MH17 Evidence Video Time Stamped Before Crash

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Debunked here:

The basis for this metabunk is the video featured in this Zero Hedge article:

There are several issues highlighted in the article, listed for metabunking as follows:
English version:
Russian version:

The article goes on to compare this video to a prior June 5 video produced also by the Ukrainian government and highlights the near identical production quality and placement of captions, layout of dubbing. Zero Hedge implies that the second two videos, like the June 5 one, were produced and uploaded by the new Ukraine government.

Apart from speculation that the server may have had an incorrect date set, has there been any further exploration of this video? Because a plausible alternative to the notion that the computer that created the video had an incorrect date is the notion that the computer had a correct date. And if it did that would be troublesome.
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Pete Tar

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The fact it was uploaded by the Ukrainian government was never an issue was it? They were the ones who intercepted the audio and uploaded it, so what's the issue it has the same format as previous ones?

Timestamps are wrong all the time.

Pete Tar

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Well there's a demonstration of how timestamps are not indicative of when a video was uploaded here... <br />

Here's a post showing Obama made a speech about the crash before it happened.

Do you have any evidence the video was created and uploaded before the incident took place?
Is that really what someone intending to frame someone would do, present the incriminating evidence before the crime has happened?


Do you have any evidence the video was created and uploaded before the incident took place?
Is that really what someone intending to frame someone would do, present the incriminating evidence before the crime has happened?

There is evidence in the OP that this video was created before the incident.

This is conjecture, but if it was created in advance, perhaps it was done in preparation such that it could be uploaded after the incident to assist in the subsequent investigation.

You haven't refuted the OP with any evidence.
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David Coulter

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I tend to dismiss sources that are loaded with hyperbole:

The fact that the two cited youtubes had similar production value is not a smoking gun since they both came out of the Ukrainian security authorities.


If you dismiss hyperbole you must dismiss pretty much all news :)

Really though, do you have any proof upon which to base a dismissal of the evidence in the OP?

Pete Tar

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Why are you ignoring that timestamps of uploads to youtube are demonstrably wrong all the time? Isn't that evidence that refutes the claim?
How about you do an experiment - record a video of something that can serve as an objective time reference, (a news broadcast?), upload and compare the youtube timestamp with the time you know you made it.
It should be probably be done in a few different timezones from where the youtube servers are located to be thorough.

David Coulter

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You haven't refuted the OP with any evidence.

There is no way to prove a timestamp is incorrect (proving a negative problem). However, incorrect time settings on computers occur very frequently - probably more so within security organizations that are likely disconnected from the Internet and time servers. I would also expect that a national security apparatus that was perpetrating a "false flag" would get the time stamps correct.

The dilemma Putin finds himself in is that there are pictures and videos of the BUK's and there are, no doubt, witnesses loyal to Ukraine that saw the launch and crash. In addition, the separatists are restricting access to the area to international investigators - why do that if an investigation would prove it was shot down by Ukraine? More likely to allow time for the wreckage to be sanitized and limit access to witnesses.


I don't know if this is mentioned in other threads, but I found an article about how youtube assigns dates to videos.


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