Why 9/11 Truthers Are Wrong About The Facts | (Part 1 w/ Mick West)


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I have not read the book (yet)... but not unlike many people my first exposure to "explanations" for 9/11 was a video.. likely Loose Change of CIT's (can't recall the name). I was not convinced by these presentations, but it raised my curiosity as to HOW such buildings could collapse. I followed my curiosity over the AE911T because I am an architect and I figured a professional group of architects and engineers interested in the collapse would have done some study and be able to shed light on the collapses. I got into that group for a few months....Gage put me on their board. But it was almost immediately apparent that AE911T was not a collection of professionals study the performance of the buildings... but a group to market CD which at the time was nano thermite. I realized this was nothing more than a cult to raise money to raise money.
Then I discovered other internet sites/resources and especially 911FreeForum which has a bunch of engineers who were analyzing the videos and doing all manner of physics calculations. Some refuted truther claims, some flaws in NISTs work, many discussions of other researchers and lots of critical thinking. There were only a few truthers there such as Szamboti who got his ass handed to him and his missing jolt and other rubbish shown to be just that. Nothing would convince Tony and he remains down the rabbit hole.
You can perhaps excuse laymen for falling down the rabbit hole... but you can excuse scientists, engineers and architects who have taken the time to study the collapse as was done by the engineers at 911FreeForum. What was "clear" is that exactly what happened may never be known because of the dearth of data from the event. All that can be done is model what COULD have happened and try to support it with physics and engineering and the evidence/data that did exist. So there could be no "proofs" only well reason (or less well reasoned) theories explaining the building collapses.
Truth groups don't bother with any level of detail in a comprehensive sequence of event... they short cut by use explosives and nano thermite and lots of mystery. They make claims of free fall which mean nothing... that is not a sign of free fall or a proof of it.
Some will debunk bits and pieces truther claims... like the missing jolt or nano thermite. None of this debunking seems to convince those down the rabbit hole.

The more interesting 9/11 phenomena is the mass psychology and how these cults form... or fall down the rabbit hole which shares properties with a black hole or the Hotel California... where you can check in but can't check out.

For those who want to learn about engineering, physics, highrise buildings, aviation etc... the study of 9/11 is fertile ground... Watch out for the rabbit holes! ;-)
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