Pre 1995 Persistent Contrail Archive

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One from my mother's photo album that I've been meaning to add. Taken on Lundy, an island off the southwest of England, in 1986. I've boosted the contrast, as the sky was very washed out. (This was taken on a Disc camera, which weren't known for their image quality!)

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This is a video from 1994/1995 of the replacement "Big Dipper" Rollercoaster at Sydney's "Luna Park" showing rather substantial contrails.
There was another video of the big dipper showing huge contrails in background but it may have been removed.

Complaints of noise from new residents to the area (like how people move close to airports because it's cheap then try to have the airport shut down!!) led to the park being closed in early 1996
A rather depressing couple of images here, but interesting from a historical perspective.

This page has photos of Aberfan, in Wales, after the disaster in 1966 where a colliery spoil tip slipped down the hill and engulfed the village school.

Looks like a contrail, but may be a flaw on the photo?

This one is more certain:

I noticed some in at least one of the Mad max films I was rewatching in preparation for going to see the new one.
AND in The Italian Job (1969) as well.
I am noticing them in films all the time now. It;s kind of depressing that this complete rubbish reduces your enjoyment of a film cos you start to notice random background stuff.
I just re-watched a movie...produced entirely in Australia, and "WELL" before the concept and current "meme" that is now known as "Chem"trails ever existed.

I could not pull a "screen-shot", but at the 16-minute point.....the camera pans UP, and several lingering contrails are clearly evident....this film was released in 1994....(U.S. distribution) I presume most of the filming was in 1993...could have been early 1994, but this is easy to research: "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

Again....about 16 minutes in, if you prefer to "fast-forward"...(but, it's a wonderfully heart-warming flick, if you give it a chance?).....
100's family pictures are on screen saver random rotation and one from Canada 1960ies pooped up last week,,, hey looky a nice thick contrail over Calgary behind the kids, now I got to search it out of the many mix, it may take some time.
C.W. McCALL CONVOY 1975 music clip 1.22 in 10 - 4 Rubber duck


did you notice that at the same time as you see the contrail he sings "there's a roadblock up on the cloverleaf" if i was a conspiracy theorist i would say that is a hidden subliminal reference to operation cloverleaf ... spooky !!!
Looks like some rather distant contrails here in a photo of Squaw Valley CA, in a skiing magazine from 1987:


Close-up view:

I doubt it. They have preservationists for that sort of thing.
its an aquatint by Clark and Dubourg. its on all the copies i could find. My understanding (which isnt much) is with aquatints the color is 'pooled' onto the plate. so the white 'lightning' could have been easily fixed after the first printing.

anyway, ...either way its not an airplane flying at 30,000 feet in 1815. :p

Dennis Wheeler and Gaston Demarée’s article, “The weather of the Waterloo campaign 16 to 18 1815,” cites several passages from those who experienced the battle firsthand.

From the letters of Private William Wheeler of the 51stKings Infantry comes this excerpt, “…[a]nd as it began to rain the road soon became very heavy…the rain increased, the thunder and lightning approached nearer, and with it came the enemy…the rain beating with violence, the guns roaring, repeated bright flashes of lightning attended with tremendous volleys of Thunder that shook the very earth…”

And Private John Lewis of the 95thRifles wrote home to say, “…[t]he rain fell so hard that the oldest soldiers there never saw the like…”
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