy, the dot paused for a millisecond every now and then..but i have an online game on one tab and youtube playing on another. i also havent rebooted or cleaned my computer in a while.

on windows, edge browser. 8gb ram, no idea about a graphics card but a pretty cheap laptop so probably not top of the line.

this? 1662241468292.png

Mick West

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Nvidia GTX 1080, i7 6700k
It seems like the issue is my video rendering code. I've been decompressing the entire video into individual frames, just because it was easy. But that seems to be causing memory problems. I'll have to rejig it to only cache a few frames, but that's going to be complicated.

It wasn't causing me problems, seemingly because of Apple's M1 magic.

Mick West

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Added a "Focus Track" menu option that locks the cursor to a track, making inspection a lot easier, as it will rotate around the cursor and zoom appropiately. Particularly useful in Aguadilla.

Also in Agua, improved the smoothing of the camera track by using multiple iterations of a narrower window rolling average.

Mick West

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I did a pretty major restructuring of the rendering pipeline over the last few days, just uploaded.
This should mostly be invisible. Better resolution on some displays.
The main change is to allow post-processing effects, to make the simulated view more like the original video. So far I've just done a vaguely FLIR-like pass (invert and reduce red and blue, boost greenish colors) to Aguadilla:
This can be toggled:
This seems to work on everything I've tried it on, but if you notice anything, then let me know, thanks.