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Quite a famous one, just sneaking in before 1995: the cover of the Oasis single Whatever, released in December 1994:

The photograph was taken in Derbyshire by Michael Spencer Jones:

The original plan was to shoot the sleeve in the vast open spaces of the Arizona desert. Noel had wanted a vast landscape to evoke a sense of freedom. It was a very simple brief and was to be a relatively straight forward shot. I flew out to the states to photograph the band but after only a few days in Los Angeles the band had the infamous fall-out at the Whisky-a -go-go and Noel disappeared.

At the time it was very serious because the US tour had to be called off and for a while Noel was on the missing persons list. I went back to the UK feeling really disappointed but after two weeks news came through that Oasis had patched things up and the release was still to go ahead. Noel suggested doing the shot in Salisbury Plain but in the end I took the photograph on the Derbyshire moors close to where I had grown up in Sheffield.
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Movie, 1966: The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming

It's actually a part of the plot. A Russian submarine has run aground off a Massachusetts island. They're worried about being spotted by the US military. This is just a moment before a member of the crew shouts out a warning about the plane.

This is a great thread. A few years ago when I was sucked into the rabbit hole of CT I used to believe that these clouds didn't exist before early 2000's. Wish I would have seen this back when I was in the ol rabbit hole. I've recommended many a Chem trailer to this site and specifically this thread
From 1969 Jim Morrison film "HWY: An American Pastoral"


The clip is from the film "When You're Strange" (directed by Tom DiCillo) which is in turn borrowed from the movie "HWY: An American Pastoral" which Jim made in 1969 with some friends (Paul Ferrara, Babe Hill, and Frank Lisciandro).
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The sequence before the contrail footage was filmed at Tahquitz Falls, Tahquitz Canyon, California.


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A couple from the 1977 Blackbushe Air Festival. Blackbushe airport is very close to where I live. At one time it was a fairly major airport for the London area, and it was even considered as a candidate for the main airport, over Heathrow. These days there is only one runway still in operation for light aircraft, with the rest having been largely reclaimed by nature.

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From the 1969 'Battle of Britain' film.

I extracted the shot from a 'fanvid' for the Iron Maiden song 'Aces High' which makes use of footage from the film, the contrail is visible between 2:40 - 2:42 in the clip. I'll update this when I've found the sequence in the film the footage comes from. As a historic side note, the Germans did actually have a high altitude recon plane the JU-86P available in 1940...



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1981 or so... between Guam and Okinawa. Four ship KC-135, 1 mile 500 feet stacked up in trail formation. Lead is 3 miles ahead, #2 is two miles, #3 is one mile... we are out of position because we did not off load fuel can can't stack up the last 1000 or so feet until we burn off fuel.
Kodachrome slide copied on DSLR and cropped to subject
(This is a repost due to the old video link disappearing from Youtube.)
Chuck Connors from the 1957 Episode of "Tales of Wells Fargo" S1E1, "The Thin Rope. Scroll to 18 mins in for the spreading contrails in multiple shots.
Tales of Wells Fargo


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Just saw this picture of Gaylord Perry from 1970 in the news today...couldnt help but notice the persistent contrail and generally hazy blue sky.


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