Photos of Planes and Contrails (That you took yourself)


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It was such a beautiful day on the island today I couldn't help taking a lot of photos of clouds and contrails. I think we've had every variety I have ever seen. I will have to check the Long Island Skywatch chemtrail page to see if some of these show up. :)

First is a nice distrail, second photo is an enlargement, and the third is two. ANother obviously crossed as I was driving from my first location to the second, about 2 miles south..





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The colors don't do it justice, but this one was a gorgeous sunset in reality. Had to take this from the driver's seat, stopped sitting in the middle of a road, with traffic coming the other way.... so it's a little blurry. I'll do better next time, I promise! :oops:

M Bornong

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According to some, this was an extremely rare Sun Dog. I kind of liked the crocodile like teeth that the tendrils from the contrails formed over my city. DSCF1131b.jpg

A few minutes before I took this photo we did have a couple of planes cross in this point of view, VX592.jpg


Sometimes difficult to tell since Bakersfield does get a lot of cross traffic.


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I have seen some claims before about China being one of the very few countries, which are "chemtrail-free". Certainly, China is not free from persistent contrails, which sometimes can be spotted in the satellite images of the country as well as in photos and videos taken there, for example, see my post in another thread. The last week I had an opportunity to observe persistent contrails in China myself. I spent a whole week in Nanjing and observed contrails on a number of days. Many of these were left by flights from Shanghai situated two hundred miles east of Nanjing. For example, the pictures of this aerodynamic contrail were taken at sunset on September 19, 2015:
IMG_3114.jpg IMG_3120.jpg
Interestingly, there are plenty of parallel trails west of Nanjing in the Aqua image of the day, taken a few hours earlier:

Here is a couple of parallel trails right above the city. The first trail over the city's tallest building soon followed by the second one:
IMG_3257.jpg IMG_3258.jpg
The two trails then drifted East and spread out:

As for the "chemtrails", it is quite possible that China is indeed a "chemtrail-free" country. Without access to Facebook, twitter, youtube and Google search, the Chinese are cut off from the main international sources of bunk. Whether or not they have evolved similar theories of their own, I did not find out o_O


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Blast from the past. At least 25 years have passed since I saw these planes in the sky the last time:
IMG_2974.jpg IMG_3000.jpg IMG_3029.jpg
Well, not exactly. These are Xian H-6, the Chinese licence-built version of the Soviet jet strategic bomber Tupolev Tu-16 (NATO reporting name: Badger). Several of them passed over me one by one with five-minute intervals. Initially I thought it was the same plane circling around the city, but no, they all have different numbers.
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One of the highest contrails I've seen for a while: a Gulfstream at just under 45,000 feet. (And a sundog.)



And some more trails and shadows a few minutes later.


Edit: Planefinder had more info on the Gulfstream. It was en route from Pittsburgh to Geneva. It's owned by PPG Industries, a fibreglass company based in Pittsburgh with a European base in Switzerland. Not as glamorous as I hoped... :)

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The Sentinels operate with No. 5 Squadron, out of RAF Cranwell. The path shown in that article heads pretty much directly for Cranwell, as best I can tell.

I'm not really surprised they weren't bothering to contact the airports and bases they overflow since they were higher than just about anything else out there. Would they still be required to in that case? Would they be anyway?


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Beautiful morning


Two planes visible in the picture

On the left is Ryanair 737 Edinburgh - Rome


On the right is United Airlines 767 Chicago - Amsterdam



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I took the picture of this bird in Wicken Fen nature reserve the last Sunday (September 27, 2015), but looked at it only today and realised that it was a rare appearance in our skies.
French Air Force Airbus A340 (probably, F-RAJA) apparently taking off from a nearby RAF base.


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The last flight of Avro Vulcan XH558
I've just seen XH558 flying over after her last public display at Shuttleworth. While I've run in for my camera she's flown away a bit, so I've missed the opportunity to capture her iconic delta winged shape.

The last chance to see her in the sky will be the next weekend on her farewell tour over the UK:

PS Who knows what was the other, smaller plane with her? I have not recognised it.:(

EDIT: Found both planes on FR24 history:
Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 20.12.42.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 20.13.37.png
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Thanks to all. I've found eventually a similar plane in my old copy of Jane's aircraft recognition guide, according to which, it was Shorts 330.


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An rather unusual one this afternoon in London. I didn't see the earlier stages but presumably this was the result of Crow instability.


According to the EXIF data I took the photo at 2.25pm BST (13.25 UTC) and the trail runs more or less east-west (camera facing roughly southeast). This seems to be the candidate:



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Two Chinooks and two other helicopters (not sure what) flying in formation near Reading this afternoon.

image.jpeg image.jpeg

Black helicopters and chemtrails :)

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Etihad Airways #170 Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, 5:30 pm PDT.

53826.jpg EY170.jpg
A couple of seconds later, it seemed like the contrails exploded off the wings.


Same contrail 10 minutes later, to the left.


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Very nice. I saw a similar effect back in January (and posted here) but I didn't capture it as well. I had to boost the contrast to show it up:
It really looked stunning in person in a way my phone camera hasn't done a great job of capturing, wish I'd had a decent camera to hand (and the skill to use it :) ).

Ray Von


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Beautiful blue skies and lovely warm weather, Sunday 8th of November in Adelaide. Not a cloud in sight leaving a great canvas for VOZ49 Melbourne to Denpasar to paint a striking contrail over.

Struggled to get a better picture but was constrained due to the location of the path, tried to capture scale to the best of my location with the top of that tree.

Flight radar screen cap was about 10mins after the photo was taken.


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Unfortunately, low light and just the iPhone camera means this looks quite poor, but in reality it was quite a striking contrail that I have never seen before. The sun was just setting, illuminating the rear of the trail in red, while the bright moon was illuminating the rest of the contrail which spanned the sky (not all in shot sorry). Something that probably happens quite often, but such that I had never witnessed it. Tried to capture a panorama of the whole scene, but the low light made the trail itself undistinguishable from the sky. Wish I had a better (ie real) camera on hand at the time.

Was a flight from Dubai to Sydney passing over Adelaide.



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I was reading to my youngest daughter (Sorrel) last night, I asked if I could read Cloudland - a wonderful book about a boy (Albert) who falls into the clouds whilst walking in the mountains with his parents

WP_20151119_18_05_51_Pro - Copy.jpg

I have always love reading it to all of my children, but this was the first time I had read it since discovering metabunk and the theory of chemtrails"

so I did smile when I turned the page halfway through the book

WP_20151119_18_03_17_Pro - Copy.jpg

and WOW perfect contrails which Albert, who had been separated from his cloud friends, uses to walk back to them

WP_20151119_18_03_31_Pro - Copy.jpg

anyway it does end happily ever after, Albert is reunited with his parents, but not before he has tea with the queen of the clouds.


PS apologies if posted in the wrong thread
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