Claim: magnetic dust on cars proves chemtrail fallout


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Here is another unscientific test for evidence of overhead spraying.
It's in German, so I don't understand the audio, but I think it's being used to add proof for overhead spraying.......or at least it's being used (and re-posted) by chemtrail promoters.

Video upload April 30 2018

My reply.....
Plus here's another that shows a greater magnetic effect...

One reason I can imagine, is that these areas have iron dust that settles on vehicles, and that finer dust (like sticky pollen, etc, ) get attached to the iron. That means the pollen or whatever, also ends-up on the magnet because the pollen or other dust debris is clinging to the iron, for non-magnetic reasons.
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Europe often gets dust from the Sahara, but this Spring was extraordinary. Beyond just fine dust there was actual sand. I used to pull "black sand" (magnetite) out of our sandbox with a magnet as a kid. Not to mention all the black sand I've seen in gold pans, placer mining in California rivers.

But in this case I think this is hematite coated quartz sand: Hematitic sand. It's weakly magnetic and people are just playing with it.
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Even an amateur placer miner has to deal with pounds of magnetite. It's a real chore separating black sand from the gold, and there have always been black sand contraptions. The author of this video is demonstrating a modern magnetic contraption.

I think this contraption would pull orange hematitic sand out of soil in Europe. There must be a lot that's been deposited over the years. But probably less actively because the orange sand isn't as strongly magnetic as black sand.
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Scratching with a plastic card over lacquer, the stuff gets statically charged. That's all.


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Finally, an experiment we can all try at home. (Lol)
But how can we eliminate pollen or unrelated common dust from metalic iron particles ? Perhaps by washing them to seperate them in a non-water solution (to prevent rusting/oxidation).
I wish I were a chemist.

My computer is offline due to ..."it's broken". ...or I'd have more info. Phone internet research is difficult.
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This is especially nonsensical. Chemtrail planes are supposed to have blanketed all of Europe from Great Britain to Russia? One hell of a fleet of chemtrail planes. And whatever it is that chemtrail stuff is supposed to do, why hasn't it done it with that kind of massive deposit?


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More visible orange-tinted dust migration deposited onto white snow.. central USA....blown from Texas into the Minnesota region.
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