Misleading: Josh Hawley on UFO and David Grusch

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Because it looks to me like the government has been tracking these UAPs for a long time now, and has not been saying much about it.
Like they would if it was about foreign threats, and not about extraterrestrials or NHI?
"The government knows more about foreign threats than they let on" is basically how military intelligence works. And "finding out what they don't want you to know" is how counterespionage works. It's what the Russians and Chinese want.
Very much anti-Biden-establishment rhetoric rather than ufologist rhetoric. Thanks for sharing. This is all political shenanigans partly to attract a demographic of believers to go against Biden/Democrats.

Could very well be. Seems like Congressman Tim Burchett on the other hand, who is going to be co-heading the House Oversight Committee investigation of Grusch's claims (and UAP in general it sounds like), was already a true believer before Grusch went public.

So yeah...that ought to be interesting.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOYcbOUqqS0&t=38s

This comment is already offtopic so I don't want to spam links but I have seen two other more recent interviews with Rep. Burchett where he basically says AARO is incompetent because they gave prosaic explanations for UAP events.
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