How much does a storm weigh?


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This may need to go somewhere else, but I thought it was interesting information.

US National Weather Service Fort Worth Texas
about an hour ago
TRIVIA TIME! This shower at 810 PM was located north of Fort Worth. If we were to add up all the rainwater within the shower, how much would it weigh in pounds? We will post the answer around 9 PM CDT.
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And the answer --they did post some additional information --
US National Weather Service Fort Worth TexasClues: The shower is 30 thousand feet tall and covers 50 square miles. Shower duration does not matter. We are looking an instantaneous weight at 710 pm.

US National Weather Service Fort Worth Texas
38 minutes ago
How much did that shower weigh? 5.45 billion pounds! Radar and a little math can tell us the answer. The radar produces a product that adds up the radar returns at each level of the cell and approximates the weight of that water per square meter. That shower covered 10 total pixels with each pixel covering 16 million square meters. To find the total weight we add up the radar value of each pixel (which is 155) and multiply that by 16 million.
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And the chemtrail people are trying to convince meteorologists that not just one thunderstorm's water is being absorbed, bt rain across the country is being absorbed by some substance being flown around using airplanes.