Can you help with a picture? [Ballast Barrels]


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Thanks, I know the other pictures of the black one's on Boeing Planes. I just never saw this one.

He will probably say you answered so quickly...YOUR ONE OF THEM!

I will tell him you drove over in your Illuminati Black Van with the 200+ MPG carburetor on it.


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Here's the full report from the A380 tour: Our reporter tours one of the first Airbus A380s


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Quickly? :D Perhaps it would be worth countering just how old Mick's MB thread is (answer: July 2012). Your "friend" is at least 3 years late. :)
And Mick's debunk is 7 years after the pic was first early summer of 2005!

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 1.55.19 PM.png

So whoever is using a 10.5 year old pic in their new discovery of "chemtrails"
might wanna consider ditching their dial-up internet connection...
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