''UAP researcher'' to release clear smoking gun photo of Orb captured by photographer

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It's trivially easy at this point, but it fits into the 5,000+ year old science of astronomy.

Something new within the last year is being able to predict, from minimal info, that a new UFO case will turn out to be another Starlink IFO case.

If you're arguing that UFOlogy itself is a "case closed" kind of thing; and further discussion is beating a dead horse... well...
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I'm always happy when people come and say, I saw something strange, could it be a UFO?
But "I only saw a low-res version, but this is the best UFO photo ever" is just a bit too much for me, personally.

However, it might be true if you consider what it's being compared against. The hurdle isn't even something that needs to be jumped over yet, it's not got beyond a pit currently that they need to not fall into.

I have more of a problem with descriptions defying the laws of physics being considered support for anything apart from misinterpretation of the evidence and willful wild extrapolation.

So has the photo been released yet?
UAPMax's record on keeping promises seems not great.

From back in July (strongly excerpted):
Two days ago, someone direct messaged me on twitter. They said they wanted to talk, read some of my articles, and liked my verve- their words, not mine. So, with a grain of salt, we talked. And then, we talked and talked. Three hours later, my world had been shattered and everything I thought I knew about aliens, disclosure, and UFOs was wrong in almost every way. They are here. They have at minimum, three operating bases Earthside, and possibly one or more moonside, and within our solar system and way, way beyond. I have no idea where or how many.

The person I spoke with is going to come forward, and you will hear them during the Congressional Hearing On UAPs in a couple of weeks. What I am about to tell you comes directly from this person, a high-level- C-LEVEL person within a very well-known weapons and technology company based within the United States, but operating internationally.

As I conclude this article, the thoughts you are having, are the thoughts I had. How do I prove this? Two weeks. You’ll know, so long as this Congressional hearing occurs, everything I have said here will be revealed on the world stage in color, in documents, and on video. You will hear the words I heard, you will feel that deep stomach drop, the sweats, and the fear. You’ll experience doubt, anger, and disbelief. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. You don’t have to believe me but come back in two weeks.

Obviously no such reveal happened.

The page reads like science fiction.
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