SpaceX Falcon 9 Captures Video of its own Contrail from Space


Hello everyone

I'm new to and I might be the only one here that places a claim against himself.

While I was lens converting Falcon 9 Rocket footage from fisheye lens to standard, I stumbled upon something that has no reasonable explanation. Missive Snake-Like UFO dozens of miles wide?

I'm not ufologist, but I had to make the video for everyone to see.

Here is the original video of Falcon 9 rocket entitled ''Falling Back to Earth HD Footage From Space''
["snake" footage starts at 1:30]

At first glimpse nothing out of the ordinary, [user's video removed as it is unnecessary to the question]

But while I was double checking the horizon for barrel distortion something caught my eye under the Sun above Earth:

Possible UFO.jpg

I decided to zoom in to see what it was and my jaw dropped.

Possible UFO 2.jpg

[Unnecessary Material removed]

I don't think it's smoke from rocket boosters, because it's above Earth's ozone layer and if Falcon 9 was at least 200 miles distance from Earth, that means that the sighting was at least 1200 miles away.

Distance to horizon calculator:

From that distance smoke trail from rocket boosters shouldn't be that big.
Falcon 9 was in reentry when the footage was made, so the sighting shouldn't be from the rocket itself.

Distance to the object in order to be visible indicate that it's massive, too big for smoke trail.
Also it has triangular shape in the middle and below and above the triangle, curved snake-like symmetrical ''body''.

Please analyse the footage and explain to me what that is.


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If it's contrail from the rocket launch then why that contrail has remained for at least 5 hours 49 minutes?
Because to my understanding Falcon 9 was descending after Peyload separation.

Also distance to the sighting indicates that it's quite a big contrail.

Z.W. Wolf

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The camera is in the payload fairing. But the fairing doesn't ride with the spacecraft until payload separation as you might expect. It gets jettisoned about 4 minutes after launch.

Edit: 199 seconds - per the graphic you included in your post.

I've found an article which explains this very mission:
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Z.W. Wolf

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But don't feel bad. This is a very nice find. A rocket trail photo from space is rare or maybe unique. I've never seen one, anyway.


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This is the same launch and the video was published in June, 2015
Interesting that in the description the uploader casts some doubt on whether an earthling-made trail should look like that:
However, in response, a commenter shows that such 'pig tail curled trails' are normal by linking to a Japanese rocket launch (from 2:43):

Did y'all spot the demon face at 2:54? ;)

Here's another one with even crazier trails than those, and you get to see how they move/form:

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Possible UFO 4 Debunked.jpg

Thank you very much guys. To me that's a 100% Debunk :)
Video has been deleted.

You guys take it from here if there is anything else to add.
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You guys blow my mind and how quickly you responded.
It's going to be a nice addition to

Your forum is the best out there with the best researchers.

I hope you didn't took me as a loony :p

Have a great day and see you in other threads :)


Hi Deirdre

I was aware that you guys might think that I'm pushing for YouTube views, but since I'm new here, I wanted to share my finding in sequence, explaining myself how and why I made the final (now deleted) video.
Since I like to lens convert videos from fisheye to standard, before upload on YouTube I check the horizon by frames for barrel distortion, so I posted the original, then the lens corrected version, so that you guys can see that I'm actually doing that.
So the postings of the videos were more in my defence than promoting.
Sorry about that and thank you for modifying the thread.
From now on I'll post mainly gifs and jpgs.

Just something I wanted to emphasise while on the subject of YouTube views.
FE and concave earth started with YouTube and to my opinion it will also end with YouTube.
So the more videos all of us make, the sooner this insanity will end.
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but not videos titled "Massive Snake-Like UFO" :)

You are right again :)
I wouldn't had made the thread if I was 100% convinced that it was UFO, that's why at the end of the deleted video I put " To be continued..."
I'm being an example for anyone who claims something and has the guts to admit that has been debunked.
From now on if I find anything strange I'll open a thread before I rush into conclusions.