UFO Spotted over Imphal Airport, Manipur, India

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So this has been on Reddit and Twitter today. There seems to be two distinct sightings - the UFO that was seen during the day, and then the light that was seen low in the eastern sky after sunset and is captured on video. Unfortunately there is no footage of the initial incident.


Video of the UFO is here:


Attached mp4:


This is the location of the sighting. Unfortunately streetview coverage isnt very good here, but we can see from the map that they were looking East. (24.7641743,93.8986769)...

AARO UAP Report 2023

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This report is provided by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in response to a requirement established in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, Section 1683 (h), as amended by Section 6802(k) of the FY 2023 NDAA (as codified at 50 U.S.C. § 3373).

The report covers unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) reports from 31 August 2022 to 30 April 2023, and all UAP reports from any previous time periods that were not included in an earlier report. The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) received a total of 291 UAP reports during this period, consisting of 274 that occurred during this period and another 17 that occurred during previous reporting periods from 2019-2022, but had not been conveyed in previous submissions.

Reporting from this period continues to...
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Solved: PVS-14 Night Vision Pilot's Footage of "Racetrack" Flares [Starlink]

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Another video was taken somewhere in the US; the person wants to remain anonymous, so the date and time are not given. The plane was said to be at 34,000 feet and filmed using a PVS-14 Gen 3 white phosphorus night vision scope through an iPhone. The constellation is in the direction of Cassiopeia, and judging by the alignment, it is probably around 2:45 a.m.


[UPDATE Oct 4, 2023 - These lights have been positively identified as Starlink Horizon Flares.]


Mass UFO Sighting at Area 6, Nevada [Starlink]

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This UFO/UAP sighting was recently posted on YouTube, and looks like it shows Starlink Satellites....


Filmed by our team in Pahrump, Nevada facing north over the Nuclear Test Site and Area 6 portion of the NTTR. Also in the same general direction are the Tonopah Test Range and Area 51. Tonopah on the left (west), Area 51 on the right (east).

Date: 08-04-2023 + 08-05-2023
Time: 11:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Video Speed: +300%

The second clip seen in the video, is 11+ minutes. All videos of the objects have the speed increased +300% to show the directions of the objects. Is this satellites? Is space that crowded? Is this some sort of test? The objects seem to be moving in different directions, Starlink satellites move exactly the same. What is happening over Area 6?

100% Real. No Actors. No Setup...

Alien Bodies at a Mexican UAP Hearing

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At public hearing in the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, infamous TV ufologist Jamie Maussan presented two small mummified "alien bodies"

The hearing was orgianized by deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna.

In Mexico, the public hearing is organized by the Morenoist deputy Sergio Gutiérrez Luna and the communicator Jaime Maussan. According to the latter, the hearing seeks to establish a criterion to define unidentified aerial phenomena, and include it in the Airspace Protection Law.

Also speaking were Ryan Graves and Robert Sallas.

Here's the unboxing of the aliens.


UAPs seen by pilots - shared by Ryan Graves

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Ryan Graves, ex-US Navy fighter pilot and advocate for the recognition of UAPs as a flight safety issue, tweeted the following with the claim that the video and pictures recorded by an airline pilot show anomalous phenomena. They look just like the other lights seen by pilots that turned out to be flaring Starlink Satellites. Lets investigate!


[] = edited info for privacy

"I am a [Major US Carrier] A320/321 Captain, the following sighting occurred during one of my flights recently. Since I have shared my story, several other [Major US Carrier] pilots have reached out to me and shared their similar experiences, including sharing their video recordings of these objects from the Flight Levels. All seen at the base of the big...
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Alleged Flight MH370 UFO Teleportation Videos [Hoax]

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A couple old videos that appeared in 2014 and allege to show 3 UFOs circling and teleporting a 777 have suddenly blown up on TikTok, twitter, and a bunch of Reddit UFO subs. While the original posts of the videos never mentioned flight MH370, they first appeared 4 months after the disappearance, and so people have connected them (the videos show coordinates near where the plane was known to be when it disappeared, which is where the connection comes in). I wanted to get Metabunk's perspective on these as I'm seeing some very hyperbolic claims being made about them on Reddit, but couldn't find an existing thread here.

Here are embeddable re-uploads:

Satellite Video: Airliner and UFOs

UAV-Captures Airliner and UFOs

Here's both side-by-side:

Here are the original (now deleted) videos:

Satellite Video: Airliner and UFOs (Uploaded May 19, 2014)...

Solved: MUFON case #124190: 'Mothership' UAP Crosses the North Pacific [Starlink Stack]

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[Note: The above is a video summary of this thread. Original first post follows]

Notes on today's SCU presentation (the slides/photos are embargoed until 27 Aug 2023 so I'll not post them here):
  • The object was described in the slide title as a "mothership".
  • The date and time of the sighting were not disclosed.
  • "Observed by Five Pilots" means 3 pilots in one aircraft and 2 in a second aircraft.
  • Two photos of the "cigar shaped" object were shown (both taken from one of the aircraft).
  • The video described in the announcement for the talk was not included in the presentation today. Richard Griffiths said only 13 seconds of the video's 16 second length are "useful".
  • There are estimates of the objects speed up to "36,000 mph"
  • Size estimates at least 0.5 of a mile long.

David Grusch, Whistleblower, Claims U.S. Has Retrieved Craft and Bodies of Non-Human Origin

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Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal - June 5, 2023

A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified information about deeply covert programs that he says possess retrieved intact and partially intact craft of non-human origin.

The information, he says, has been illegally withheld from Congress, and he filed a complaint alleging that he suffered illegal retaliation for his confidential disclosures, reported here for the first time.

Other intelligence officials, both active and retired, with knowledge of these programs through their work in various agencies, have independently provided similar, corroborating information, both on and off the record.

The whistleblower, David Charles Grusch, 36, a decorated former combat officer in Afghanistan, is a...

Twentynine Palms, Camp Wilson "Triangle UAP" [Flares]

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This is a summary post for Twentynine Palms UFO case of 4/2/2021, where five lights were observed by Marines stationed at Camp Wilson.

DoD footage from the same day and area shows flares descending:

Overlaying multiple photos shows the lights actually descend.
1482 overlay annotated.jpg

The purple "shape" seems to just be color spread, also visible around other object in the scene.

The dimmer lights are consistent with IR flares, which are 1,300 candlepower of visible light, vs. 1,000,000 for regular area illumination. [ATTACH...

Explained: video of pilot showing off "chemtrail plane" (prank video)

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A video is doing the rounds on social media of a pilot revealing the "chemtrail spraying equipment" on his plane and discussing how he gets paid to spray chemicals.

It's pretty clearly a joke but people seem to be sharing it seriously. There are several posts using the same video; here is one example:


The pilot shows a sticker on the wing stating that the plane is certified for "Chemtrail Liquid DK-58.12 only", and the person filming explains how the tank holds 50 gallons.
He then says "We get paid about $10 a gallon to spray this stuff," before showing the interior of the plane which has a "government-issue retrofit kit" that includes a switch panel marked "Chemtrails" - "You can turn it on and then you just collect money, that's how it works!"

The plane is a Cessna and the registration...

Dark Vertical Lines in Folkestone, Kent — Contrail Volumetric Edge Shadow

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Strange Black Line Photographed In Folkestone, Kent on May 10, 2023 at 8:05am.
The witness stated. "The building at the bottom of the black line is eurotunnel and when I saw it, it lasted about 4 mins."

This looks like a contrail shadow to me. An "edge shadow" where the viewer is in-line with the contrail and the sun, both of which are likely behind the camera. Discussed in more detail here:

Local Weathermen also thought a shadow, but seemed unfamiliar with this type:

Mike Clay, chief...

Middle East 2022 MQ-9 Observed Apparent Spherical UAP (via AARO)

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This clip seems to show a very similar phenomenon [to the Mosul Sphere], taken by 'a U.S. military drone in the Middle East'. From ABC News.


It looks like a real, solid object, somewhere between the drone camera and the ground. If it is a balloon of some kind, the apparent movement and changes of direction could all be the result of movements by the drone.

Since we now have two, very similar phenomena associated with US drone overflights, perhaps they are some kind of anti-drone countermeasure? A reflective balloon designed to spoof radar, perhaps.

Raw Video:

Video presented at the Hearing: UAP hearing - ORB.mp4

[ADMIN UPDATE] Bellingcat...

Claim : The Baghdad Phantom UAP

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Jeremy Corbell has released a new video recorded by a Reaper UAS over Central Iraq...


This is US military filmed UFO footage from an active conflict zone; imaged by the US Air Force using a Reaper drone. This UFO has been officially designated by the Air Force as a UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), but is NOT yet currently part of the active United States UAP investigations; seemingly due to obstacles of information-flow after collection. The Department of Defense’s AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office) is NOW aware of this case.


DATE / TIME - 14 May 2022

LOCATION - These 6 images (and footage) were taken north of the city of Baghdad, Iraq.

DURATION - The video is 7 seconds long. The “cylindrical” UAP labeled THE BAGHDAD PHANTOM UAP is seen in transit “under intelligent control - in...

Solved: A Balloon-Like Entity near Sutter Buttes, CA is a Graduation Balloon

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Solved - it was a graduation balloon:


Original Post follows:


This looks like a balloon. It was seen from a plane, only visible for these five frame. Above is brightened and added a rotated version


Suggestions on the text are "HUSKIES" and "HAPPY", but both could be illusory.

Explained: Chilean Navy "UFO" video - Aerodynamic Contrails, Flight IB6830

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Chilean Navy UFO Metabunk.jpg

If you are short on time, then I made a one minute video explaining this:


Background: Infrared footage from the Chilean Navy appears to show some kind of flying object that briefly leaves a trail behind it.
20170106-172156-1ikb9.jpg (.", "\.)
At 1:52 pm, while filming the terrain, the technician observed a strange object flying to the left over the ocean. Soon both...
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2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

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The much anticipated 2022 UAP report is a disappointment. It certainly fails to fulfill the wishes of UFO enthusiasts seeking "disclosure" of the government's secret knowledge regarding UFO propulsion and possibly their pilots. But it's also disappointing for people seeking some clarity on if there's actually anything significant behind the story.

The majority of the report details procedural issues, talking about which departments are involved, and plans for better reporting and investigation. That's great, but what about the actual investigations?

The only data there is contained largely on page five, where the numbers are broken down in a way that will certainly be misinterpreted as evidence of large numbers of amazing craft flying around our airspace. It does not say that, but it is unfortunately ambiguous in its language, allowing...

Cedar Park Lights in the Sky with Strange Reflection [Police Drone]

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Source: Nataliee Gamez on Twitter.
I originally thought this was a plane, because of the configuration of lights. The "triangle" shape seemed just to be reflections.

But then I noticed when it emerged from behind the tree, all the lights except the brightest (and possibly some barely visible) all just fade in, in front of the tree.

Now, the object seems clearly to be behind the tree, based of the light in the air, so that means that all these lights are reflections of the bright light on the right.

That's strange, but also puzzing is that earlier, on the other side of the tree, there's only one bright light visible.

I'd geolocated it to the circled region of Cedar Park )later confirmed by Nataliee), and thought it was possibly a plane...

Las Vegas UFO - Lights in Clouds Above The Strip [Light Pillar Map]

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[Mick: The above is a summary video of this thread's discussion. Original first post follows]

Looks like we have another case of light pillars, this time in Las Vegas:


(video is originally from Tiktok, but there is a user with the same name and the video is behind Instagram's login wall:

Quoting reddit op mranon2k17:

The human account and response on...
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Searchlight "UAP" in Wisconsin - Flanders Family Christmas Lights

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What happened?

On the night of Dec 1, 2022, two people, Ken and Kim, saw some lights moving on some clouds near the town of Fredonia in Wisconsin. They took videos of the light at the same time, but from different locations. Interest in these lights simmered for a while, then Ben Hansen and Brittany Barbieri started an investigation. They were unable to find the source of the lights, and speculated they might be some kind of UAP. They did recognize the lights resembled searchlights or spotlights, but were unable to find any that matched.

2) What are the lights?

The lights appear to be spotlights on the Flanders Family Christmas Lights. A new addition to the locally famous light show, the Flanders installed six powerful spotlights, synchronized to music, that trace out complex patterns. When...

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