Insight into Infowars, Alex Jones


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Longer piece in the NY Times Magazine by a former video editor for Infowars, including some graphic details further in.

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Interesting. He'd be a great guy to be on my podcast. Does anyone happen to know contact information for him?


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I hate to admit it, but there was a time I used to listen to this guy. I eventually pulled away from conspiracy culture in general, but it's astonishing (not to mention sad) how he's now fine with nearly everything he once railed against during the Bush and Obama years, especially government authoritarianism and regime-change war. On the other hand, if one believes Kurt Nimmo, he's always been in it for the money.

Still, I wonder how Jones squares his anti-Muslim views and belief in "white genocide" with being pals with Louis Farrakhan?


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I still find Alex Jones extremely entertaining. I liked watching him on Joe Rogan's podcast the first two times. To me, he is like something that might show up on the interdimensional TV from Rick and Morty, like a weird cartoon chock full of spot on satire... Except the upsetting part is that it's not satire.
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