Help required: Sophisticated-seeming analysis of Egyptian vase to *prove* ancient advanced technology


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Hiya, I am new here. Go easy on me.

I am a former Graham Hancock fan after reading his books in the late 1990s. More recently I try to engage with his fans on his theories. Recently I have encountered a quite sophisticated analysis of an ancient Egyptian vase that claims to prove advanced technology:

Here are the two main analyses:

Initial Geometric Analysis of The Pre-Dynastic Vase
Full analysis of Pre-Dynastic Vase

These were written by Mark Qvist and released by UnchartedX, the latter being an ancient advanced technology YouTuber. The conclusions of the analysis are outlined below:

Conclusions In Summary​

Based on the best understanding we currently have of the object, and on the knowledge of normal fundamental limits of physics and laws of nature, we have to conclude:

  • That this object was fabricated on a highly sophisticated subtractive manufacturing system, from a solid piece of granite.
  • That the manufacturing system would require, at the very least, sophisticated mechanical technology and high-precision components.
  • That the manufacturing system would necessarily have been guided by an automated control system, which could read the design as input, and produce the required motions as output.
  • That a turing machine, of considerable sophistication, would most likely have been employed to create and operate on the design, and to finally transfer it to the manufacturing system.
There is no way, in which we can attribute the production of this artefact, to anyone who do not possess, at minimum, the level of technological sophistication and capabilities mentioned above. This raises some very interesting questions regarding the origin of the object, which we hope to be able to explore in future work.

Does anyone know how credible these claims are? Are enough data provided here to make an assessment of the claims? I am naturally sceptical, but these analyses are being touted as 'game-changing' by the Graham Hancock crowd. I am entirely incapable of assessing the claims myself, so I wonder if anyone here can give it a go.

I hope this is an appropriate post. As I said, this is my first post here.
Thanks, Mick! I will join the convo over there!

Be prepared. It became a bit of an unruly thread with lots of discussions back and forth. It also, just by the nature of the topic, became a bit of a battle of the YouTube videos. Lot's of Uncharted X and others making claims on YouTube and counter claims on less sophisticated YouTube channels were amateurs attempt to recreate some ancient technology and artifacts.