Gross and misleading titles.....(Iraq and Pakistan war deaths)


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At some point, maybe there will be a forum subject on "Gross and Misleading Titles", in which people can post the titles of such an internet claim / title......and then clarify the titles more to the truth, if they become semi-viral on the net.
(EDIT: although such posts may better be posted in the category they pertain to, if there is already a place on this forum)

Here is one....
The above says that all these people "paid the ultimate price" (death) in relation to 9/11.
This is not true.....the death figures are false.

The source of this seems to be from here:
.....where it states:

What is said on the "uknownknews" website, is not repeated accurately in the facebook post << - >> which has over 35,000 shares.


What the facebook page did was, add all military forces (all involved)....>>>>including all injuries, and claim them as "deaths".......which is false. People generally don't bother to check, believing the Facebook page......then share it, because it "must be true"......(after all, it's being shared by many others).
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Perhaps we should look at other sources, as well....and I'll try to be fair by showing whatever I find.

ORB survey of Iraq War casualties
Lancet surveys of Iraq War casualties


The reports vary widely, and I won't continue to quote each source, or it will look like "cherry-picking".
I tried to give a balance of estimates.
I don't like justifying or tallying "body counts" because of war.
Point is, the top post in question is very far off, and included unrelated figures to suggest that 1,690,903 Iraqis perished because of 9/11........and that few people bother to check it's accuracy or source(s).
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