Photos of Clouds and Skies (That you took yourself)

Didn't realize it was supermoon time again, I didn't see one silly article leading up to it this year. Has that one fallen out of vogue?
BBC has been telling us about the supermoon trilogy with the next two occasions being on the New Year Day and January 31st, 2018.
Didn't realize it was supermoon time again, I didn't see one silly article leading up to it this year. Has that one fallen out of vogue?
The December 3 full Moon reached its point of perigee on Sunday night, approaching a distance of around 224,000 miles from Earth.

But a bizarre video uploaded to YouTube by user RitchieFromBoston, purports to contain evidence that the Moon is much closer to Earth than that and is actually less than 4.7 miles away.

The conspiracy video kicks off with Mr Ritchie peddling theories about chemtrail sprays before shifting his attention to the Moon.

He said: “They’re lying to us. Do not believe NASA because they are lying about our entire origin.”

Claiming to use a Nikon P900 digital camera, he zooms in all the way on the Moon, exposing every bump and crater on its surface.

He said: “See this video that I’m taking right now? I am clearly in the daytime and am zooming in on the Moon.

“Let’s watch this again. In the daylight I am zooming right in on the Moon – no problem with a Nikon P900.

“And I can zoom in even further than that, and I believe I will. There it is. You can literally see what looks to be stars shining right through it.”

Mr Ritchie then promptly cuts to a view of the Boston skyline across from what appears to be Charles River.

Further demonstrating his ‘evidence’ he uses the same camera to zoom in on the Prudential Tower in Back Bay, which he claims is only 4.7 miles away from his home.
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4.7 miles.... closest claim yet
I was just watching the news when they had a breaking report showing the launch live. So I ran to my roof in the Miracle Mile area in LA and couldn't believe what I was seeing. Unfortunately the rocket was too far down range to see but it did leave the smoke trail. Looks like the 2nd stage separation made the big puff. The light on the left is just the moon.
I was on a plane leaving LA, CA....but too bad that I missed it by just 2 hours (early).
This should get it's own topic....some people are claiming the launch was somehow not "legit".
There were lots of initial fearful reactions, especially from those who were already suspicious about these things...
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thing about being on the bottom of the planet is not many planes need to fly over your city at altitudes high enuff to leave a trail. This has changed past 10+- years with more flights going overhead of Melbourne. I awoke today to look out east and ? well so who was that bird? It turned out to be Singapore Christchurch New Zealand



Sadly these flight to South Africa and New Zealand over South East coast OZ will predictable generate CT claims as the advent of regular flights & trails in air space thats not seen much contrails prior to my guess 2000 - 2005

Just later same morning another east west bird & my guess off to Auckland these 2 flights will double New Zealand population :)

so i get up early on a Sunday to catch SQ297 not leaving a trail because the RH @ 250Hpa is too low and the dang thing gone fly over Sydney not Melbourne

anyhoo i got a nice sunrise

thumbnail_WP_20180114_002 (1).jpg
Would have been even cooler had the swirly illuminated (by sun dog?) cloud at the left side of the mountain had been at the top of it to give a volcano effect :)

Was it really looking like that to the naked eye? I mean that dispersion of color?

It was much brighter, but the colors were there. Here's the original iPhone HDR image. I upped the contrast and removed the power lines in the one posted above. This one is unaltered, except for it being HDR.
Metabunk 2018-03-29 23-48-37.jpg

But it actually looked more like this, due to the brightness, This is an unaltered single shot with a Canon 7D

Metabunk 2018-03-29 23-50-43.jpg
See the colors are still there.

Here's another unaltered single shot, this time with a shorter exposure. Like viewed through dark sunglasses.
Metabunk 2018-03-29 23-52-37.jpg
Crepuscular rays, yesterday evening. I thought the parallel lines of <whatever those plastic bag things crops are grown in are called> reflected nicely the rays in the sky above.sunset-06 (1 of 1).jpg
Tonight's sunset - more crepuscular rays. I wasn't the only person who pulled to the side of the road to get a picture. Would have been nice to have been in a spot without telephone poles... but it was pretty awesome nonetheless.

10-Aug-18 Sunset.JPG
I've never seen both, the 22° Halo and Circumhorizontal arc. It made an otherwise boring lunch into something beautiful. Corner of Robert's Ln. and N. Chester Ave., Oildale California, 1:37 PDT, August 24, 2018.IMG_0083bc.jpg
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A short curved white band in the front of a towering cumulus cloud, spotted at the lake Wolfgangsee, Austria on August 23, 2018.
Must be a contrail left by a cloaked aircraft/UFO ;)
IMG_1113.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1115.JPG
Spread out contrails and moon tonight (at least I think they're contrails, saw some planes last night leaving contrails travelling along the same path). Did some processing and noise reduction in Lightroom to clean it up a bit. Handheld so lots of noise at ISO 8000.blackrock-stars-4513.jpg
I call this one “Eye of Sauron - With bonus UFO”.

Sorry for the low quality but I had to crop the heck out of it. The clouds are somewhere between Santa Clarita and Mt. Pinos in Frazier Park above the I5 corridor. My assumption is that the Eye is moist air uplifted by the mountains as the cloud approached from the left/west. Or maybe it just went around the Eye when it got there.

I liked the UFO. As usual, “I didn’t notice it until I got home and looked at the photos!”. You can see that it’s traveling in circles and leaving a vapor trail. The UFO is the sun glinting off a chrome peg inside the air conditioning vent. The vapor trails are the circular trim around the vent.