Rabies does not exist.


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What's her most telling post, and my reply (after all the links and info I suggested)...is this one.....sigh....

>>>Posted by 21_12_2012

Why 'must i' realise this ?
Because you 'realise it' ?

I don't parrot what others tell me to believe. So no, i do not 'realise anything' about rabies existing until a REAL PERSON with a REAL CASE is presented. Just ONE person..... out of 7 billion.... that's all.


>>>(posted by STUPID)....
...so all you need is "one person out of 7 billion" to make you change your mind..
What you are saying is just that ONE person, supersedes All the 6,999,999,999 rest.....(to use your terms), that one person will make the decision for you.

....not a more realistic figure like 3/4...or 5/6....
No...it's one single person in 7 BILLION (1/7,000,000,000) that's gonna sway you ?

I don't think that's what you are saying.....I think you are really saying that there is a 1 in 7 billion chance you will change your opinion.
After all, those are the odds you gave, right ?

That's a very closed mind.
(besides, I already gave you that one person (Zach))

Mick West

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There's plenty of people out there who don't believe in the germ theory of disease - and think that all diseases are caused by diet/vibes/radiation/posture/lack of sleep/the government/god/whatever.

Trigger Hippie

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I happened to have an appointment with our vet this morning and we spent a good portion talking about this thread. Just last week they treated a dog that was bitten by a rabid bat. How did they know the bat was rabid? It's jaws were still locked onto the poor dog's cheek. Apparently in the north east, bats, raccoons, squirrels and foxes are the most common carriers. I also learned that one need not be bitten, a scratch is enough to transmit the virus.

It really doesn't seem like 21_12_2012 would be convinced even if they were diagnosed with rabies.


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I read through several pages of that link. Well....she says it doesn't exist. Guess what...I've seen it. I was about 8 or 9 yrs old in the mid 60's. We lived on a small farm in OH. We were sitting down to dinner right around dusk when my parents heard a commotion with our horses in the paddock. (Old house, no A/C, windows wide open.) My Father went to check it out and a minute later came running back in and grabbed his Marlin 60 .22 and shouted "There's a skunk chasing the foal!". That would be the foal of the Shetland pony I had at the time.

We all ran out and saw a skunk (remember...it was still daylight) chasing after the foal and the mother...hissing and making small clacking sounds (for lack of a better word). The mother was kicking at the skunk and herding the foal and the skunk just kept chasing after them with a very wobbly gait. My mother opened the gate to the yard and my pony and the foal came right through. My father had rested the gun on the fence and as soon as he had a clear shot took out the skunk. Took 2 or 3 as I remember. He knew what was going on and did not shoot the skunk in the head. Wrapped it in a feed bag and put it in an old refrigerator that sat on the back porch for summer cookouts. Called animal control (or maybe it was the Fish and Game? It WAS rural OH.) and they came out, collected the animal, and sent it to Ohio State I believe. The person said that was very strange behavior and it was probably rabid in his experience. Anyway...about 2-3 wks later the official stopped back by and said it was indeed rabid. He stated there had been a few other cases as well....mostly skunks in chicken houses or similar.

Of course this is anecdotal and if she wouldn't accept studies or scientific papers...then why would she accept what I say? I have no proof except my very clear memory and details of the event.

So I guess "big pharma" was able to control rural fish and game officers as well as the people at OSU all the way back in the sixties?


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There's plenty of people out there who don't believe in the germ theory of disease - and think that all diseases are caused by diet/vibes/radiation/posture/lack of sleep/the government/god/whatever.

She tends to think that Big-Pharma is making loads off vaccines, and keeping "the injected" in need of future care $$. Sounds plausible, except that the injections eliminate loads more expensive future care, if the people/pets were to contract the full-blown disease.
HIV suppressive medications pale in comparison money-wise, to actual AIDS complications/ailments.....as an example.

I think it's a public demand issue with pets.....keep Rabies away from pets, is to keep it away from humans. It's a fairly deadly disease.
My dog is a hunter/killer of creatures in the yard.....2 possums, and a bird in the last 2 months......and I live in the city. Imagine my pet in the country.
We have bats....I've seen them.

Jay Reynolds

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Down in Texas they had a deer that acted like a pet, people were hand feeding him, turned out he had rabies, now they are warning everyone who may have contacted the 'pet' deer.

This beaver in NY had to be killed by Boy Scouts to remove it from their scoutmaster's arm. It had attacked a 79 yr. old canoeist 2 hours before:

My wife worked as a nurse in PA, a hunter had contracted rabies but no one realized what was wrong with him. This caused all the staff who were in contact to have to take the course of shots against rabies. 30 years ago.

Rabies is becoming quite common in rural areas, probably because people are not vaccinating. Domestic animals are at risk, and unvaccinated ones could bring the disease home and kill their masters. One good reason to vaccinate your pets.

Another good reason is that some State officials who find out your pet got bitten by a suspicious animal are required to euthanize your pet if it has not been vaccinated!

Take the example of Bali, where the people allowed hundreds of thousands of stray dogs to run free and unvaccinated. Once rabies got onto the island, the consequences were tragic. Culling didn't work, vaccinations have slowed the epidemic, but animals and people are still dying.
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