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Possible MH370 Debris found on Reunion Island

That's a big piece. Surprising that not more publicity was given to it being found.

yes agree so i was hunting about to find a second source of the story to better verify and today found this link with some better pictures and evidence analysis to support claim


Its appearance is strongly reminiscent of the flaperon found on Réunion island, although there seems to be none of the broken-off hinge attachments and so forth that were visible on the ends and underside of the flaperon. Also, there is a very visible waterline, which the flaperon lacked. It would be interesting to know if this waterline corresponds with that observed by the French investigators when they put the flaperon in their test tank in Toulouse.

So what is it, exactly? Commenter Rob suggests it “Might be a piece of inboard flap.” Ken Goodwin writes “Though the part has the shape of a wing part. It does not jog the memory. Closed large end with no fittings. Surface with no fittings.?” Of course it might not be from MH370 at all. But if it is, it breaks from the recent trend of debris items being small enough to hold with one hand.
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I counted the day between finds esmated distance on land from reunion to south africa to australian cost work out 13.5 kilometers per 24 hours the distance was 3700 k and fron reunion 7400k shich just reaches exmouth austrailian coast if follow tides and followed a new evidence left on simulator of bearing of route could put search zone 800k due west of geraldton as a consept but to be frank it pretty looked like guy topped himself and would be finding a wreck to made a sea grave money could be spent on
TAs pilot captain is likely on 777 switch for alarm for cabin low pressure is by co pilot and on switch below windsheild itto put simple terms to leave door open acuator

what lessons can be learned should alarm switch
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the last big bit found is confirmed MH370 says news

A large piece of aircraft debris discovered off the coast of Tanzania is part of missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370, authorities have confirmed.

The outboard flap, which is part of the plane's wing, was found in June on the island of Pemba, several thousand kilometres from where the plane is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: underwater search called off


The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has come to an end with passengers’ families being informed that the effort to find the plane has been suspended.

It's sad that they have suspended the search but one can't fault them for not trying and pumping millions of dollars into the exercise.
news report


new evidence has virtually pin pointed the location of MH370 – 1258 days since it disappeared.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has just released an explosive new report that combines a refinement of drift modelling from debris washed up in the Western Indian Ocean and previously discarded satellite images of apparent debris in the ocean.

That drift modelling initially released late last year identified a new area of 25,000sq km just outside the original search area.
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