Horizon Air Dash 8 making many circles from Seattle


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Interesting flight path here. What was this plane doing? Was it performing some kind of test? Testing navigational instruments maybe?
The plane is Horizon Air N410QX, a Bombardier Dash 8. This is a twin-engine turboprop plane that can carry 78 passengers.

Mick West

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I'm a little confused as to how you found that. It's there in PF if you use a direct link:
https://planefinder.net/flight/N410QX/time/2015-10-14T18:45:25 UTC/speed/1
But I can't see the actual plane flying. Is there a playback link that shows it actually in the air?

I looked it up in FR24 (with their new KML download), and at 2015-10-14 18:45 UTC it was apparently on a scheduled flight from Redmond to Seattle. It did do a two lap hold over Portland though:
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It seems to be some glitch in the planefinder data. At 18:44:59 UTC the plane is nowhere. At 18:45:00 it appears with the complex path in the OP.

BTW I was trying to identify the flights in this video:

What Mick found at flightradar24 matches those looped paths well.
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