Conspiracy Theorist Mark S. Mann claims of being a Ct. Police Officer and Firearms Industry Executiv


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Conspiracy Theorist Mark S. Mann claims of being a Ct. Police Officer and Firearms Industry Executive are false.
Is HE the 'Mann in the woods'?

"recognizing the scam"
in the words of MarkMann. [URL='']37:30[/URL]
I've listed some of his video/text talks in chronological order but my main focus was the December 15th 2013 video. Areas that prove he is not a policeman are in bold.

The Claim: Mark [S. Mann], a firearms industry executive & part-time Lieutenant police officer.

'MarkSmann' IS actually a Connecticut resident. He is not a police officer. He is not a firearm industry executive. He is a(n) [omitted to protect the identity of his children] and a part time writer. He does like to write, ALOT.

Nov. 22, 2012 by Marksmann
<check DK[/URL]
*"as the waters of Long Island Sound"
*Has a least one police friend, one firearm industry executive friend. hmm.

"Since then, [Hurricane Sandy: Oct 22] I can tell you that as a firearms industry executive, I have seen an explosive burst in sales for firearms and ammunition" <thats not what the numbers and gun experts say.

December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Tragedy

Dec 19th 2012 [URL='']
[URL='</a>in']  COP on Sandy Hook Inconsistencies: "THINGS DON'T ADD UP"
1:00 "This happened about 40 minutes away from where i live" articles under his real name say exact same phrase.


3:00ish Spin < not real accurate /"spin" about assault weapons. <truth: ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN: The state's ban on assault weapons, which covered 66 weapons as adopted in 1993, has been increased by at least 100 more that now will meet the expanded definition of the military-style firearm, that the industry refers to as sporting rifles. [URL=' go-into-effect-2'] go-into-effect-2
note: Nancy Lanza purchased ALL her 'collection' weapons legally. [url]
Dec. 15 2012[/URL]
5:30-45 SPIN: <"Soon after its passage in 1994, the gun industry made a mockery of the federal assault weapons ban, manufacturing 'post-ban' assault weapons with only slight, cosmetic differences from their banned counterparts."[URL=' cite_note-VPC040913-8'][8]

[URL='</a>in']7:00 here they quote media reports as if they are official reports. weird for a cop

7:20 <the van thing was overlap transmission, that was happening in Danbury. Stony Hill Rd-Crosby St.
[URL=' 4127274.php'] 4127274.php
[URL='</a>in'] [URL=''] police scanner, 11:10 danbury reporting purple van[/URL]
[URL='</a>in'] [URL=''][/URL]
[URL='</a>in'] newtown police scanner blog

7:56 "im not an expert in active shooter" (see: 12/15/13 5 min30secs
^ thats not what you say in other clips ! see: 12/31/12 1min20secs)

note: *Mann says nothing that sounds like a firearm industry 'expert'/or police officer

15:52 <mann: libertarian, [real name]:libertarian

16:40 tried to get on radio station/<call stations

December 31, 2012 Part One [URL='']
[URL='</a>in']5:30 "we" <claims there are many other officers throughout country that agree with him.
7:28 < why would a group of cops be asking questions like these? cops Know why.
says "reports" without differentiating "media reports". Police never make this mistake.

December 31, 2012 Part Two [URL='']
1:20 "because i do alot of Swat training, my friends do alot of swat training"

Feb 10th Part one [URL='']
[URL='</a>in']gun talk
Feb 10th 2013 part2 [URL='']
[URL='</a>in']"its not worth looking at sandy hook closer" Mann.
5:33 industry stuff. "$700 ar-15 in dec is $1400 today"<check. im not seeing any 2012 xm less than $925. up to 1500$ claims to be an industry expert?

9:08 pfft

Dec 15th 2013 [URL='']
2:18 the powers that be? (he's ( alledgedly) the powers that be!.)

3:09 'sean'(interviewer) : <dude, i dont know most of my neighbors.
4:16 sean: 'no photographic evidence', <hhmm, even though photos in report! (see appendix)

4:51 keeps calling law enforcement the powers that be. Odd for a police officer.

5:30 "my extensive shooting and tactical training experience" ,a "weapons subject matter expert"<yea that sounds like typical professional Police Officer speak

7:53 "few weeks ago i wrote an article for sgt report" <research/DK
8:31 knowledge of CTs
9:09 "i dropped my registration papers for my guns in the mail yesterday". certified mail? does he mean notarized? registrations dont have to be certified.

9:51 <thats not true. you would just have to physically view them and cant make copies.

10:07 "most of the physical evidence has now been destroyed" huh? a cop would know this is absolutely incorrect. they have all the wallboard with bullet holes etc still.

10:27 ; ) cute. silly boys.

12:09 Shooter Profile of Adam lanza (ok this guy obviously isnt a detective).

The 'skin and bones' theory: note: i'm 5' 0, 97 lbs and carry a 30 pound kid around on my hip (back packing is alot easier), its more about muscle. no knowledge of adrenaline as a police officer? lanzas chart is barely thinner than mine.
i can carry 30 pounds around no problem and im not that muscular. blood loss etc: lanzas weight @autopsy, [URL=';wap2'];wap2
14:30 "like me carrying 65 lbs" cant carry 65lbs Mr. Swat Man?

15:28 "mentally handicapped".. psychosis isnt a mental handicap if youre killing people. a cop would know that.

**soda doesnt show up on toxicology reports

16:00 sean:no evidence he existed since 2009. note: huh? didnt these guys read the report? and interviews with townsfolk?
18:00 he calls law enforcement "the powers that be" again.

19:20 camo pants dude: <**note this may be a seperate man from camopants dude actually. Theres no evidence that camopants dude is the "mann in the woods" from the famous video footage.
note:he has an awfully lot of detail i cant find online anywhere. <check wtnh and danbury news times, the stamford advocate.

19:36 [real name] works in NY (man from NY/camopants).

19:59 note: i heard he (the man Mark is referring to now) was in southbury (on business) and his niece is a SHE student. ([real name] claims roots in Newtown in article, mann too says where he spent time)
**if he parked at the firehouse he would have been nowhere near that footage 'in the woods'. the woods guy obviously came up from the hook. but 'at the firehouse" may be a misstatement.

Is 'mann' one of these men? or both? and he's ticked now he was treated so badly?

20:45 <the state has never taken down anything official before re: police releases!|&desppPNavCtr=|55121|#55514

21:00 <Mann ( a police officer) would Know you cant release information on people unless they are an official suspect in the case or were arrested. Noones clamoring for the identity of the [alleged] two reporters!

22:00 <a POLICE OFFICER is saying? "but we were TOLD by the media there were other shooters" as if that matters. extremely odd.

23:20 "as a police officer i can tell you" <pfft as a human i could tell you this too. thats a lot of conjecture in this spiel Mann.

24:47 sean: this refers to online cohorts still being investigated.
25:00 <No there werent.

25:30 <a cop would know they were just doing what all cops always do. Making sure no one else was involved. Mann is SO incredulous by this concept?

28:10 <no they didnt believe that. if there was ANY evidence of another person in that car the case WOULD NOT be closed. a cop would know that.

29:35 sean: its NewtoWn!!!

blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah

32:41 "no reference to any video or photographic evidence being collected at scene of the crime" <sure Mark except for those two teams of forensics guys who worked night and day for a week collecting evidence. Mark Mann is NOT a police officer.

***note: this is supposedly a police officer from CT. Is there any possible way ANY police officer wouldn't be MORE surprised if S.H.E. HAD HAD recorded video surveillance? No, there is no possible way.

33:00 <yea, his car. his guns. his blood.his sweatshirts, his dead body. eye witnesses. his gps.

33:05 <note the glitchin his throat when he inadvertantly outs himself here. ; ) <thats what happens when you get yourself all riled up.

33:20 huh?
34:00 nice save, sean.

42:20 ah the pen mightier than the sword. just like [real name]!

stamfrod 40 minutes.JPG
^red area actual 40 minutes. green area what [real name]Mann calls 40 mins.
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How much big is he? Is he getting a lot of attention?

This doesn't make sense - he says sales have increased, you say that's not what the numbers say, but the links under that all say sales have increased?
Hyper link has stuck, to undo, select the text you need to correct, then go to the box next to hyperlink and check unlink.

(oh and there is a post sandbox section where you can test a post first)
Pete says"(oh and there is a post sandbox section where you can test a post first)"

; ) that would have been helpful to know.

no 'Mann' says because of Hurricane Sandy, which is what his article is about. But sales increased as they always do (links) because of hunting season, Christmas and the election, Nov 3rd I think. There was also the aurora shooting in July. His claim is he is in the firearms industry so he should know these are normal increases.
additional information I forgot:
CT doesn't have part time officers anymore, let alone Lieutenants

town budgets are available online. I'm not going to do every town obviously to prove he is NOT a part time lieutenant in the Connecticut Police Department, as I already know he isn't. but heres two examples: Milford is from their town budget 2014. Stamford is as an article. Note the number of lieutenants on the force and that NONE are part time. Lieutenant is a pretty high rank for him to be speaking the way he does in his videos.
5 lieutenants of 101 people 163,000 lowest pay. parttime?

**note Stamford is where Lanzas father lives and lived 12 14 12. all our area departments pitched in and yet Mann doesn't say anything not readily available on the internet, and doesn't speak with any closeness to the tragedy.

town responders.JPG
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