Photos of Planes and Contrails (That you took yourself)


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Criss-crossing contrails taken yesterday afternoon.DSC_0141.JPG


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today at my rifle club lang lang Victoria i was pulling targets and hey look up there
this one was bit weak fading fast

then back at the firing mound more above


My guess is planes on way to Queenstown NZ for ski holidaymakers but to check I will need to work backwards in flightracker24

lang lang gun2.png


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took some work as im still learning how to best use FTR24. Here,s the suspected flight path Melbourne to Hobart as it goes right over the gun club allowing for some contrail drift. The OZ to NZ tracks are much more north



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I thought this had a nice symmetry so quickly snapped a phone photo. Shame about the stray reflection. Flight was Ryanair FR2329 from Limoges to Leeds Bradford, flying at 36,000ft.


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A couple more from central London this morning.

A nice example of Crow instability in a clear blue sky:

And a minute or so later, a plane going in the opposite direction almost parallel to it:

I'm pretty sure I've identified the aircraft responsible. The second one is definitely correct.

First one:

And second:

A little later, this is what the second trail looked like. Is this what you call a "hybrid contrail", Mick?
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Couple of contrails in there. Stitched and warped image, levels adjusted somewhat.

This from today? (25 August 2014) Southern California area? Most of the day we had high cirrus clouds, not full coverage, it varied.

I have no images, but observed a few contrails....none were un-broken, however. And not particularly persistent.


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Couple of contrails in there. Stitched and warped image, levels adjusted somewhat.
Thats a really beautiful photo. It seems like you have everything going on in there from rainbows to contrails. The sky is so dark in that image. When you say you "stitched and warped", what exactly does that mean? Did you overlay several photos?


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Very contraily over Cardiff this morning. Planes cross at approximately this point in the sky all the time, so I imagine this convergence of trails happens quite often. Or, tin foil hat on, this is some concentrated spraying to subdue the populace ahead of the NATO Summit next week!


Also, looking in the other direction, an interesting dog leg contrail. Not sure if the horizontal lines in the background are contrails or not.


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Another very "busy" morning with perfect contrail conditions.


I identified the "dog leg" trail: it shows how a relatively small turn appears much sharper due to the foreshortening effect of distance. When I took the photo above, the plane was already out over the English Channel. (Photo above was taken shortly after this screenshot, there is a prominent break in the contrail but the position of the plane can be seen where the straight trail continues towards the horizon.)


Edit to add satellite image, showing just how much moisture is around: there's an Atlantic depression centred over Scotland.

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I caught this wing sprayer over Bakersfield, CA, August 30, 2014. 5:00 pm. I find it amazing that Putin would order them to lay it on so thick, so early in the flight, and they still had the fuel to get the passengers and cargo to Moscow. ;);)





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Shot from my office window a few days ago. Fuzzy cellphone-o-vision, but the alignment of the strip-light reflections with the high sunlit contrails gives quite the apocalyptic War of the Worlds feel.

Or maybe that's just me!

And from just a moment ago: sunset contrails in reflection:

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Hello Kitty Deadly Chembombs r.jpg

I call this one: "Hello Kitty Deadly Chemtrail Daggers"

13 July, 2014 Trinity Alps, NoCal

Freaky Pink & Gray clouds r.jpg

I call this one: "Freaky Pink & Gray Clouds"

28 June, 2014; Lamar Valley, Yellowstone, Wyoming/Montana border

Atomic 2.jpg

I call this one:
"Atomic Bomb Takes Out Shiftless Moose"

Still 28 June, 2014; Still the Lamar Valley, Yellowstone, Wyoming/Montana border

* None of these are digitally enhanced
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The sky in Denmark this morning.

After a few days of crystal clear blue sky, which was relatively dry, where a lot of amazing non-persistent contrails formed, today is more humid. Fog was really heavy in the early morning hours. As I have read in here many times, I think the humidity changed the nature of the contrails today.


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X marks the spot in Montana today.

Awoke to the sound of bugling elk and crisp clear 29° morning at 5000 feet in South West Montana.

A little while later noticed these two contrails. Their intersection was eye-catching to say the least. The trails held together and the X drifted with the upper winds.

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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A few contrail pictures from the past year or so..

This was in April 2014 and I looked it up on flight aware and it was an Airbus A380, operated by Iberian Airlines, traveling from Madrid Spain to Mexico City.

Now this one has what I believe is "crow instability" if I remember correctly. Its October of 2013.

This one I have posted before in another thread, but I still think this one is pretty cool. Its a contrail shadow.

This one is December 24 of 2013 at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast campus. They are demolishing the last of the Katrina damaged buildings from 2005.


And lastly, this is not actually a contrail but a beautiful sunset in Gulf Shores Alabama in December of 2013 :)


Not the best footage, but this was taken yesterday from 17:40 to 18:00 using the Hyperlapse app, on an old iPad2 (through a dirty window). I'm sure anyone with a relatively new iPhone could get much better footage, but I can recommend the (free) app for quick & easy time-lapse clips. Low cloud cover makes for the best footage, with clouds forming & dissipating as they cross the sky etc.
Anyway, careful viewers may spot 4 contrails forming over the course of this 20 minute, compressed into 1:40 clip. I think the first contrail was courtesy of a 737-377 on it's way to Reus from Newcastle. It looks better with higher contrast, but this is the raw footage.
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A few photos from my back garden over the weekend. Taken with a rather elderly 5mp Lumix. I think I have the IDs right.

White Airways flight TAP364 from Lisbon to London Heathrow (Airbus A320-214 reg CS-TRO)


British Airways flight BAW559 from Rome to London Heathrow (Boeing 767-336(ER) reg G-BNWZ)


EasyJet flight EZY7209 from Liverpool to Barcelona (Airbus A319 reg G-EZDE). Cruising at 37,000ft.


Ryanair flight FR3186/RYR97RC from Madrid to Manchester (Boeing 737-8AS reg EI-DAC) cruising at 38,000ft, crossing the trail of the above EasyJet flight. Note that this plane is 1,000ft HIGHER than the old contrail it is crossing, although it looks as if it is below it.


And lastly the same Ryanair flight, passing another lower aircraft. I am not 100% sure on this, but looking at the radar tracks I think it must have been WOW Air flight WOW205 from Reykjavik to London Gatwick (Airbus A320-232 reg LZ-MDC) which was descending between 14,000ft and 13,000ft as it passed over.


A weird illusion in that last picture: the closer plane almost looks further away, because it is too low to be catching the sunlight. (Photo was taken at 7.20pm, which was about 1 minute after local sunset.)
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