1. Gunguy45

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    His name was mentioned in a recent letter to the editor of our local paper. The letter was from a local NWO/CT person which makes me immediately question Greer as a reputable source. Doing a search just brings up Wiki and a lot of pages of his own website. Basically Greer thinks there are aliens here and that many of our technologies are derived from alien sources.

    Anyone have any insight or references to where his views are discussed?
  2. WeedWhacker

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    I have been aware of him for many years. There are countless "YouToob" videos, and many threads about him on ATS, for a start. He is way up into the "UFO" phenomenon.

    This could be an interesting debunk topic. Since I do not see his name anywhere else on MB.
  3. Thomas

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    Yes, I am still waiting on the disclosure...seemed pretty impressive at the time, the disclosure project, before he started dabbling with free energy machines and other bunk in the CT realm.
  4. Bill

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    Stephen Greer is no more a reputable source than David Wilcox, David Childress or any other expert you'll see on Ancient Aliens. He just presents it in a better package than most.
  5. Gunguy45

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    WW, once again my memory fails me....ATS?
  6. Mick West

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    TY Mick, I guess I always thought that was a Before It's News kind of site, but reading a few discussion threads I see there are some rational people there it seems. In the minority from what I've seen so far, but at least a few.
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  8. Hama Neggs

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    I listened to an interview with him on the recent, but short resurgence of Art Bell on Sirius radio. Greer claims to have brought forward a number of qualified "insiders" from the military, etc, to testify about the alleged alien presence. This is from about a year ago.

  9. Thomas

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    Here's his first conference on the Disclosure project back in 2001. There are a number of 'qualified insiders'. Kinda impressed me at the time. :rolleyes:

    First time I heard of him, but he had been working on the Disclosure project since 1993.

  10. David

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    Steven Greer on the Joe Rogan podcast.

  11. Gunguy45

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    Thanks everyone....I haven't watched any of the video's (just can't stand here for 2-3 hrs), I'm more of a reader, and from what I've seen, it's pretty obvious.
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  12. WeedWhacker

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    "YouToob" has a neat feature that allows you to speed up the video playback. Up to 2X (which turns into "The Chipmunks") but it does save time.
  13. Thomas

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    Not really chipmunks, due to time stretching the audio is keeping pitch....but fast enough it turns English into French. My conclusion that French have much to say in a very short amount of time.
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