Off-Camera Pentagon Press Briefing comment on UAPs as Aliens:


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Wondering what the deal is with this comment, if it differs at all from what we already know, and if it somehow opens a larger door than was already opened for the government to have info of UFOs as aliens:

@Mick West shared this on his Twitter, and I believe it was originally acquired by some people at the black vault. What does it mean?

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Not really, it's largely stock answers.

Pentagon Statements, May 18 2020:
The U.S. Navy and the Department of Defense take these reports very seriously and investigate each and every report. Any incursion into our ranges by any aircraft, identified or not identified, is problematic from both a safety and security concern. Safety of our aircrews is paramount. Unauthorized and unidentified aircraft pose a risk to flight safety.

UAP Task Force Announcement Aug 14, 2020:
The Department of Defense established the UAPTF to improve its understanding of, and gain insight into, the nature and origins of UAPs. The mission of the task force is to detect, analyze and catalog UAPs that could potentially pose a threat to U.S. national security.

As DOD has stated previously, the safety of our personnel and the security of our operations are of paramount concern. The Department of Defense and the military departments take any incursions by unauthorized aircraft into our training ranges or designated airspace very seriously and examine each report.

Sept 2, 2020:
To maintain operations security and to avoid disclosing information that may be useful to our adversaries, DOD does not discuss publicly the details of either the observations or the examination of reported incursions into our training ranges or designated airspace, including those incursions initially designated as UAP.
IMHO, AATIP and the UAPTF are both pet projects created to satisfy the likes in parliament who believe in UFOs and have been pushing for such programs ie Harry Reid through his 30 year friendship with Knapp and Bigelow. It's on record that Knapp got Reid into looking at UFOs. I don't think they have anything at all to do with identifying threats. There are lots of divisions that do that already. Are we honestly meant to believe that incursions occur and no one investigated them before. Think about it. Does that make sense?

Look at that article I had posted earlier that said when the fleet encountered drones in 2019, NCIS , FBI etc investigated. Agencies that are well funded and trained to look into these things. Are we supposed to believe that no-one was looking into these things and the AATIP / UAPTF was needed. That whole spiel makes no sense to me. To say that they had not regarded incursions seriously or investigated them before or still don't take it serious by having a very small UAPTF team according to Knapp. I find that very hard to believe.

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Regarding Knapp and Harry Reid

Knapp met and became good friends with Reid in 1989. And Reid promised George as part of that friendship - to provide him with UFO material he came across. Reid said it was Knapp that got him into looking into UFOs back in 1989. It was also Knapp that introduced Reid to Bigelow. The three have a 30 year relationship. Two UFO fans and a senator.

It's a story of the tail wagging the dog