Population growth will keep redoubling....


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Will it re-double from what it is now ? (now....7.1 billion)


Around 1960, the population was half what is now.
Some people believe the redoubling will continue.
As far as a "trend"...it seems there must be a leveling-off of population growth....based on available space, available food supply, and reduced child bearing trends (social trends).

Is there a leveling-off point of growth ?.... or will there be scientific adaptations that allow for the continued population expansion. ??
At some point, there must be a slow-down of human expansion....at worst it will be the waste created by an organism (humans), that limits expansion.

Is this guy wrong ? He thinks redoubling is not possible......at the current population rate/numbers because there is just not enough resources.

The debunking here is.......explain why redoubling can or cannot continue.
Population redoubling is an instilled thought among many people....I don't believe it can happen.


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The overall rate of population growth is going down around the world. Many developed countries are not reproducing at even a replacement rate. Immigration is why many countries including the US is experiencing any population growth.

As women become educated and as more children survive and as human labor is replaced with machines---you can find pictures of poor Indian farmers with women pulling the plow, the need for larger families is reduced and thus population goes down. I would expect the acceptance of homosexuality to eventually have a small effect on population growth.

The limit of resources is, I feel a poor one. The average family in much of the world does not consume resources at the level of those of us in the more developed countries.

If we do not do something totally stupid, we should be able to tap the resources of the solar system within 50-100 years. I still eventually expect an amount of industrialization to move off planet. We are already growing more food on less land.

I don't believe it will continue and I told some professors that in 1980 and what we are seeing is closer to my forecast than theirs of doom and gloom. (Yep, I told them the film they showed was a fantasy---it involved what would happen if there was a month long temperature inversion over the entire or most of the northern hemisphere---impossible---I believe my comment was "I can make a better case for the possibility of FTL, than for a hemisphere wide month long temperature inversion." and I don't think they really liked me--now I realize that I was debunking even then.


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The overall rate of population growth is going down around the world.
Is it ?....yes, the "rate increase" is slowing pace....but it is still climbing.

Guessing where the population tipping point is....is debatable.....knowing exactly where it is...is important.
At 7.1 billion.....resources are being taxed.

There is good news.... http://www.nrdc.org/oceans/rebuilding-fisheries.asp
the bad news (often mixed with good news) is
"only 32%"....??? isn't this bad news ?


US fishing quotas are a good start. But they hurt local fishers (income).

Imported fishes may have little or no regulatory enforced quotas.
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