Chernobyl during Russia and Ukraine Conflict

Quite a lot really. Still invades its neighbours. Still imprisons or assassinates political opponents, at home and abroad (Litvinenko, Skripal). Still no free press or free speech. Still allows its soldiers to rape women without fear of retribution. Still routinely spews out absurd propaganda. Still has dangerous windows.

I am being a bit unfair in implying that these things have 'stayed the same'. Under Gorbachev and Yeltsin there was much improvement, but under Putin Russia has regressed towards totalitarianism.

There is also a difference of scale. Stalin had many thousands of opponents killed. Putin maybe a few hundred, tops. But give him time.

Edit: someone disagrees. Oh, wait, it's Mendel. It would be nice to know which of my examples he disagrees with.
Yeah have to side with you on this. Sure improvements/changes have happened in Russia, but that's in every country in the world, prolly even NK. But that misses the point the broad strokes have stayed the same, yes you can critize the gov somewhat but compare the change of Russia eg with Estonia, Poland 1989 to 2023.

An anecdote I slept on someones couch in Kyiv , the wife was from here kharkiv, they have a baby 6 months old, she normally spoke Russian before but because of the invasion they speak Ukrainian to the child. Not because there's a rule you can't speak Russian, but now she doesn't want to. Though I have to say here most ppl still speak Russian I can hear on the streets.

Personal also, she gave birth in January no gas for heating, with baby in the winter, power was going out also often, cause of Russian attacks on the energy. Most was 72 hours no power, They cooked at home on portable gas which was hard to find. But there were communal cooking on the street, no one went hungry
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