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This should be interesting:

The Carnicom Institute will conduct a scientific study for the purpose of identifying measurable characteristics of the Morgellons condition. The study will involve the systematic collection of data from individuals who demonstrate physiological characteristics representative of the Morgellons condition. This data will be compared to a control group of essentially random individuals using the same physiological measurements to identify if significant differences exist between the two groups.
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so what sort of data are they after?

Photographs!'s of what??

Individuals that have a desire to participate in this research project are requested to submit photographic documentation of the following:

The presence of unique filaments within or on the body.

Please photograph any materials that appear to be of an unusual or unique filament nature. Any photographs must be directly of the skin or body surface. Any images of materials removed or shed from the body will not be used for the project.

Two sets of photographs must be taken for each affected area:

1. The first providing an overall view of the affected area on the body, including the normal looking skin around the affected area.
2. The second photograph is to be a close-up of this same area.

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so - filaments in skin - apparently no attempt will be made to actually identify what the filaments are - just photographing them will be enough.

and skin lesions:

The presence of skin lesions that resist healing.
Please photograph any lesions that appear. Any photographs must be directly of the skin or body surface. Any images of materials removed or shed from the body will not be used for the project.
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(directions on quality & nature of photos as above)

And of course oral filaments produced using the "red wine" test -

The production of an oral filament sample.

The oral sample is produced with the use of red wine or pure purple grape juice. It is preferred to use red wine, but for those who prefer non-alcoholic liquids, pure grape juice can be substituted. The method is as follows:

Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth completely. Without swallowing, take approximately one ounce of the wine or grape juice, hold it in your mouth, and swish it around for three minutes. After this time period is complete, expel the liquid into a glass or ceramic container or bowl.

This process needs to be done three times. You will expel the liquid into a single container, resulting in a total of approximately three ounces.

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Sigh.....apparently this will constitute a scientific study by the standards of the institute!
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