1. BuffaloCub

    Debunked: Sandra Bland dead in mugshot

    So the Sandra Bland case has been interesting and heartbreaking. Now I don't know what I believe whether she was killed or commited suicide or not. But I've been seeing this image floating the web lately. Not sure what I make of it.
  2. Leifer

    2 more [some holistic] MD’s found dead, total 8

    Anti-Vaxer, Erin Elizabeth has some blog-posts that are trending on the net. Here's one title..... "2 more MD’s (1 prominent holistic, & one of missing docs) found dead, bringing the total to 8" As some of you know, It brought me no joy to be the one to break all of the stories on each doctor...
  3. Asylumkid

    Deadly emissions? [1% contribution of aviation emissions to harmful air pollution]

    I recently found this link on a prominent Virginia Beach chemtrail activists Facebook page. This appears to be a genuine study by a scientist by the name of Steven Barrett ( I find it a bit similar to chemtrail claims in that it somehow manages...
  4. Leifer

    Gross and misleading titles.....(Iraq and Pakistan war deaths)

    At some point, maybe there will be a forum subject on "Gross and Misleading Titles", in which people can post the titles of such an internet claim / title......and then clarify the titles more to the truth, if they become semi-viral on the net. (EDIT: although such posts may better be posted in...