Pre 1995 Persistent Contrail Archive


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Quite a famous one, just sneaking in before 1995: the cover of the Oasis single Whatever, released in December 1994:

The photograph was taken in Derbyshire by Michael Spencer Jones:

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Movie, 1966: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

It's actually a part of the plot. A Russian submarine has run aground off a Massachusetts island. They're worried about being spotted by the US military. This is just a moment before a member of the crew shouts out a warning about the plane.



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This is a great thread. A few years ago when I was sucked into the rabbit hole of CT I used to believe that these clouds didn't exist before early 2000's. Wish I would have seen this back when I was in the ol rabbit hole. I've recommended many a Chem trailer to this site and specifically this thread


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From 1969 Jim Morrison film "HWY: An American Pastoral"



The sequence before the contrail footage was filmed at Tahquitz Falls, Tahquitz Canyon, California.


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A couple from the 1977 Blackbushe Air Festival. Blackbushe airport is very close to where I live. At one time it was a fairly major airport for the London area, and it was even considered as a candidate for the main airport, over Heathrow. These days there is only one runway still in operation for light aircraft, with the rest having been largely reclaimed by nature.

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