[HOAX] "Glowing Tic-TaC" UFO in southern France [Possibly a Drone]

Hoaxers simply disrupt scientific progress. Imagine people bombarding SETI radio antennas with fake signals just for fun.

I, on the contrary find them extremely useful. Oftentimes they expose the overall gullibility of the UFO crowds out there, including several "authority" figures in the scene. It's a good thing if it makes people think a bit.

That is, when the hoaxes are admitted or otherwise debunked. I think we can rest assured that a lot of hoaxes remain unadmitted, hoaxes that don't provide enough information for them to be decisively debunked by a third party, and thus remain "UFOs"...

There are lots of people out there that find it immensely satisfying to fool someone, and who don't see any incentives to "come clean" about it.
There are a lot of people making remarks about what is "expected" from certain RC aircraft, and I'm here to tell you there are no expectations you can honestly have without knowing more about the hobby. First I'd like to introduce you to F3P competition flight, a form of indoor radio controlled aerobics using highly specialized equipment including reversible pitch propellers that allow the somewhat standard looking fixed-wing aircraft to hover, and indeed travel backward through the air. (They are also extraordinarily quiet in flight.)

This is why I like Metabunk. I come for the UFO videos and along the way I learn about physics, refraction, lines-of-sight-over-water, and incredibly acrobatic remote-controlled planes. That was very impressive, particularly the bits where he uses the propwash to manoeuvre the plane in the absence of forward motion.