1. jhunsley

    Chris Letho's 2006 Stationary UFO Observed from Nottingham

    I follow Chris Letho and joined in a live discussion on a UAP channel he was invited on to last night. He presented a video from a guy from Nottingham who videoed the object in 2006. It was a really good film, he logged the time and date and also managed to get some good film of it with a decent...
  2. TopBunk

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings: a database.

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings With all the talk recently of the reliability of eyewitnesses and the potential fallibility of highly trained observers (such as this interesting anecdote from astronaut Mark Kelly describing how six of his fellow crew simultaneously saw the same...
  3. LarryLobster

    Off-Camera Pentagon Press Briefing comment on UAPs as Aliens:

    New here. Wondering what the deal is with this comment, if it differs at all from what we already know, and if it somehow opens a larger door than was already opened for the government to have info of UFOs as aliens: @Mick West shared this on his Twitter, and I believe it was originally...