Help trying to identify this UFO.


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Hello everyone, I am from Argentina and I am trying to identify the following UFO which was filmed in the town of San Antonio, in the province of Jujuy: Video

The article was published yesterday April 3 and mentions that the video was filmed at 12:05 local time, it does not clarify the date so I am assuming it was that same April 3.

In the video that Rodolfo captured you can see a silver object with lights. After that event, he said that he approached the ATM and could see that the machines stopped. During the interview he related that on three occasions he was able to see UFOs. Twice as an adult and once when he was a child.

"It was 12:05 noon when I was at home painting the second floor of my house. My mother tells me to go down to eat and then that's when we see an object pass over the trees. I tell my mother "Look," to which she responds, "it's a flying saucer," said Rodolfo.

From that event onwards, when this man went to the ATM he noticed that "the machines were paralyzed", even when he went to Ejesa to carry out a procedure to pay for electricity, he also observed that the charging machine was not working. He also reported that during the night he sees "lights in his silhouette."
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Just 23 km east of the town of San Antonio is the main airport of the province:
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I am using the "planefinder" website to see if on that date and time there were airplanes near that place, but I don't see any:
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What other website can I use?
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I am always suspicious of "UFO" videos that cut out before the object disappears. Why did they stop filming? Or did they cut the video as it became more obvious that it was just a plane?

It certainly looks like a sunlit jet to me, with the wings not visible due to the low resolution and viewing angle.


I very much doubt if it was filmed the same day it was posted - the news media don't work that quickly for filler stories like this. Without knowing the date, identifying the plane is basically impossible, but there certanly seems to be no reason to think it's anything other than a plane.
It certainly looks like a sunlit jet to me, with the wings not visible due to the low resolution and viewing angle.
Agree. For an example of a known plane looking like a white wingless tick tack/cigar shaped UFO, see:


With exact information, the exact plane can be identified, as it is in Mick's video. Lacking it, yeah, about all you can say is "it looks like a distant plane with details obscured by distance and video processes. (Look at the tree branch in Trailblazer's still, which seems to feature gaps in the branches and floating unsupported twigs for evidence that the video is not capturing every detail accurately!)