Salt Lake City "Haarp Ring"


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On November 16th, 2013 KMTX radar in northern Utah suffered another failure with its azimuth rotary joint, a component located in the pedestal assembly up in the radome and vital to dual polarization data products. This is the second time this failure has occurred at this radar in 2013 and such failures are becoming pretty common in the WSR-88 since the upgrade to dual pol.

The failure produced some pretty crazy looking imagery, but of course, Dutchsinse and one of his best buddies Rushfan are already all over it.

No Dutch, no Rushfan, this was not another "mega pulse" or "frequency weather event", it was a failure very similar to the one that happened in June of this year and produced very similar results. But to you two, anything is a "pulse" isn't it?

Here is a screenshot from June of 2013 when KMTX suffered the earlier failure:

slc 6313.jpg

And a screenshot of today's failure:

slc 116.JPG


And as anticipated, Dutch and Rush both have already made videos and Facebook posts about it.

Even though the failure was documented on the SLC NWS page:

slc ftm.JPG

Salt Lake was a previous office for me and I have already talked to the lead forecaster out there and got the scoop on what was happening. I always love it when these clowns post about an office I either work in or have worked in. It's so easy to debunk their silliness.

Now let's see if they shoehorn in the snow and rain forecast within the next few days as a "confirmation"........


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It might not necessarily be a mechanical failure. Without talking to one of the techs, all of whom are off today (Saturday) or up at the radar, I don't know exactly what happened. I talked to the lead forecaster and they relayed to me what they knew.

However - there are 4 channels of Radio and Intermediate Frequency (RF and IF) that run through that rotary joint to provide the dual polarization products - the high powered RF, a signal called the "STALO", and the horizontal and vertical intermediate frequencies (IF). Without getting too in depth of an explanation how they all work together, one of those may have failed.

The forecaster I talked to out there mentioned they might be able to restore the radar to normal operations with the exception of dual pol products so it sounds like a problem with one of those channels within the joint. I will see if I can get in touch with the techs that were up there today and get a better description of the exact failure. But I do know several other NEXRAD sites have had failures within these joints since they went to dual pol.

In any event, it was not another of Dutch's "pulses".....but it makes me sick the way he gets so many people stirred up for absolutely NOTHING and that is why I take exception to the man and call out so much of his BS like this.

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So does that colour represent anything actually there shown in an incomplete spectrum, or is it just a weird signal bleed?


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Looks like a combination of both clutter that is not being properly compensated for and reflectivity gone wild. The pinkish colors are indicative of the most intense returns. The same thing happened in June and it showed up as hail on Intellicast so of course Dutch made a post about a "frequency weather event" producing "hail" even though he had people from the SLC valley chiming in on his own site telling him they were not seeing any hail and had blue skies.....

There was actual precipitation in that area yesterday that was being observed by the radar there, but at times the reflectivity level was way too high (pink and blue). Yes, there was probably was an issue with internal noise gone wild, the "signal bleed" you are wondering about.

That site has also had problems in the past with what's called clutter mitigation maps that eliminate known ground clutter in the area, of which there is a lot of as KMTX sits atop Promontory Point and there are a lot of mountains in that area. When I get to work tomorrow I will see if I can get a concrete explanation of exactly what happened and follow up. But as I said, just another NEXRAD maintenance issue misidentified as one of Dutch's "pulses"......he can't seem to get his mind around that something as complex as weather radar might actually fail once in a while. Nope, it works perfectly fine all the time and all those anomalies are something underhanded.


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And of course some of Dutch's followers are wondering if today's wicked weather in the Midwest is connected to the "pulse" out of SLC. And naturally, Dutch is not answering them....


Instead Dutch is once again showing he knows nothing about what he is talking about, now blaming wi-fi and bluetooth in connection with weather manipulation, apparently unaware that the power of a bluetooth signal is in the milliwatts range and has a range of about 30 meters, hardly able to affect anything else within your own house, let alone the atmoshpere.....


This guy just never stops and his flock just continue to eat it up no questions asked.


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So Dutch thinks we're all mini HAARPs and causing bad weather, LOL! I would say he's a Luddite, he wants us to go back to the phone attached to the wall? "Hello, Central?!"



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Well without even talking to one of the techs out there it's safe to say Dutch's "pulse" was the result of system calibration numbers being way out of whack. To summarize, technicians must frequently take measurements of internal noise, path loss, etc. of numerous components and input those numbers into the system. After each volume scan, the system does its own self calibration as well as a complete performance check every 8 hours. It compares the numbers it is seeing versus what the techs have told it to look for and makes a comparison, then displays that information in various spots within the system logs. This is how we know when things are starting to get out of tolerance and the radar needs some TLC.

The attached screenshot of the KMTX status message at around the time of Dutch's "pulse" shows both the horizontal and vertical reflectivity calibration numbers were way too high (57 and 55). They should typically be as close to zero as possible in a finely tuned system. And reading some of the notes available via the NWS intranet, the original "pulse" began when the techs out there began troubleshooting the system. As I stated, they believed the problem lied in what is called the azimuth rotary joint and a replacement part is on order. It happens sometimes. Things break. Not everything is malicious.

Another Dutchsinse "pulse" completely blown out of the water......

slc status.JPG

But SLC is still getting some blame for the wicked Midwest weather yesterday, even when confronted by a voice of reason:


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On November 16th, 2013 KMTX radar in northern Utah suffered another failure with its azimuth rotary joint, a component located in the pedestal assembly up in the radome and vital to dual polarization data products. This is the second time this failure has occurred at this radar in 2013 and such failures are becoming pretty common in the WSR-88 since the upgrade to dual pol.

Here is a screenshot from June of 2013 when KMTX suffered the earlier failure:

slc 6313.jpg

I guess that there wasn't a sensational weather event after the June failure. Like most of Dutchsinse's failed predictions, he's removed it from his channel. Here is a mirror of his video from June.


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No and there won't be following this one either. But his minions continue to blame the SLC failure for the Midwest weather over the weekend:

slc blame.JPG


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2 more. Amazing what people will believe, how they tie in things that are completely unrelated in order to make sense to them. I've never seen them blame "pulses" over 1500 miles away before. This is kind of a first. But then again, November tornadoes are so unusual to people like this, HAARP is the only thing that makes sense to them. And then again, their ringleader believes an X class flare arrival that the rest of the world did not see and that only affected a small portion of the planet in spite of its enormity, is now causing earthquakes. So "pulses" affecting weather 1500 miles away also make perfect sense.

And the techs out there in Salt Lake said it was a couple of loose cables that carry the RF and IF signals that caused the issue. They believed they were not tightened properly following troubleshooting during the previous rotary joint failure at KMTX back in June and then result was a lot of self induced noise within the system. That's all it was. Something so simple and innocent, yet Dutch has many of his flock convinced SLC was responsible for the devastating Midwest weather over the weekend...or at least he is NOT correcting them and or putting a stop to such thoughts.

slc blame 3.JPG

slc blame 2.JPG


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There is a second severe weather season. It seems that many folks forget about it.

Absolutely - to the best of my knowledge, the only real difference is there isn't as much instability in the atmosphere. The top layers of air are normally much warmer in the fall and there is less of a dramatic difference between those temps and surface temps. That's the only real appreciable difference that I know of. Otherwise, there is wind shear, the collisions of warm and cold air masses, etc. just the same as in the Spring. I'm not a meteorologist, but I do work around them all day long and this is my understanding of the only real difference between Spring and Fall tornado season and why one is so much more active than the other.

In other news, I really wish YouTube would stop suspending Dutch's YouTube Channel. It just ADDS to all the conspiracy delirium and makes it look to his flock that he truly IS on to something........


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Rushfan was on the verge of a logical thought in this video's description - "A large pulse in Utah. Listed as a hardware issue, there always seems to be maintenance or repairs mentioned when such pulses appear".......

Hmmmm...wonder why that might be Rush?



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Most of them still don't understand the concept of the radar image being a computer generated mosaic of images from numerous adjactent radars.

I tried to illustrate that point by showing them that "pulses" associated with equipment errors only show up on the offending radar when you look at the imagery individual radars. E.G. you get a pulse out of Raleigh that shows up on the mosaics from NWS, College of Dupage, Intellicast, etc... but if you look at Morehead City, Wakefield, Roanoke individually you do not see the "pulse". You only see the "pulse" when looking at the Raleigh radar individually or a mosaic that includes data from the Raleigh radar. Therefore the source of the pulse isn't something in the air being detected, it is internal to the offending malfunctioning radar.

But that information has just bounced. I guess it has to since they have no concept of how a radar works. They simply cannot conceptualize that the radar is watching for a reflection of its own signal. Many of them think that the colors represent temperature. You'll see Rushfan, WeatherWar, and such speak of "super heated water" in reference to brighter returns. I guess they often think that they are viewing a satellite image.
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