1. Eddyhopr

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    I'm an engineer by profession and a whitewater kayaker hence the name "Eddyhopr". I like to dig into technical info in my spare time when an issue like the Oroville spillway occurs and learn something new outside of my area of expertise along the way. I've been enjoying reading the threads on the Oroville spillway incident for the past week plus. Someone like me was reading the ongoing Oroville threads (he called it "lurking") and then finally had something to contribute and joined the discussion. I prefer to think of myself as riding alongside in the back of the Metabunk peloton and benefiting from those riding ahead of me. I finally have some info to add to the Oroville discussion so it's time to join.

  2. NGC2440

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    Hello Metabunk and All,
    Have visited this site several times. You have put much work into it! Am so glad to read your approaches to demystifying bunk which has littered the internet, especially, social media lately.
    My background is in science and engineering so wanted to join up and contribute, or at least, learn in an environment with less name calling, and where respect and honor are valued. That said, I will use the moniker, "NGC2440" when posting, and hopefully take advantage of your text editor as mathematical expressions are difficult in fixed font formats.
  3. Dave M

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    Greetings. I stumbled across this site looking for info on the spillway issue. I enjoy engineering and geology and this Oroville thing has it all! My expertise, however is in trucking, heavy equipment especially and this event has this also. I have learned a lot just reading the posts. Retired now and I live near Grass Valley, 40 miles from the dam and always make it a point on motorcycle rides to cross the dam and look in amazement at what man can build.
    Excellent site.
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    Hi all, new fan of the site and the lengths Mick and the others go to debunk the .. er, um, irrational ideas that seem to be popping up a lot more in the internet monetization age (was bad enough when they could only sell their photocopied booklets at conventions).

    I especially enjoy the links people post to more indepth information, and I was actually brought to the site by a link posted in YouTube comments section in relation to the whole "Chilean Navy Helicopter Video PROVES UFO" thing. I'll admit to my horrible nature when my first two thought on seeing the title were not "Proof of life from other worlds" and "At last, a government that wants us to know the truth", but rather "Chile has a navy?" and "The Chilean navy has helicopters? Well whatdoya know."

    Question to Mick in regards to the first post/response in this thread:
    Quoting Mick "Welcome Smillsoid. Is that Kubrick fan as in 'great movies', or 'faked moon landing'?" Well Mick, wouldn't a Kubrick faked moon landing still be a great movie? Thanks and I'll take my answer off the air.

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  5. AlphaChrom

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    I am 57 years old mechanical engineer.

    I found this site while trying to compose the answers against flat earth claimers to make it simple to understand for people with no technical beck ground.

    thanks for accepting me
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  6. Revolucha

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    Hello Everyone,

    Work in Business Development, freelance as a Scuba Instructor and Studied Marine Biology and Chemistry in University. I came upon the site while looking for easy ways to debunk the flat earth. Came across a thread discussing Sydney-Santiago flights and enjoyed the style...
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  7. Tiffany

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    Hello everyone! I'm a blogger and truthseeker. Myself and a few others debunk Nibiru/brown dwarf claims on YouTube and Facebook. I also counsel people with cosmophobia and general doomsday fears. Glad to be here. ☺
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  8. Rida

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    Hi to all.

    I ended up here as my wife has over the last few years, done her 'research' (which seems to be ingesting all sort of rubbish on YouTube etc. And has become an increasingly vocal 'truther' on all subjects from global elite, cover up, false flag, moon landings, child abuse, flat earth, media vs alternative media, and the various characters which sell everything from ideas to books to supplements and all that stuff.
    Of course, she now 'knows' lots of stuff which are crazy allegations at best... To defamatory and libellous to downright bonkers.

    Now, my wife isn't stupid, but semi plausible scientific babble seems to be more believable to her than my explanations or suppositions. But as we know many of these 'proofs' are rarely more than statements of 'fact' along with thinly veiled ridicule for having believed what we are taught. (Which to me often seems obvious)

    But the preposterous nature of many of the 'arguments' used in these proofs leaves me either speechless, or more often confused. I try to explain and she has given up listening...the infectiosness of the secret/coverup is too compelling.

    Sadly though I'm not the best at explaining things and the resulting arguments have nearly resulted in relationship breakup. Currently undergoing counselling which I hate and resent.

    Lately, it's been with material from Eric Dubay and his FE 'proofs'
    Personally I find his monotone irritating, but listen to what her says as I usually have nlittle choice.

    Now it looks like she want a to experiment with viewing light houses or ship from sea level... Which I ought to be glad about. Sadly though I think her 'methods' will not be rigorous enough to prove the point and of course if I interject with an opinion or comment, then I am 'trying to put her off, in case she proves the earth is flat'

    It is so good to see sensible discussion and simple debunking of many of ED's 200 proofs of FE but also explanations of what his proofs are actually goi on about..
    Particularly, rivers flowing up hill, that really had me confused, I just couldn't see what he was tying to say.

    If only the right to free speech that many of us enjoy came with a responsibility to not deliberately mislead. I feel sorry for the younger generation who believe so much of the rubbish, which must be true, because it's on the Internet, wiki, YouTube etc. And fear the world of the movie 'Idiocracy' will be the outcome.
    The anti-fake-news crusade should be turbocharged to remove crap science too, but of course, it's unlikely.

    So keep up the good work, don't ever stop...
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  9. derwoodii

    derwoodii Senior Member

  10. Rida

    Rida New Member

    Thanks, still finding my way round..
    So frustrating when despite what seems obvious and simple proven facts...
    People believe way out wacky complicated ideas..

    I have no problem with any religion or faith. They are by their nature unprovable.
    But I do resent the perversion of (pseudo) science and math to try to disprove science.

    The other bit that gets me, is how self contradicting they sometimes are...
    'Don't believe science, because They are all masons/paid/threatened/liars who falsified the results'
    Then they use bastardised arguments based on the same science to 'prove' their argument.

    Or refute space travel, either because radiation would prevent astronauts getting there, or 'how can anything orbit a flat earth.' But then use high altitude ballon imagery to show how flat the horizon is. Then the common sense bit.. Would the space agencies around the world (not to mention commercial organisations) spend all the money they do just to keep the lies going... Seem unlikely to me.

    And of course, all space images are cgi. Even amateur astronomy images of the iss etc from Earth.

    Then there's paranoia over chemtrails, fluoridation, Fukushima, fracking
    and my personal favourite...
    The Mandela effect.
    I really love that one, a wonderful 'magic' get out, if ever there was.

    The latest interest is sealevel experiments on YouTube showing laser being used to to apparently shine 9 or 13 mile acros the sea. I am assuming the fact the can, is either totally faked setup or just errors in the method down to the fact the 'sea level' is quite difficult to be actually 'at' (wave height and effected of incoming outgoing waves and an error of a even a few inches at either end would really upset the result and increase the range of any visible laser.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble on here..
    Thanks for the pointers

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  11. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    sounds like you might be talking about the Lake Balaton 'experiment' thread. Look through the Flat Earth forum and I'm sure you will find lots of useful information.
  12. kr_psifor

    kr_psifor New Member

    I've just joined in the German skeptic forum PSIRAM. Maybe from time to time I will need some help to check the plausibility of conclusions.
  13. semperfidelis

    semperfidelis New Member

    Greetings All!

    I am a resident of the finest little city in America, the greatest narco-state-like collection of the abandoned shells of of once relevant industries: Scranton, Pennsylvania.

    I am a former United States Marine, and also a former member of the United States Army. However, because most of my political views lean strongly to the left, I am somehow less patriotic than people who, aside from not having ever served thier country, have more right wing views than I do. In the post fact America, the exact date that happened, the date when plastic flags and lapel buttons became more imprtant than service and honor, seems like maybe, just maybe, and my memory is a little foggy here, was sometime in early to mid September, 2001...but I could be wrong.

    I am a pilot and, to be as transparent as possible, am a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. I am not a conspiracy nut, but as a responder on 9/11 I feel there is much about that day that still needs explaining beyond the inconsistencies, so typical im confusing emergency situations, that "truthers" love to focus on. I had an excellent, firsthand view of the events that millions upon millions of others did not have. I lost friends that day, my father was almost lost as he responded and I wept when I tought he was dead but, like so many other crisis actors I had to get back to my work so I might not have actually shed a tear that was caught on film...so maybe I am part of the conspiracy...hmm. My former father in law just missed being hit by the first plane but three of his employees died. So while I keep an open mind to all points of view and willingly accept the criticisms and kind hearted efforts of people who try to change my mind in a polite manner, I don't think amything short of a miracle would change my view on what I saw.

    I am here mainly because the scum of human existance, Sandy Hook Denialists and thier abhorrant behavior towards the families of murdered children, really make me very angry. Everyone has a right to an opinion, no one has the right to mock, harrass, or insult the families of children sacrificed on the alter of military weapons being easily and readily available to anyone with a heartbeat. I am a firearms owner and I love to operate them, as do my sons since they were 5 years old. I am a proponent of real, effective gun control, not cosmetic assault rifle bans and the like.

    I hate the distorted "logic" of "truthers", as a Jew detest how most truthers also turn out to be believers in Jewish world control conspiracies (apparently I didn't get the memo because my Catholic wife controls everything I do), abhor how many "truthers" are also Holocaust deniers, and seriously question the dpsanity of anyone who would want to look at pictures of children hit by high velocity, low calibre rifle fire. Since they all claim to love America and want to protect her so much, maybe they should all man up and join the service. Then they can see dead children when they go to Iraq or Afghanistan and get thier sick, perveted kicks, standing over thier bodies and the grieving families.

    To be clear, these "men" aren't fit to wear the uniform of our nation. There are certain measurements they take when you enlist as, apart from IQ, I am willing to bet that many "truthers", eve the tallest ones, would max out several inches too short to be accepted. :) This, and the fact that few of them are brave enough to do anything more than attack pretty, little Carlee Soto, is the reason they have to say stupid things on the internet and only in the presense of those who will agree with them and reinformce thier beliefs. Typical, post fact Americans.

    Honestly, I do not think that most people who claim to believe the "truth" about Sandy Hook really do hold such beliefs. I believe that many of the people who post and repost this nonsense are only doing it to look cool or more right wing or more anti gubmint than thier peers. Their greatest fear, as sad land lonely menis being targetted as a liberal so they have to up the ante every time someone comes up woth something outrageous. This is how Sandy Hook parents go from "crisis actors" to "chld porn producers" in the span of a few days. I make light of it, but these people are overrepresented in our plitical system and hold undue influence over the politics of the strongest, richest nation on the planet.

    Though this isn't political forum, politics always gets dragged into these things (especially the Sandy Hook discussions), so I think it only fair, as people who lose arguements tend to focus on the background of ther person who is beating them in said arguement, and because of this and in the interests of being as transparent as possible my political record is as follows:

    Drew a picture of jelly beans fir President Reagan when I was in Kindergarten.
    Worked for Congressman Frelighuysen (R-NJ).
    Voted for Pat Buchanan in the primaries in 1996.
    Voted for Senator Bob Dole in 1996.
    Voted for Alan Keyes in 2000 primaries.
    Voted for Governor George W. Bush in 2000.
    World goes crazy and splits into Patriots vs. Liberal Terrorist Loving America Haters
    Voted for General Wesley Clark in 2004 primaries.
    Voted for Senator John F. Kerry in 2004.
    Voted for General Wesley Clark in 2008 primaries.
    Voted for Senator and then President Obama in 2008 and 2012.
    Voted ror General Wesley Clark in 2016 Primaries.
    Held nose and voted for Secretary Clinton in 2016
    Respected office of the Presidency by NOT attempting to delegitimize President Trump's electoral victory.
    Pray for the safety and, hopefully, good guidance of President Trump every day.

    Long story short, used to be a Republican...and then that party when crazy and I found my once Radical right wing views (like requiring a background check to buy an assault rifle) to suddenly have become bleeding heart liberal views...so I became a member of the Democratic Party. Don't get me wrong, the Democratic Party sucks too, and has proven its ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory time and again.

    I used to work in the frac sand industry so don't even get me started on all the nonsense surrounding what is a relatively mundane method of energy extraction.

    I have worked in the consumer paper industry, thankfully in thr production of paper towels and toilet paper...and not all the other varieties of paper whose abandoned production locations are awaiting for President Trump to reopen them.

    I now write for a defense-issues oriented publisher. I also write fiction and have been published. I love reading people's scripts, simce almost everyone has a script, and giving notes. So if you are like everyone, and have a script that you would like read, let me know!

    I have a wife and two sons. We have recieved several threats from our local "Sandy Hook truthers" and I love ery minute of it. These so-called men, whose Freudian love for guns belies an obvious failure to to have successful relationships with a woman (a woman being a person they can't tell what to do these days, unlike thier guns that are objects under thier total command), are a bunch of clowns and I challenge them to bring it on!

    I love trains, hiking, exploring abandoned places, and spending time with my family. I am a pilot and lve flying. As stated before I really enjoy firearms and shooting, but find the love of a beautiful woman to be much more comforting than sitting down at the local range complaining about the government. Unlike every other man I know, I am genuinely happy to be married and consider the best part of my day to be any time I get to see my wife smile. She is in upper, upper, upper levels of management at Amazon, which is a good thing, because writing doesn't pay all that well...hmm.

    Anyway, I ramble...a lot...as you might have noticed...so I bid you fond welcome and my nest wishes for all of you.

    Semper Fidelis

    PS- Ms. Deirdre, I imagine I violtae some forum rules about not making fun of hoaxers and for that I apologize. I have not gone anywhere near as far as some people have with thier attacks on this forum, but if you must censor the post, please do so. I understand.
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  14. Apple

    Apple New Member

    Hey I am recovering conspiracy theorist from Canada and I came across this site attempting to find evidence to counter my theories and to get an idea of what people think in general about CTS.

    I don't really have much to say but I love reading responses to the evidence provided by CTers from members of Metabunk, I have since come to grow more rational in the sense that I don't believe the argument "A can't be disproved, there A exists" anymore as it can lead to all sorts of nonsense. Such as:

    Flying Spaghetti can't be disproved, there Flying Spaghetti exists.

    Then what you may hear in real life.

    One World Order can't be disproved, there One World Order exists.

    Thank you guys a ton for the work you have done hopefully this fits without posting rules.
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  15. N92

    N92 New Member

    Hi! I'm just an undergrad aerospace student living in the UK who has in the past used this website to try to debunk, but it never gets far sadly...

    I am curious about this artwork...
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  16. Efftup

    Efftup Senior Member

    and did he get to see this picture?
  17. deirdre

    deirdre Moderator Staff Member

    fun, off topic, fact no one knew they wanted to know
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  18. NoParty

    NoParty Senior Member

    I've taken the Jelly Belly factory tour in Fairfield, CA...and this picture of Reagan made of jelly beans hangs on the wall.
    (it's 5 to 6 feet tall) Reagan & I both prefer the licorice flavor. Okay...no further off topic...
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  19. Amgbmwlover

    Amgbmwlover New Member

    Hey guys! Mick your website has been amazing for me! After looking through many sights to debunk conspricy claims most are very badly done until I found your amazing website. And it's great being able to debunk claims with other people and pretty much work as a team. I'm looking forward to debunking things with you guys already have a few claims I'm interested to debunk.
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  20. vgcoop

    vgcoop New Member

    Vgcoop here.
    I am very interested in the Universe - I am specialising in the Universe and all that surrounds it.
    Also a Peter Cook fan.
    Thanks for having me (hopefully)
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