James Fetzer Claims Robbie Parker Is Actor

I cannot imagine the pain the parents have went through and have to keep going through when the CT community brings things up such as this. It really boggles my mind to how some have no empathy, some seem to have no compassion for those who lost their children, but still say its all a cover up, never happened, etc. My question has always been this and it never seems to get answered: If this never happened, where are all the people that were involved? The children, the parents, the police officers, the firefighters, the EMT's - if these people were actors, well, what would stop them from blowing the whistle on all of this and saying to the CT community that they are right? A conspiracy can be found in pretty much anything and the longer people pick apart something, add their spin on it, they can make it look like whatever they want too etc. The pain the people have gone through, how much more will they have to endure and go through that day over and over again by those who put out these CT? Truly sad and knowing I was a part of it all, ugh, really breaks my heart whenever I see new CT pop up in regards to Sandy Hook. The evidence is all there for people to look at. Here and even on the official report that has been linked in this thread. I am just glad they did redact a lot of the images, etc, because if they didnt do that, I cannot imagine what some in the CT community would do with the images, etc - makes me sick just thinking about it all

Yes Virginia, there is evil in this world and that is a part of life unfortunately