1. JFDee

    Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee decry drone vulnerability

    Senators Jack Reed and Roger Wicker have an op-ed in the Washington Post about the danger of military's insufficient drone detection capabilities.
  2. mmtmn

    Mexican UAP 2023 - La Bruja

    Source: Hey guys, I came across this video and I noticed it has not been debunked here in metabunk! Reminds me of the recent Jellyfish UAP, so my top hypothesis here is balloons
  3. A

    New UFO book getting a lot of attention

    (As a newbie here, I don't know if discussing media trends regarding bunk (meta metabunk) has a place on these forums and, if it does, which forum it belongs in, so I'm posting in General Discussion, which seems reasonable, but expecting this to get deleted or moved to Rambles.) Political...
  4. persephone

    Claim: UAP filmed by pilot over Monterrey, Mexico July 2023

    Hello, long time lurker here, first time making a post because I couldn’t find a topic on this particular video. Sorry if this is a repeat post. This clip was posted to Reddit a few days ago. It shows a clip played on Mexican TV apparently recorded by a pilot coming in to land at Monterrey...
  5. M

    'Orb' UAP over the Ohoopee River in Georgia USA 7-3-2023

    SS: The source is Twitter. This description came with the video: UFO orb sphere on HD cameras over the Ohoopee River in Georgia USA 7-3-2023. The color starlight camera is a 4K camera. This is some closeup videos I got of the smaller UFO probes. I think there were 3 of them in all flying...
  6. AllTheQuestionsToday

    New UFO video from Karlsruhe, Germany. What is it?

    Source: Source: Google Drive to original: Source: The sample photo is FAR less interesting than the video. What is it?
  7. flarkey

    Mass UFO Sighting at Area 6, Nevada [Starlink]

    This UFO/UAP sighting was recently posted on YouTube, and looks like it shows Starlink Satellites.... Source: I think this will get some traction on Reddit and the site formely known as twitter. Lets see if we can explain it...
  8. T

    Friday July 29th 2022 I observed a light through my telescope that moved and rapidly moved away from my field of view. I took photos and video.

    The date and time: Friday July 29th 2022 11:08pm Location: Canyon Lake, TX 29.929, -98.376 Direction facing: approximately the West Telescope used: Zhumell Z130 Reflector Telescope D=130 mm F= 650 mm (f/5.0) model# ZHUS003-1 Eye piece used: KE 25mm Wide Angle fully coated Camera used...
  9. T

    I captured an anomalous light with my telescope pointed at the Big Dipper near the star Merak. unedited version edited version Source: edited version YouTube link edited version screenshot of the flash at...
  10. I

    AARO: Mission, process, and data statistics/patterns

    I’ve recently been going through the transcripts and slides of the two official public meetings where Dr. Kirkpatrick presented information about AARO and its data statistics/patterns, trying to group related quotes together. I am sharing it in this thread so that others can use this information...
  11. Giddierone

    Solved: MUFON case #124190: 'Mothership' UAP Crosses the North Pacific [Starlink Stack]

    Source: [Note: The above is a video summary of this thread. Original first post follows] Notes on today's SCU presentation (the slides/photos are embargoed until 27 Aug 2023 so I'll not post them here): The object was described in the slide title as...
  12. S

    Video: UAPs in 1958 Nuclear Test Footage; Two Views of the same event

    Hi All, I found the linked footage interesting for the following reasons: 1) It’s from a non-UAP channel, and there’s no mention of the UAP in the posting 2) The footage is from 1958 3) The two videos which show the same test and they appear in both. I couldn’t find this discussed anywhere...
  13. flarkey

    CLAIM - Beyond Skinwalker Ranch S1e1 - UAP captured on video

    So there's a sequel out to the pioneering science show on the History Channel about Skinwaker Ranch, and they have called it Beyond Skinwalker Ranch. Source: In the first episode they...
  14. fizzBuzz

    Larry Maguire (MP) letter to Canadian Defense Minister on UAP recovery program

    Corbell and Knapp released this document on their podcast (video). Larry Maguire is a conservative Member of Parliament, based out of Manitoba. He is basically informing the Defense Minister about "foreign" crash retrieval and reverse-engineering programs allied with other countries. He is...
  15. Rocky

    Stealth Bomber

    An up close video of a Stealth Bomber flying right overhead. So how many times do you think this plane was mistaken for a UFO? Anyway, check it out. It's way cool.
  16. D

    3 Lights passing a Commerical Jet - August 23rd 2021 9:27pm Thurrock England

    Hey, this is a video I shot last year with my Sony A7S camera. I'd just got it and was eager to test out its low light capabilities and was following a plane I saw in the sky. About 30 seconds in 3 lights come in from the opposite direction and then fly across the sky at a higher speed than what...
  17. H

    Looking for suggestions on creating a night sky simulator with real satellite positions

    I love the video Scott Manley made that shows what the sky looks like if all satellites were visible. This got me thinking.. it would be highly useful to have a 360-degree simulator of the night sky and satellites, along with solar effects, such as orbital twilight. Primarily, I am interested in...
  18. Robert Webb

    NIM-A's new logo

    Apparently the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation has a new logo, and it has a flying saucer in it! This is sending the UFO crowd into a frenzy. What do we think about this? Did someone do it as a joke and then no one noticed as it got approved...
  19. N

    New UAP footage: Miami Air and Sea show

    Hello, Not sure if someone has been tracking this already, but early today a new video has been posted on Twitter of an unidentified object appearing in the frame and seemingly shooting across the frame quite fast. The video is a slow-mo footage of a low altitude slow passage of a military...
  20. S

    (Recycled) UFO Video: 2012 TicTacs over the Pacific

    [This video is NOT new, and was first posed in better quality in 2012 on a channel that commonly posted fake videos] I wanted to start a dialogue on this newest video to come to light. Who: Anonymous, who says he "received the video", presumably from someone anonymous to him What: TicTacs...