Can debunking become an obsession??

David Fraser

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Just for a grounding I have not worked in the environmental field for a number of years. When I did it was academia and I worked on loads of projects mainly marine and water based. My Phd was on the viability of close shore windfarms as potential cod or haddock farms (the answer was No, could have saved a few hundred thousand words). Anyway I was introduced to chemtrails by a friend and to be frank I have been quite obsessive abot it. I had a stroke last year and can no longer work as a counsellor as I nod in the wrong places or just say "What did you just say?".

However reading the stuff on chemtrails really grabbed me and I have spent a great deal of time on research, but only one area and that of Aluminium and Barium. I have found myself searching for data and processing it all. I do believe that there MAY be a potential toxicity of Aluminium and I have followed the Camelford polltion incident reliosly

Cut to the chase I ended up getting data from a friend on air quality (as a side line I often process data for folk) after the volcanic activity in Iceland and after that I have jst been compiling data, admittedly Aluminiumpblicly available. I was chatting with someone and we seem to have a good deal of data for a possible paper on the present state of Al and Ba as I have data on air, water, food, soil blah blah blah.

I have a great deal of information and I am in the process of sorting a webpage with it all. I do live with bi-polar and even my kids have said this is NOT a flying idea. I have become transfixed by the issue. NOT disproving it but looking at the evidence and science.

Get to the point. I have spent more time than a normal person would for a normal job so am I obsessed?


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I think it's good to have a hobby! :)

Hasn't aluminum been connected with Alzheimer's disease? I can remember back in the 70s when my grandmother was diagnosed with it, people talked about not using deodorant that contained aluminum because aluminum caused Alzheimers. Also, aluminum cookware is no longer used unless it is clad. So I would be interested in your up coming web site.

I am fascinated by chemtrails because psychology fascinates me. Be it chemtrails, cults, hoaxes, whatever the human mind is involved in processing, I am fascinated with it. My husband and his father are also bi polar, so I know how things can become all consuming.


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Ok here is what I found quickly

It seems that it really isn't. I had never been convinced of that, I am still using my mom's club aluminum cookware. One skillet (my deep fryer) was a wedding present to my parents in 1947


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I am still using my mom's club aluminum cookware.
Just don't cook rhubarb, tomatoes, spinach, greens with lemon, material with light organic acids in them. You'll be fine. That's what we said until we went all stainless and cast iron. :)
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