1. Rocky

    Stealth Bomber

    An up close video of a Stealth Bomber flying right overhead. So how many times do you think this plane was mistaken for a UFO? Anyway, check it out. It's way cool.
  2. D

    3 Lights passing a Commerical Jet - August 23rd 2021 9:27pm Thurrock England

    Hey, this is a video I shot last year with my Sony A7S camera. I'd just got it and was eager to test out its low light capabilities and was following a plane I saw in the sky. About 30 seconds in 3 lights come in from the opposite direction and then fly across the sky at a higher speed than what...
  3. H

    Looking for suggestions on creating a night sky simulator with real satellite positions

    I love the video Scott Manley made that shows what the sky looks like if all satellites were visible. This got me thinking.. it would be highly useful to have a 360-degree simulator of the night sky and satellites, along with solar effects, such as orbital twilight. Primarily, I am interested in...
  4. Robert Webb

    NIM-A's new logo

    Apparently the National Intelligence Manager for Aviation has a new logo, and it has a flying saucer in it! This is sending the UFO crowd into a frenzy. What do we think about this? Did someone do it as a joke and then no one noticed as it got approved...
  5. N

    New UAP footage: Miami Air and Sea show

    Hello, Not sure if someone has been tracking this already, but early today a new video has been posted on Twitter of an unidentified object appearing in the frame and seemingly shooting across the frame quite fast. The video is a slow-mo footage of a low altitude slow passage of a military...
  6. S

    (Recycled) UFO Video: 2012 TicTacs over the Pacific

    [This video is NOT new, and was first posed in better quality in 2012 on a channel that commonly posted fake videos] I wanted to start a dialogue on this newest video to come to light. Who: Anonymous, who says he "received the video", presumably from someone anonymous to him What: TicTacs...
  7. D

    Canary Islands 1976

    What is the origin of this photo? The photograph is widely passed off as an actual image of the event reported to have occurred on 22 June 1976 in the Canary Islands. It was apparently taken from Maspalomas on Gran Canaria. (this one is from a google image search for "canary islands ufo". Yet...
  8. V

    Moving lights in the Phoenix night sky

    On 1/29/2022 I was getting cash at an ATM at the corner of 7th st and Glendale in Phoenix AZ at about 9:00pm. When I finished I was about to make a right turn onto Glendale when I saw these four glowing orbs/lights in the sky. I was looking towards the north and I would estimate they were at...
  9. S

    "Dark UAP Free Falling" - Possible Black Plastic Bag

    So I found this video on Youtube that is supposed to be a video recording of a UAP. I am having trouble debunking the UAP part. (There is nothing in this video suggesting that what’s being shown is of extraterrestrial origin and therefore is not the focus of this thread). Following guidelines...
  10. jhunsley

    Chris Letho's 2006 Stationary UFO Observed from Nottingham

    I follow Chris Letho and joined in a live discussion on a UAP channel he was invited on to last night. He presented a video from a guy from Nottingham who videoed the object in 2006. It was a really good film, he logged the time and date and also managed to get some good film of it with a decent...
  11. D

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings: a database.

    Eyewitness variance in mass UFO/UAP sightings With all the talk recently of the reliability of eyewitnesses and the potential fallibility of highly trained observers (such as this interesting anecdote from astronaut Mark Kelly describing how six of his fellow crew simultaneously saw the same...
  12. LarryLobster

    Off-Camera Pentagon Press Briefing comment on UAPs as Aliens:

    New here. Wondering what the deal is with this comment, if it differs at all from what we already know, and if it somehow opens a larger door than was already opened for the government to have info of UFOs as aliens: @Mick West shared this on his Twitter, and I believe it was originally...