Debunked: Radar anomalies and severe weather

I think it's the "Einstein Failed Algebra" syndrome. Dutch's followers see him as some kind of modern day genius patent clerk (tree guy) that sees things from the "outside" that the indoctrinated scientists just cannot see. A lot of people that are distrustful of authority/government/the establishment think that untrained people with neat ideas have more insight than "indoctrinated" scientists.
Per his own comment recently, he cuts trees for a living. Now to be clear I am not denigrating that type of work, just wanting to point out that.....shouldn't that make people just a little cautious about unconditionally excepting every single one of his theories and explanations on subjects ranging from geology to meteorology to seismology to electronics and electrical theories to radar principles to aviation? How could this one man be so vastly knowledgeable in all those fields and so much more and not at least be employed in one of those fields of expertise?


I'd like to know how he can be such an ecological warrior and CUT TREES for a living. Doesn't say he's an arborist. He CUTS TREES.
Since the original topic of this thread involved a "spike" emanating from the Lincoln, IL WSR-88D weather radar, I just thought I would mention it is happening again and it is most likely a 4G cell tower interfering, just as it was 2 years ago. Lincoln is now my current office, so I am pretty familiar with what is going on. The Radar Operations Center (ROC) is looking into seeing if any new towers have turned on since it started late yesterday and has been persistent ever since. I am making this post just in case any more weather modification videos or threads arise as a result :)