So I know this isn't actually Nibiru, but what actually is it? [Probably Mars]

Joshua Boucher

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Like I said, I know it isn'really the imaginary planet, but I'm curious as to what it actually is.

moderator add: video of a 'pulsing' star start at approx 2 mins. (beginning is just text) through approx 4:34

following are 3 'telecope' photos of misc things in the sky.
telescope image 1.JPG

telescope image 2.JPG

telescope image 3.JPG
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Spectrar Ghost

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These images don't have enough information to tell us what this is. The main video looks like Venus. The telescope images have nothing by which to identify celestial coordinates, but by the (apparent) increasing magnitude and the blue offgassing apparent in the third picture, I'd guess its a comet.
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Spectrar Ghost

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Based on the stated date and time, the video is almost certainly of Venus. Saturn is not that bright.


Given the information in the opening text, as well as the use of a 5.9" telescope to view it, I'd hazard a guess the photos are of the comet C/2015 V2. It was discovered 11/2015, which synchs with the friend viewing it since 1/2016, and has perihelion in 6/2017, consistent with increasing brightness and starting to offgas. Other visible comets need larger scopes to see right now.
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Mick West

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Coincidentally I took this photo of what I thought was Venus today, but now looking at Stellarium I think it's actually Mars

Lots of things can affect the color of such a small point of light.

This is when I took it, Venus it was too close to the horizon to be visible from my location at the time.
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Mick West

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Comparing with the "telescope" shots. I'm guessing since it's a telescope it's maybe upside down? My photo (of possible the same object, and either Mars or Venus) has a similar red at the top when flipped.


I took the photo by first focusing and setting exposure on the moon, and then moving around to take this shot.

Z.W. Wolf

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The author of the video gives the time and place as 6:43 p.m., in Longview, Alberta Canada. She just says "Wednesday, November 2016" and that's a shame because Alberta just went through the time change. Internal evidence suggests it's Wed. Nov. 9, and fortunately she later shows the moon phase which proves it is that day. She says, "I was facing about 225 degees south/southwest."

Alberta is in the Mountain Time Zone, and as of Nov. 6th is minus 7 hours UTC.

I use this good old site because it's more cartoony then newer ones, which makes it easier to understand what you're looking at and get the essential info:

Set to the date, time and place:

View of horizon:

The white one is Pluto (not visible to naked eye or even a camera) and the red one is Mars.

The author says, "So, Venus and Saturn have set way over here somewhere." (Pans to right.) Which is correct.

She's looking at Mars and simply doesn't know it.

The same view, but with the time set to an hour earlier - (5:43 p.m. local time):

The female symbol is Venus and the yellow one is Saturn. So there they all are in a row along the ecliptic: Saturn, Venus, Pluto (invisible) and Mars. At 6:43 she correctly says that Venus and Saturn have set, which implies detailed knowledge about where the planets are in the sky. Inexplicably she doesn't seem to know that Mars should be the next in line after Saturn and Venus. She never mentions it.

And the moon phase to prove it is Nov. 9th (not Wed, Nov. 2, before the time change).

Set to the same time, date and place as in the first image but looking southeast:

That's Neptune next to the moon, btw.

Her image of the moon:

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Z.W. Wolf

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The author of the video was first using a camera with a 35x optical zoom. Later she shows us photos taken through her Vixen R130SF 130mm f/5.0 Newtonian Telescope:

This one is properly exposed and shows the typical color of Mars through an amateur scope. There are no features and it's a bit lumpy and blurred. First, it's a telescope of modest size so the image wouldn't be too big. I suspect she used digital zoom on the camera to increase the size of the image - which of course doesn't improve the quality of the image; it just makes it bigger. Second, I suspect it's not really in focus; just mostly in focus. Third, of course, is atmospheric distortion. In short, it's a not too surprising amateur image of Mars with this equipment.

This one is overexposed:

It looks white because the camera sensor has been overloaded and the true colors have been lost. The cross shaped flares are diffraction spikes due to the "spider" holding the secondary mirror in this Newtonian telescope. The red and blue colors on the top and bottom edges are due to chromatic aberration. (Not from the telescope itself - reflectors don't produce this effect.)

Both of these effects are noticeable in this overexposed image - but not the properly exposed one - simply because they, too, are brighter.
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At first sight I opted for Venus, because of the azimuth of 225° and the apparent twilight. But the place, time and date (she actually says "wednesday ..... the 9th of november") put into stellarium gives this picture below:
Mars' azimuth is given as 197°. Stellarium shows no more twilight but my experience is that there still will be some at that time of day and the videocamera will have enhanced it.


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Comments not allowed on that video. They don't really want to know what they are seeing.
i think she was very fair with that video. she gave a date and time (which most CT believers don't), didn't edit out the other lights in the video. Comments can get nasty quick on youtube, hard to blame a person for not wanting to expose themselves to that.

Z.W. Wolf

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There were comments. The comments section got shut down later. There were many of the usual comments: preparing for the imminent disaster, trying to convince relatives and lamenting their lack of success, picturing the elite already preparing their underground shelters while selfishly not informing the public, etc.
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Z.W. Wolf

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This channel has many previous Nibiru videos and my impression was of a community of commenters who were familiar with each other. I didn't see any attacks, but that was a couple of days ago. A mirrored version of this video has comments identifying the object as Mars. My guess is that the video on the original channel also started to get such comments and the comments section was closed. Just a guess though.
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Z.W. Wolf

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There's a follow-up video:

The author gives the time and date as 5:40 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 10.

Once again we see a bright object in a cloudy sky just above the horizon.

She pans to the left to show the moon and then pans back to the right and up somewhat.

Nothing is visible. The camera is pointing high enough that the horizon is just visible at times. The camera is not in focus. Most likely she has the camera set to auto-focus and when the camera is just above the horizon, pointing at a relatively featureless dark sky, auto-focus loses the ability to sense differences in contrast and can't work properly.

She pans down and to the right and we see that once the horizon is visible the camera adjusts to proper focus and we see "Nibiru" again near the horizon.

Date and time:

From left to right: Mars is red, Pluto (too dim to be visible), Venus is the female symbol and the yellow one is Saturn.

In the previous video, the author doesn't mention Mars. She now seems to be aware that she has to account for Mars.

I suspected that she might once again be identifying Mars as Nibiru and the object she is identifying as "Mars" might be a bright star, so I looked for stars brighter than magnitude 1.5. Altair is in that part of the sky, but doesn't match the position in the video. The author pans to the right and down to get "Nibiru" in the frame, but Altair is to the right of Mars and is too high in the sky.

But in this video the time is one hour earlier in the evening (5:40 verus 6:43) than in the previous video. Venus is still above the horizon, even though she says it has set.

This time she is identifying Venus as "our little buddy" (Nibiru) and identifying Mars correctly.

We never see Mars in this video both because of the focus problem and because of exposure and contrast. There is much more light in the sky in this video than in the previous one so the camera adjusted the exposure setting down. Also, dim objects in a brighter sky are less visible because there is less contrast between the bright sky and the dim object.

The opposite is true for the previous video taken later in the evening. The camera adjusted exposure up to adjust to the lack of light, and dim objects are more visible in the darker sky because there is more contrast between the two.
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